The purple van drove down the quiet, dusty road. Not a soul could be seen for miles. All was silent, apart from the sound of the wheels on the road and everyone talking to one another at times. Scrags sat up front with Amy. In the back was Kyousuke and Mystery. Spooks was nowhere to be seen, off doing his own thing. The little ghost would appear if the Mystery Chasers needed them, and all that was need was for the canine to howl for the seven-year-old spirit.

The group of paranormal investigators was heading home from dealing with a ghost that was haunting a house. Spooks had helped them figure out why the other spirit was there, since it had been scared of them at first. They had helped the other spirit, Sprettro, cross over to the Afterlife.

Mystery placed his paws on the edge of the window, standing up on his back ones and looking out into the darkness. The pup scanned around with his purple colored eyes. A graveyard came into view as they passed by it, and a small shadow moved across the many stones that went on for miles. He yelped in fright and dropped back onto all fours, ducking under the covers that were hiding his dog bed.

Scrags glanced at the canine through the rear view mirror and Amy turned her around to look into the back. Kyouskue glanced over at the frightened dog as well, all three wondering what had spooked him.

"What's wrong boy?" the female member of the group questioned. "What happened?"

"I saw something outside!" he explained, pointing a brown paw out towards the window, still hidden under his covers. "There was a shadow in the graveyard!"

"A shadow?" Scrags questioned. "Are you sure?"

"Yes!" Mystery yelped, looking out from where he was hiding. "I saw a shadow in there!"

"How about we go and check it out?" Kyousuke suggested, glancing at the other two human members in the group. "See what's got him so scared."

"I agree," Amy added, nodding. "I want to see what it is myself."

Scrags agreed along with them and slowed the car down before coming to a stop. One by one, everyone began to get out of the team van. The seventeen-year-old had to grab the dog's collar and pull him out, since he refused to come. They were out of Mystery Snacks now, so that was the best they could do to bring the canine with them. Plus, he was the only one that had seen the shadow. They needed him if they wanted to find it.

"Where'd you see it at Mystery?"

"Over there," he replied, flicking his tail towards a large stone-gray colored gravestone.

The group made their way to it, a bit wary of what could be hidden behind it. A single yellow orb glowed in the darkness at them. The eye moved closer and out came a rabbit. Its fur was green in color. Stitches were on its arms, right knee, and neck. Its right ear appeared ripped or bitten off, leaving on a nub of what remained of it. The left was tore at the tip. The bunny's right eye was ripped off its face, showing its gray skin underneath. The fur was ripped off its right arm, and places on its stomaching, showing that same gray color. Dry blood was on its ears, around its muzzle, claws, and stomach.

Mystery screamed, jumping into Amy's arms in fright, tiny body trembling. The fifteen-year-old tensed up, as did Scrags and Kyousuke. What in the world was that thing? The rabbit looked at them with its amber eye and smiled a toothy grin, waving a clawed-paw at them.

"Hello there!" the rabbit greeted. "What brings you to my home?"

"You're home?" Amy questioned. "You live here?"

"I do! I'm dead. Well, I'm undead actually. Name's Vivi! Who are you all?"

"My name's Amy. This is Scrags, Mystery, and Kyousuke."

"So... You're a zombie rabbit?" Kyousuke spoke.

"Yep! I sure am!"

Amy crouched down, getting a closer look at the undead bunny. The puppy hid behind her, peaking out at the green-furred animal. Scrags and Kyousuke also crouched lower, looking at the undead being as well.

"Interesting…" the female spoke. "A real zombie rabbit."

"How long have you been dead?" Scrags asked.

Vivi tapped his chin in thought at the question. The green rabbit shrugged his shoulders after a few heartbeats of thinking. "I can't remember. It's been awhile, I know that much."

"I wonder how you're still 'alive' so to speak," Kyousuke, told the small animal. "Don't you need to eat like.. flesh and stuff?"

Again, the rabbit shrugged. Mystery finally came out from behind his master and sniffed at the undead animal; ears folded back and tail tucked between his legs. He didn't trust Vivi yet.

Amy snapped her fingers and grinned happily. "How about you come with us?"

"What, me come with you all?" the rabbit asked, slightly surprised that they would want a zombie rabbit in their group.

"Of course! You seem nice enough as it is. We'd love to have you!"

Scrags and Kyousuke nodded in agreement, while the canine was still unsure about that, but he kept it to himself. Vivi didn't say anything for a while, as though he was thinking over the offer. At least, he let out another toothy grin.

"Deal. I'd love to join you."