Starbase 186 Habitat Area.

"Richard It's been a long time since I've had so much fun." Breena Ki an dark colored echidna with red head fur said, wearing a colorful sundress on Dr. Okan's arm. He was dressed casually as well and was in cheerful spirits.

"I'm glad you enjoyed it Breena." After spending the last few weeks working up the courage he finally asked her out on a date. He was feeling like he was on a high he hadn't' felt in awhile. They had went out and ate at one of the nicer restaurants on the station and then to a reserved holodeck program of some amusement park on Corneria that Jack Land had recommended. They had such a good time he debated about maybe doing it again in person. They kept talking till finally they arrived at her quarters.

"So, I know you've been mulling over asking me out for awhile." Breena smiled. "So do you want to make this regular thing?"

Okan smiled calmly. "What gave it away."

"Well we're both night owls, and both have similar careers." Breena said. "I mean there's not to many people who'd consider a relationship with a doctor or a Exo Biologist who are both very well immersed in their fields.'

"Ok you got me, yes I'd like to make it a thing."

"A thing?" Breena said a with mock insult.

"You know what I mean." He said putting his arms around her and they kissed.

"So, you want to come inside?" she said coyly.

"More then anything." Dr. Okan smiled.

Breena keyed the unlock code on her quarters and they disappeared between the parting doors.

Title: No Sleep

IDP 2009, 2010


Timeline: Before "Suprises."

The next day.

The day had started out well. Okan arrived at the stations medical bay in good spirits and greeted everyone there cheerfully as he had his coffee.

He talked to the stations physician for awhile before he went to his office. It was a quiet morning so far so he decided it was time to start his monthly letter home.

"Dear Mother and Father, I hope this letter finds you in good health." Dr. Okan putting his boots up on his desk and taking a sip of his coffee. "It has been several weeks since I have last wrote to you but I assure you I am doing rather well. Things are quite busy out on the frontier these days and being in charge of the crew of the Raptor's physical well being, it can be quite taxing." He paused taking another sip and thinking. "Computer hold." He said.

His console beeped and he set forward. It was a good start, that much was for sure.

So much had happened that it was tough to figure out what to talk about.

"Computer resume." He said.

"When I last wrote I was dreading having to pull double duties but it has enabled me to really get into the real guts of the job. On a station there are the occasional injuries and outbreaks but being in the thick of the action on a starship while under fire is really something else. I feel so alive practicing my craft and bringing people back from the edge of oblivion in situations where they would probably loose there lives if it was not for someone with my skills." He paused for a moment and checked his med bay real quick to make sure there weren't any patients coming in. He was already thought to be a little eccentric, he didn't need it to be misinterpreted that he sat around talking to himself at two in the morning.

"If not for all the excitement I would probably be thinking about putting in a transfer again." He continued. "Now however I think I will retain my position because skilled physicians are needed out here greatly and there are so many people depending on….." Suddenly the whole station shuddered. "Oh my." Okan said. "Hmm must be a ship docking but why this." Suddenly the station shook harder and the klaxons began to sound.

"Red Alert. Red Alert. All hands report to battle stations, Raptor Crew prepare to launch." The computer announced.

Okan made a quick scrabble for his pack. And dashed for the door of the med bay. Before the door could close he ran back inside. "Computer save message!"

"So much for a quiet night." Okan said regretting now staying up as he made the mad dash towards the Raptor's launch bay.

He rounded a corner and met Jakar coming from the opposite direction. "Doctor." Jakar grunted as Okan fell into pace with him.

"You know we should really start using transporters for this." Okan panted. "These mad scrambles can be a bit much sometimes."

"Perhaps you should exercise more." Jakar jeered with a brief flash of amusement.

"Har har." Okan puffed as the security door parted and let them through quickly shutting behind them. The main gangway into the ship that led into deck three was open before them several crew men already departing into the ships inner causeways. Okan was grateful that sickbay was not that far from the main causeway. Jakar was already heading up a ladder at the front of the bulkhead before they could part with further discussion.

Someone touched his shoulder and he looked over to see Breena flash him a quick smile and a wave as she headed for her station.

The station was jarred again by more weapons fire before they could say anything. The Raptor groaned a bit as some strain was put on its umbilicus connections.

Okan continued around the corner and entered sickbay. His head nurse was already on board.

"I trust everyone is here nurse Twila?"

"All present and accounted for." Twila Laren, a Cornerian vixen smiled.

"Excellent. Okan to the Bridge Medical is a go."

"Acknowledged." Terri-Lu responded over the com.

Harry was the last one usually on board within the acceptable time. He quickly slammed the large button that shut the huge doors and sealed off the causeway. He was panting as he tapped his com badge. "Martinez here, Mr. Land better be on board this time."

"I am captain don't worry about it." Land's voice responded.

"All personnel present and accounted for sir." Jakar's voice cut in. "Were are under way and preparing to disembark."

"Very good timing people." Martinez said. "I'll be on the bridge in a few seconds." He smiled feeling the ship break free of its holds and had begun to reorient itself to leave the confines of the station.. "It's about time we got that right."

It didn't take long for the first hit of weapons fire to jar the Raptor. Okan held on to his desk and watched the lights flicker. That was a good indication it meant at least the shields hadn't been breeched. There was then the sudden feeling of the world suddenly turning rather fast and Okan closed his eyes to get over the distortion caused by the Raptor's spinning maneuver. New people on the ship usually tossed their lunch the first time it happened. There were a few other jarring moments and then suddenly the red alert was called off.

"Wow that was, unusual." Okan muttered. "Any calls? Did I miss something."

"Nothing doctor no pages or anything, standing down from red alert no injuries." Twila said watching the situation board.

"Well no news is always good news." Okan smiled.

"I don't get it." Land said. "I'm seeing it and I still don't believe it." The Urthean Battle cruiser that had suddenly dropped out of warp and viciously attacked the station was now fleeing after only taking minor damage.

"I will admit its quite unusual." Jakar mused.

"They didn't even take time to threaten us or to even gloat." Harry said getting out of the command chair and pacing nervously in front of it. "Just showed up fired a couple of shots and then ran like hell."

"Well good riddance then." Land said stretching and making a rather large yawn. "I'm back off to bed. Let's turn around and head back Cap'n."

"No, unfortunately we can't." Harry grunted. "They could be back and we have to stay deployed."

"Awwagh." Land protested. "When are they going to get the damn station defenses implemented so we don't have to do this anymore."

"They will be done when they are done." Harry said sternly. "Until then we do it this way. Stand down from red alert, begin standard patrol."

"Cap'n it's three in the…"

"Enough Lieutenant." Harry said plopping down in the command chair. "We do it the hard way until there is a better solution. Mrs. Lu hail the Starbase."

"Frequency open." Terri Lu responded.

The screen wavered and a tired Captain Stiles appeared on the viewer. "Good evening or perhaps morning Commander."

"What's the damage?" Martinez asked.

"Nothing too serious they were mostly hitting the asteroid." Stiles replied. "No one is injured, and everything seems fine structurally. Perhaps they are just rattling our cages." Stiles muttered. "It's definitely a new approach to their normal tactics."

"No kidding." Harry quipped. "We'll keep an eye out for more trouble."

"Captain." Jakar said as his console started beeping. "I think trouble is already heading this way again I've got two Urthean Scutta's approaching at high warp."

"Here we go again." Harry muttered. "We're on it captain. Red alert."

Two Urthean Scutta's dropped out of warp and charged toward the base. The Raptor had positioned itself between them and the starbase yet the two ships passed it without even a second thought and began attacking the base again. The Raptor spun back around took off after the one closest to the Star base. The Scutta's hammered the same area of the base with torpedoes and repulsor beams. The Raptor attacked the one closest to the base and no sooner had its shields taken a pounding it broke off its attack. The second ship then began to attack the base itself and also retreated when the Raptor had attempted to attack it.

"For crying out loud they did it again!" Land muttered banging his console.
"Minimal damage to the station." Jakar reported.

"Ugggh this is going to be a long night." Harry muttered leaning his head back in his chair.

"Perhaps I can help?" Dr. Okan said entering with a hover tray full of steaming coffee mugs. "Nothing keeps the neurons firing better then a hearty dose of caffeine."

"Thank you doctor." Harry said grabbing one gratefully. "Shouldn't you be in sickbay?"

"No reason to be yet, since you were busy calling the alert on and off." Okan said passing out the rest to the crew before taking a seat at one of the auxiliary stations. "I figured I may as well see what's going on up here."
"That's one we're trying to figure out." Harry said as Land brought the ship back around. "Jakar keep you eyes open I think we may be in for a long night."

The long range sensor alarm went off.

"Looks like I spoke too soon you might want to hold on to something Doctor." Harry muttered.

"I'm already on that." Okan reported trying not to touch or activate anything.

"I'm picking up a Tyrant class starship of an all to familiar hull configuration." Jakar reported. "Three guesses as to who."

"Wonderful." Harry grumbled. "All power to forward shields, arm all torpedo tubes."

"No problem sir, here he comes." Jakar replied.

The Urthean Vessel dropped out of warp a few kilometers a head of them its main turrets primed ready for battle. Xox's ship unleashed a steam of torpedoes towards the Raptor its plasma cannons pumping hot energy after them. This time the Raptor targeted the lead projectile with its phasers and detonated it. The ensuing blast destroyed the torpedo and its companions in a fireball of fratricide, the Raptor did a side step maneuver roll and dodged the rest of the volley. It then fired its impulse engines and charged towards the Urthean ship.

"Nice shooting Jakar I'm sure that got him all riled up. Begin tactical maneuver Martinez theta one." Harry said watching the ship close fast its guns priming for another volley.

"Here we go hold on everyone." Land said typing in the maneuver request and punching the execute button.

The engines suddenly roared to life as the Raptor jumped to maximum warp and quickly zipped around to the vessels flank dropping back out of warp. It quickly fired the impulse engines at full speed and rammed Xox's ships shields. There was a momentary flash as the two energy bubbles collided but explosions could be seen as Xox's shield emitters overloaded as the Raptor battered its way through its shield bubble. The Raptor pushed on rolling onto its back letting the Urthean ship have it with the topside phaser banks.

On the bridge a conduit overloaded and sparks showered down on them.

"I hope that wasn't serious." Okan muttered looking up at the small fires glow that could be seen in the grating.

"It usually isn't." Jakar muttered from behind him. "All direct hits captain." Jakar added as the Raptor flew over the ship and away from it, its shields ruptured. The impact points from the phasers glowed bright red as Xox's ship suddenly spun and took off at warp.

"Please tell me we did something to them." Harry asked.

"Sensors indicate fluctuations in their power grid, and a disruption in their engines." Jakar reported. "Not enough to cripple them but I'm sure it got their attention."

"What about us?" Harry asked.

"Minor damage from the maneuver but nothing severe." Jakar reported solemnly. "Ms. Phoenix will not be pleased."

The conversation continued as usual as Okan paused to check with his own people. Fortunately no one had been hurt as yet.

"If you'll excuse me gentlemen I think I'll return to sickbay before things get to hectic." Dr. Okan said heading for the exit.
Harry nodded. "Thanks for the treat Doctor." Harry said retrieving his cup from the compartment in his command chair he had shoved it into earlier. The other crew members seemed to busy or on edge. The bridge not necessarily being his place he gracefully excused himself. Walking out into the adjoining corridor he had to hurriedly step aside as Fara came charging out of a turbo-lift a severe look of annoyance across her face. Okan was a more then relieved to see her bolt between the sliding bridge doors.

Okan was glad for once not to be associated with the daily operations of the vessel. Fara was more than a handful the few times she'd been in the sickbay. He quickly stepped over to the Turbo lift before it could take off. "Sick Bay." He said feeling the lift began to move as the computer acknowledged.

At least an hour of quiet had gone by and Okan was hoping that was the end of it at least for the night, his hopes were soon to be dashed

He was standing outside of his office, discussing something with his head nurse Twila when the ship shook again and he braced himself against the wall as the klaxons sounded. Apparently their attackers hadn't given up yet. The lights flickered as weapons fire hit the hull again.

"Well so much for the quiet." He sighed. "Better get the staff roused." He said to Twila who nodded and walked into the med ward and started shouting at the residents. The ship shuddered again and Okan was almost pitched on his face as the inertial dampeners tried to keep up. The ship felt as if it was moving because his vision became a little blurry although the room itself didn't seem to be moving. Okan tried to keep from losing his lunch as he stepped through the door. He never could get the hang of the Raptor's G-Diffuser lag. The ship shook hard again this time more rapidly and violently.

It didn't take long for the calls to sickbay to come in.

The first one was to engineering, it sounded the worse, a conduit exploded, a crewmen was down, severe bleeding. The rest of the reports seemed the usual assorted nasty contusions and burns.
Okan quickly grabbed his kit and barked at his orderlies to get into motion as he bolted out the door straight for engineering his head nurse behind him. It was only a matter of seconds before he entered the engineering bay and spotted the crewmen lying on the floor bleeding profusely. He was male, an Altairian recently added to the crew. Okan immediately knelt down and started checking his stats with his tricorder. He spotted the burnt hunk of bulkhead on the other side, obviously the crewmen had been thrown aside from the obvious injuries. Behind the emergency force-field a plasma conduit's fires were quietly suffocated.

"What happened here?" He quietly asked as he began his work. The patient's vitals were weak and a lot of blood was lost.

"I just got back from the bridge." Fara said looking a little singed and bruised but healthy, although a bit shaken. "As soon as the attack began I was telling Knackt to get the plasma injectors back online and apparently Odanna heard the damn thing rupture before I did, he knocked me out of the way and then BLAM."

"I see." Okan murmured. "He has massive internal injuries I'll have to get him out of here. Please tell me the transporter is working." Okan said calmly over his shoulder. He quickly placed a stasis field around the patient and attached nero stimulators.

"I..I.. think so." Fara said still a bit rattled.

"Very well. Computer initiate emergency transport to sick bay." Okan reported.

"Can you help him?" Fara asked as the familiar whine of the transporter started to fill the air.

"Altairian physiology is very resilient." Okan said using pressure seal to cover up one of the deep wounds. "I will do my best." Okan said reassured as he dissolved in a blue haze.

The battle continued on as Okan worked the ship kept shuddering and he concentrated his hand never wavering away from where he wanted it to be.

"It would be nice if they could lay off a bit wouldn't it." Okan said as he removed the last piece of shrapnel from the Odonna's abdomen with the micro transporter and began the tissue regenerator. He suddenly had to brace himself as the ship bucked hard again and the lights faded. He looked out into the triage area of sickbay and was gradually seeing the room get filled up.

Nurse Twila nodded in agreement her surgical garb covering most of her face. "It's been nearly an hour now, non stop. How are his vitals?" Okan said looking down at the placid reptilian face.

"His vitals are stable, I can probably finish him up for you." Twila stated. "We've got two more just as bad."

Okan nodded and made a mental note to let Fara know that Odanna would make a recovery. He quickly moved on to his next task. He passed through the sterilization field and took a quick look at the overhead display. The patient was horribly burned and unconscious his staff had stabilized her and put her in stasis. Okan recognized glanced at her face and stopped in mid motion.

It was Breena.

His heart suddenly sank.

She was usually posted on deck four by her lonesome usually in charge of running lab 4, why she had gotten injured when she was at her post he didn't know. Her vitals were stable but weak, his emotions were trying to break his calm but he quickly got to work and focused on the task at hand. It would not do her any good if he couldn't maintain his physicians' composure. The scans showed her internal organs had practically been cooked from the heat of the plasma and they were all failing, the stasis field just barely useful in helping stave the deterioration.

. He worked quickly lowering the bio bed canopy and injecting a nano stimulator to try to start cellular regeneration to repair her failing organs.

He worked faster but for every moment of progress another problem would crop up. The computer started whining that her heart rate had begun rapidly dropping. Nurse Twila joined him in the room.

"This is not good prepare some Zenocrine." Okan barked trying to get ahead of the deterioration. "She's got third degree burns, practically been cooked alive, massive organ failure."

Twila nodded quickly checking her medical tricorder as she injected the hypo spray. "Zenorcine is having no effect."

They had to catch themselves as the ship bucked again under enemy weapons fire.

"Gods damn it how am I supposed to work like this." Okan growled as the computer still trilled shrieked announcing his patient was slowly slipping away.

"She's starting to flat line."

"Stimulators. Set to thirty micro rads."

"Set Doctor." Twila said attaching them and stepping back.

"Clear." Okan barked activating them.

The Echidna's body twitched but the flat trill of the heart monitor kept on.

"Again at seventy." Okan said.

Twila nodded and did as told stepping back.

Again he shocked her and nothing happened. He checked the nanite readings, they had already stopped doing repairs the body itself had shut down.

Okan hit the shock button again and tried to start the nanites again but it was too late.

"Damn it." He muttered looking at the readings indicating the patient was gone. Inside however he felt like he was perched on the edge of oblivion.

He looked down at her and quietly shut down the machine. "The other two critcals…" He muttered.

"They are being seen to right now doctor." Twila said quietly.

"Time of death, oh four hundred fifty three." Okan said taking off his surgical mask. "Can I have a moment."

Twila nodded and left the small operating room.

Okan quietly removed her com badge and placed the morgue tag on top of her. "I'm sorry Breena, I did my best." He drew the cover of the bio bed and activated the transporter that would send the body to the ships morgue. He had never lost a patient before and it didn't help that he knew her either. He felt a horrible sinking feeling watching her physical remains dissolve away in transporter haze. Soon that was replaced by a horrible emptiness the likes of which he had never felt before.

She was a friend, and more then that, her loss felt like it was tearing him apart.

"Easy Richard." Okan sniffed feeling his insides twist up and wiping an eye. "You are a professional you can grieve later others need you." He sniffled looking up seeing the red alert light no longer flashing a quick paw slap across the muzzle helped a little for him to regain his composure.

"Doctor?" Twila said coming back into the room seeing Okan's back to her. "We need some help we've got a few more serious injuries coming in.

Okan nodded. "I'm coming."

The attacks finally stopped for the night.

There had been a staff meeting but Okan wasn't paying attention to any of it. In fact it was taking every ounce of control he had to try to suppress the loss he was feeling. He reported the casualties and injuries but really didn't listen as the others commented. The only one who seemed to notice was Commander Martinez. He let it slide seeing something was obviously bugging the doctor.

There was talk that the earlier maneuver had caused the massive disruption on the power grid that had caused most of the injuries. Okan dropped back in on the conversation about this point.

"….is such reckless maneuvers like that are going to cause such problems." Fara growled. "We can't just jerk the Raptor around and expect her to react perfectly on an untested maneuver." Fara tapped her claws against the fiberglass of the table. "I almost bought it today if one of my crewmen hadn't had his head on straight, that was too close for me Commander."

Harry nodded. "I assumed the ship would perform as it always had." He said regretfully. "It was my mistake I'll take responsibility for it."

"It's not that captain." Fara said. "You are right, the ship should have performed as we discussed but the Raptor is up for a major overhaul. Do you know we have logged over five thousand hours of operational flight time and still haven't had a major servicing? Things like this are bound to happen if Commandant Butthead keeps harassing us and Starfleet has us running back and forth with every convoy." She folded her arms across her chest leaning back in her chair and folding her ears back as well. "I'm an engineer not a damn miracle worker, I can only do so much."

"I am well aware of that Fara." Harry said quietly. "Believe me I am doing what I can to rectify that as well. Is there anything else?"

No one spoke up.

"Good I suggest we all get some rest while we can, I'll put the night watch crew in effect." Harry yawned. "I'm sure Xox will be back eventually, we don't all need to be exhausted. Meeting adjourned."

Terri Lu, Jakar, Land and Fara each got up and exited the small lounge room with Okan trailing behind.

"Doctor if I may have a word with you." Harry said before he got to the door.

"Yes sir?" Okan said flatly.

"Something on your mind, you didn't seem all here." Harry said spinning his chair and facing him.

"It's nothing, just stress." Okan replied coldly forcing a wan smile.

Harry arched an eyebrow. "Ok, it just seems like more than that to me, you are almost the total opposite of what you were earlier this morning."

"I assure you I'll be fine Commander." Okan politely replied.

Harry nodded. "Ok I had to make sure. See you later."

Okan nodded and stepped out of the door.

He wandered through the Raptor's corridors back towards sickbay taking the ladder forward of the bridge as opposed to the turbo lift. Deck 2 was fairly busy at the moment with various Engineering personal hurrying too and fro. He had finished his duties in sickbay but he wanted to do something besides brooding. Crewmembers would greet him as he passed but he was so zoned out that he barely acknowledged them. He slowly made his way back towards sickbay. He retired to his small office that also served as his quarters and pulled out his letter. He furrowed his brow examining it critically for a moment turning the small padd in his fingers before deciding to continue. Perhaps it may distract him from the guilt he was feeling.

"As I write this we I am currently on board the ship and we are at a constant state of alert. Do not worry I am sure the problem will be resolved. Today has been fairly rough; the attacks have been almost constant since this early this morning. The crew is already starting to show signs of strain as well as myself. I have been on my feet constantly for the last several hours treating the various injuries that one can suffer during starship combat. My staff has done a remarkable job, yet I how ever lost a patient. Somebody who was very special to me. It is the first time I've lost a patient, but more than that someone I cared about deeply., I feel unusual, almost empty. The patient was severely injured and I tried my best to save them but all my best efforts were for not. I have ran the scenario through my mind several times now and I still can't help thinking that I should have done something more. What really kills me is this patient was a close friend of mine. Dealing with this is, difficult at best."

He was snapped out of his concentration as once again the klaxons sounded.

"Red Alert, Red Alert Captain to the Bridge at once." A voice said over the com.

"For crying out loud!" Okan said frustrated saving the letter. "Are they ever going to give us a break?!"

Medical Officers Log Supplemental:

Two days have passed since the Urthean hit and run attacks have begun. The crew is becoming severely taxed by a lack of sleep. I am doing my best in distributing stimutabs and vitamen shots. The shots are keeping them alert but eventually they will stop having an effect. With the exception of Tactical officer Jakar everyone is on a slow downward spiral. Tempers are getting short and there was a physical altercation in engineering between two crew members, one is missing a few teeth and the other is cooling off in the brig. I am afraid if these attacks don't let up the situation could get a lot, lot worse.

He was rushing through the ship, he had a medical pack in his hand. Everything was hazy and distorted, had their been some kind of hull damage. He didn't know what, he had to get to Deck four.

"Richard, help me please." He heard Breena say over his com badge.

"I'm on my way!" He shouted sliding down a latter but as he arrived he glanced up at the deck marker and it still read Deck 3.

Confused he climbed back onto the ladder and slid down another deck, again he was still on deck three. Cursing he took off for another access tube but as he continued he noticed he kept passing through the same corridor over and over again.

"Breena I'm coming I'll be there just hold on please!" He shouted hitting his combadge, but only whimpering sounds and static came back.

"Damn damn damn!" He said charging down another way only to find a dead end. He spun around go to back only to find out that now he was encircled by the same wall on every side. He started pounding on the wall out of frustration and then he suddenly felt something grab his shoulder….



"Doctor?" Twila's voice said shaking a little.

"Graaaagh.. what I just nodded off a second." Okan said smacking his lips. "Are we off alert yet?"

"Not yet." Twila said. "You dosed off about an hour ago when you were working on the computer. I let you sleep."

"What why? What if there had been an…" He said groggily the nightmare still rolling in his mind.

"Shhh we were able to handle it." Twila said putting something that looked like a breakfast in front of him. "I need you at least somewhat coherent."

Okan took a whiff of the food. "Twila did I ever tell you that you are a real angel sometimes." He said wiping a little sleep out of his eyes.

Twila smiled. "Eat up, you are overdue, then if you feel like it you can come out and help."

Okan reluctantly did as told and then replicated some coffee to check up on his patients. As he made his rounds, Commander Martinez entered the sickbay and waved him over.

"Yes Commander?" Okan said curiously.

"I got some word from Starfleet, just a few minutes ago." Harry yawned. "They will be sending two Keldryian vessels. The problem is they won't get here for another three days."

Okan nodded. "And my attention is needed…"
"Because doctor." Harry said glaring a little at his interruption. "Because… um…. If these attacks keep up and none of us can get any sleep. We're all going to be a bunch of lunatics; I don't have to be a doctor to figure that out."

Okan nodded. "Understandable, but I can't really provide for you anything more to help keep the crew awake. The only other thing I can do is sleep aides but beyond that I will not help."

Harry glared slightly but kept himself in check. "I know I was just wondering if you thought of anything else." Harry said rubbing his head and grumbling a bit.

He winced as the trilling of a tricorder filled his ears and Okan took out the smaller diagnostic unit. "Commander you scans are indicating your deterioration is a little further along tha anyone else, you are suffering from mental fatigue." Okan closed it. "Did you not sleep that well when this all started?"

"No I didn't." Harry confessed. "I stayed up late, if I had known this was going to happen I would have gotten a rest."

"Hmm." Okan said looking at the readings. "You are also showing some signs of malnutrition, when was the last time you ate?"

"I don't remember." Harry grunted.

Okan suddenly saw something out of the corner of his vision. He could have sworn he'd saw … no that's impossible.

"Doctor?" Harry grunted.

"Sorry it's nothing… Eat something if you can." Okan yawned. "Get a nap too if you can."

Jakar suddenly entered the sickbay and spotted the commander and quickly came over. "I have the report you asked for."

Harry nodded wearily and half heartedly took the pad. "I can't remember what I wanted…"

"The phaser array took a bad hit last time around you asked if the power could be shunted into the pulse cannons." Jakar said trying to stay patient. "I have already made the proper adjustments."

"Oh yeah.." Harry nodded yawning. "That."

"You do not need to scan me I am feeling fine." Jakar said, hearing Okan's tricorder whine.

"You know for someone who has been awake for nearly two days you are in pretty good shape." Okan grunted closing the tricorder.

"I assure you doctor I am fine." Jakar said raising a brow. "There are other methods to obtaining rest besides sleeping eight hours."

"And if you were using most of them you'd be in big trouble." Okan said. "You check out, I just wish I knew how do you do it?"

Jakar ignored him more interesting in talking to the Commander. "The only problem is I fear they may burn out if Fara and her team can't get the primary strip back online."

"As long as we can.." Harry yawned. "Get by with that. Anything on sensors?" Harry mumbled sliding off the bio bed and wandering over to the replicator.

"Not yet sir." Jakar reported. "Considering we have only seen eight ships and we have managed to severely damage six of them it may be a while before they try to attack again."

Harry nodded and downed some coffee and quickly downed what appeared to be some sort of bagel. "Any word from fleet?"

"Ships are on their way." Jakar replied. "Still a few days out."


"We're back up to operational status." Jakar replied. "Aft shields are still compromised but we'll have to make do. Ms. Phoenix says that unless we put into dock they will probably stay down."

"We can, yet the instance we do, he'll attack again." Harry grunted. "Well just have to hope the ablative armor holds up."

Jakar was scratching his head deep in thought.

"Do you have an idea?" Harry said tiredly.

"I may have one."

"I hate to trouble you two but I do insist that if the crew does not get some rest soon we're going to be in a world of trouble." Okan said stubbornly.

"Doctor, we're very aware of the situation." Harry said patiently.

"It is an idea Fara suggested a long time ago, something that she was reluctant to try." Jakar said deep in thought. "Although it could be extremely dangerous."

"What's that." Harry asked.

"The Raptor can function fully autonomously with little need for a crew." Jakar replied. "Fara mentioned this in passing but suggested getting it to relinquish control back to the crew may be a bit dangerous."

"How dangerous?"

"Like it might assimilate us dangerous…" Jakar grunted.

Harry didn't seem to be paying attention.


"Oh, is that bad?" Harry yawned and scratched at his head-fur.

"Yes sir." Jakar said his patience wearing thin. "It is very bad."

"Ok… we'll just… have to deal with it when it gets here."

Jakar shot a look at Okan. "When what gets here?" He said patiently.

"I don't… I don't…" Harry said trying to concentrate when the klaxons began to sound again. "God damn it." He muttered.

"Captain." Jakar said.

Harry slapped himself hard across the muzzle a few times enough he actually drew blood. His eyes were open and he seemed a bit more alert then he was. "Gotta get to the bridge."

"Captain are you sure…"

"Yes!" Harry snapped stomping out of sickbay with a bit of a lean.

"Doctor you have to come up with something, we can't keep this up for long."

Okan nodded. "I'll dig out the home remedies there is some things I can try." Dr. Okan said warily. "But I'm not going to drug this crew up, the side effects could be disastrous."

"If you don't find something soon, the whole thing will be a disaster." Jakar hissed before rushing out of sickbay.

"How are repairs coming D'jonn." Xox said coolly as he watched the squad of Urthean Scutta's advance towards the Raptor's position."

"We'll be fully operational within the hour." D'jonn reported. "Might I ask what exactly it is we are trying to accomplish here? Your strategy is working but we can't keep this up forever."

"Ah, he asks me now." Xox boomed. "After some thorough research I have discovered that our litte friends out there require at least so many hours of sleep over a period of a few days." He chuckled to himself. "By constantly harassing that ship and not allowing it to dock, we will wear them down little by little until they will be easy to defeat." He then stood up and clasped his gloved paws behind his back and started to pace. "And that glorious hour has come and past, by my estimates they should be feeling the effects of sleep deprivation right about now."

"Can't they use stimulants or drugs to get a rest?" D'jonn asked.

"They could, but we have increased the rapidity of our attacks in order to not give them that little break. We will press on until we finally break them, and then oh yess…" He bringing his hands back to his front and clenching his fists. "I will have that rodent once and for all."

"What about the Keldryians, surely they'll come to interfere." D'jonn added levelly.

"What of them, they are spread so thin it will be days before they finally show up." Xox snickered. "Far too late, for our little friends."

Okan was pacing the Raptor's hallways, he had to get out of sickbay, the attacks were still coming strong and he had to get a moment of peace to himself. The deck was quiet and the lights were flickering, undoubtedly from some damage somewhere along the power grid. The floor was dirty and plastic crunched under his boots and the stench of burnt ozone filled the corridor.

He suddenly heard a familiar but pleasant laugh.

He stopped and looked behind him.

The laugh was closer and he turned to see a blurred movement down the corridor.

He started to move toward it and hesitated, that was Brianna's laugh.

How could it be?

He jogged towards the end of the corridor and saw nothing but more debris and empty corridor.

"Richard…." He heard behind him and he turned around and found himself standing outside of the Morgue.

"What is going on here?" He wondered aloud. Had he wandered down here on mistake? He remembered he had something he had to do but, it had slipped his mind.

Against his better judgment he entered, and the door parted for him.

The lights snapped on revealing the wall unit that contained the bodies of dead crew members. There was nothing else in the room. He did notice that one of the receptacles had been carelessly half closed.

He walked over to the door and began to close it.

"Richard…." The voice said again. He paused in mid motion when he heard his name again and felt something grab his shoulder.

He spun around and there in front of him was Brianna horribly burned along with two other crewmembers who had died during the night.

"Why didn't you save us.." She hissed in an unnatural voice.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Dr. Okan snapped flailing at his attacker.

"Doctor! Snap out of it!" Michelle O'mara said backhanding him as he flailed at her.

The blow snapped him back in to his senses. "Ms. O'mara… where how…"

"The Captain sent for you." The Avian said tiredly. "He wanted to see if I could help you with finding something to keep us up." She yawned.

"What happened, why am I here?"

"You apparently passed out on the way up." She said picking up his medical kit. "You were out cold. Are you okay Doctor, you were screaming when you woke up.." She said concerned.

"I'm fine, just a nightmare…well.." he said noticing he had a hand full of O'mara's feathers. "Sorry about that."

"Hey I'd give anything to sleep like that even if it was a nightmare." Michelle said helping him to his feet. "Where am I?"

"Deck 4, we were supposed to work on creating a naturally based stimulant for the crew." O'mara yawned.

"Yeah I had the blood samples of each species, I remember now." Okan said getting up to his feet.

"Un huh and the Captain thinks with my mediocre grades in Biology I'm going to be much help." O'mara sighed. The Alert sounded again. "And if you don't remember we have to ignore that."

Okan nodded. "Let's get to the lab."

O'mara nodded and headed down the corridor bracing herself against the wall as a Repulsor beam slammed into the ships hull.

As they walked toward the Lab they passed the morgue and Okan couldn't help but shudder, the memory of this dream still fresh in his mind. "This isn't the way to the lab.

"I know we took a hit in this section not that long ago, I had to quickly convert one of the small cargo bays.

"Oh." Okan mused. Well at least he knew now what had happened to Brianna.

Jakar looked on in satisfaction as the Urthean Scutta retreated venting plasma. Again any damage inflected was minimal although the Raptor's shields were slowly dropping below the fifty percent mark.

"Mr. Rivas status report."

"Nothing new that we don't already know." The wolf growled.

The Engineering console started a chime.

"Would you get please." Jakar said trying to coax a bit more out of the already tired shield generators.

"Get it yourself." Rivas snapped.

"Excuse me?" Jakar said stopping his work.

"Who do you think you are anyway, you're not even a full officer." Rivas snapped. "I get really tired of you bossing us around old man."

"The Captain put me in charge, and he is obviously." He said looking over at Harry who was slumped in the command chair babbling something struggling trying to keep his eyes open. "Not capable of doing so himself at the moment."

"I don't' care, I'm tired of having to listen to your shit." Rivas said.

"Mr. Rivas you are suffering from the effects of sleep deprivation, you are not yourself."

Don got up and slammed his palms on the top of Jakar's console. Jakar looked up at him and then stood up. "And you will do what if I don't." The wolf snarled.

The move was sudden, and came out of nowhere, it ended with the sound of a fist connecting with a skull and Rivas was laying blissfully unconscious on the deck.

"Jakar!" Terri said scolding.

"Take his station Ms. Lu." Jakar said walking over and hefting the unconscious Lieutenant of the ground and strapping him into a seat in the back.

Terri nodded and then walked over and nudged Land awake with a finger to the ribs.

"Come on Jack wake up." She said calmly.

Land growled something unintelligible and stretched. "What did I miss?" He finally asked.

"Harry's out of it, and Jakar decked Rivas."

"Ok." Land said smacking his chops.

"Hey bridge." Fara's tired voice came over the speaker. "We've got a damn plasma leak, I don't know how long it's going to take to lock it down, nothing major though." She paused as if she forgot to say something. "Oh yeah, no Warp drive."


"Jakar…" Fara asked. "How long has it been I thought we had reinforcements coming?"

"Possibly another 48 hours." Jakar said. "I would try to get some rest if you can."

"Easy for you to say." Fara said closing the channel.

"Chief." Terri said working the ops console. "We got an in coming transmission from Starbase 186."

"Put it on screen." Jakar said.

"Commander, I …. What the hell?" Stiles said seeing Harry staring at the screen blankly.

"Captain." Jakar said stepping into view. "I have assumed command at the moment."

"What the hell is going on we haven't heard from you in a few days.." Stiles asked concerned.

"We're holding our current position because the Urthean's main target seems to be us." Jakar said warily. "Is there any response from Starfleet."

"Yes, but by the looks of it, they're still far enough out it's not going to do you much good." Stiles said disappointed.

"Before Commander Martinez became incapacitated, he ordered Dr. Okan and Ms. O'mara are working on developing a stimulant."

"How far along are they."

"Unknown sir." Jakar said helping Harry out of the command chair and setting him into the science station. "The crew is getting worn down, we're already down about thirty percent from people just passing out from exhaustion and not reporting back from their quarters."

"Then get your asses back here right away." Stiles said. "We've got the station defenses mostly operational we can hold up for a few days even under a heavy attack."

Jakar sighed more annoyed at the situation then anything. "We don't have Warp drive it would take us that long to get back there on impulse."

"Chief," Terri said suddenly interrupting. "Urthean ship approaching, they are coming in hot."

"I'm sorry captain this will have to wait." Jakar said sitting in the command seat. "Mr. Land wake up!" He snapped at the top of his voice. The fox snapped his head back up from being slumped over the console and looked around in a daze.

Terri sounded the red alert.

"Engage the Secondary Mode." Jakar said.

"Are you sure in our current state…." Terri started to say.

"I'm well aware of that." Jakar said levelly. "I'm not in a mood to play any longer and our main defenses are wore down."

"Understood." Terri nodded activating the secondary mode and initiating the retractable armor around the ships more sensitive areas. The lighting change and the overall hum of the ships mechanics reached a different pitch.

"If you can stay awake Mr. Land prepare attack pattern Jakar delta theta three." Jakar grunted leaning forward in the chair. "Let's make this as quick and dirty as possible."

"SHIT!" O'mara said as the equipment spilled all over the floor during one of the Raptor's rolls. "Oh, no!" She wailed seeing the mess.

Dr. Okan had somehow managed to catch the first synthesized batch. "It's ok Michelle, we need to test this." He said taking the sample and loading it into a hypo spray injector. He passed it to her. "Make sure its set to 37 cc."

"You think this little cocktail will work if I we can make it for everyone." O'mara yawned doing as asked seemingly forgetting the toppled mess on the floor.

"It's worked before, I just never made it for Termians." He nodded. "The idea is the same though, it's all made up of a base enough mixture of natural stimulants, electrolytes and other things one tends to replenish with rest to give anyone a jump start."

"Who are you going to give it to first?" O'mara asked.

"The Captain." The doctor said.

"Are you sure that's wise?" O'mara asked.

"I'm sure it will work, the computer simulations said he should have no problem with it." He said reaching for her to hand it back. "Now just follow the procedure and whip a batch for Cornerian, Avian, D'novlan and anyone else we still got on board. I'm heading for the bridge."

Michelle nodded. "Don't fall asleep again."

"I'll try not to." Okan said with a wry smile.

He stepped out into the corridor and leaned against the wall as the ship shook under weapons fire. He made his way towards the latter and the Raptor, again performed a spin. This time it completely disoriented him and he fell down on the deck feeling nauseas. He stay down on his hands and knees his head still spinning from the G-Diffuser lag.

The lights started flickering on and off and he realized he had dropped the hypo spray. Still dizzy he groped around for it in the dim light.

"You are never going to find it, you are going to let everyone else down like you did me." Brianna's voice said from the darkness.

"Shut up! You are just a figment of my imagination." Okan said, then realizing he must have passed out again. He was going to have a field day sending this experience into the medical journals. It was bad enough the crew was flaking without him doing it as well. The laughter started again, this time he knew he was dreaming. He quickly put his hand to his mouth and bit down as hard as he could.

He woke up, with his hand still in his teeth and yelped letting himself go. The Raptor was still in battle mode but the corridor was a hell of a lot less creepy then it had been. He found the hypo spray and started climbing up one the ladders that ran between decks. In a few moments he finally arrived on deck one and held on for dear life through the next G-Diffuser Lag squeezing his eyes tightly. This still resulted in him throwing up, but he charged onward. Soon he entered the bridge, he spotted Harry who was blissfully asleep even with the shuddering of the deck and the pandemonium around him. He quickly tilted his head forward and injected him with the hypo spray.

"Doctor what are you doing?" Jakar asked.

"Gambling what the hell does it look like." Okan growled.

A few moments passed and suddenly Harry was wide awake.

"Captain?" Jakar asked as Harry got out of the chair.

"What did I miss?" Harry yawned and cracked his neck.

"More of the same I had to engage the secondary mode."

Okan removed his tricorder from it's holster and scanned Harry. He frowned at the results. "Damn, it's not going to be permanent, maybe a couple hours tops before a total crash."

Harry motioned for Jakar to get out of the Captain's chair.

"O'mara, to Okan." Michelle said over the speaker. "I have the Cornerian batch fired up."

"Acknowledged." Okan said injecting himself. He offered it to Jakar who refused it. He then stumbled over and injected Terri with it. "Send it on up here."

The bridge shook under the last few volleys of repulsor blasts. The Raptor's phaser banks returned fire and the Scutta retreated once again.

The second hypo spray materialized in the bridge replicator and Okan administrated it to the unconscious Land and then Rivas. Okan stopped however and noticed some bruising and swelling on Rivas' muzzle.

"What happened to him?" He asked.

"We had a disagreement." Jakar said his face a blank.

After a moment or two Don woke up and rubbed his face. "Ungh.. what happened."

"Worry about it later." Harry said. "Station."

Lt. Rivas nodded rubbing his sore muzzle and headed over to the Ops station reliving Terri.

"So we've got a little time to spare, we got to come up with a plan." Harry said drumming his fingers on the armrest of his chair. "I think I have an idea, Jakar do we got enough power to make a sensor ghost to make it look like we're all out for the count."

"Yes." Jakar said. "The adjustments wouldn't take too long."

"Good, then I suggest we get to work on giving buddy boy out there what he wants." Harry smirked.

Okan was starting to feel the effects of his little booster shoot. "I've got other crew members to tend to."

A bit later.

Xox's ship slowly approached the Raptor, it seemed to be drifting.

Xox was sitting in his chair with an evil smile on his face.

"It appears your plan has worked." D'jonn said looking up from his scans. "The ship is adrift and the crew seems out for the count."

"Ah excellent, prepare a boarding shuttle." Xox said getting up and heading for the door to the bridge.. "I want to take the ship myself."

"Shouldn't we do a hard dock?" D'jonn asked.

"No, I don't want a raiding party tearing through that ship unsupervised." Xox snarled. "I want to take what I want and the others can have the rest."

"As you wish, " D'jonn said following Xox out after signaling for some guards.

The boarding shuttle left the Urthean ship and landed on the upper part of the Raptor's hull. It magnetically clamped down and began using plasma torches to cut down into the hull and within a few moments the cut hull plating crashed down into the interior of the Raptor's top deck. Xox climbed down into the deck and drew a small disruptor pistol with D'jonn following behind him. "This way, we'll take the bridge." Xox said charging down the corridor. He found the door and quickly stepped inside it with his men charging right in behind him. The bridge was dark and no sooner had the last Urthean crossed the threshold a force field snapped up ensnaring the lot of them. The lights came on.

"What treachery is this!?" Xox snarled enraged as he tried to force his way through the frocefield.

The lights came onto reveal the bridge crew coming in through the forward doors armed with phasers as well as several armed guards of their own.

"Mr. Jakar, if you will do the honors." Harry said.

"My Pleasure," Jakar said walking over to his station and activating the phasers.

Two crimson beams launched from the Raptor's forward phaser emitters and bored into the Xox's ship's hull. Several more launched from the uppers side mounted banks and tore into the engine module's. Xox had left the shields down on his vessel thinking the Raptor being helpless, their would be no need for them. However, with no shields the Urthean ship was crippled in a matter of seconds as the Raptor's weapons tore into the unprotected hull of the ships.

Xox stood in silent fury seeing at how easily he had been had.

"Now that, that is out of the way." Harry said keeping a phaser trained on Xox the entire time. "Now what to do with you."

"You can't do anything to me." Xox hissed. "Too take prisoners is not the way of you vermin."

"Not like the way you do it." Harry said. "But I can think of about several hundred instances you can be charged for Piracy…"

"Destruction of Confederation property…." Jakar added.

"Not to mention the loss of our shipmates…" O'mara glared.

"Jakar, have this rabble hauled to the brig. Make sure you thoroughly search them."

"You think you've won Rodent!" Xox spat slamming against the force filed his eyes glowing a bright red. "Then you have been sorely." He said something appearing out of the right side of his arm and quickly resembling a fusion cannon. "MISTAKEN!" He shouted as the weapon formed int a blink of an eye, primed and fired into the ceiling of the the bridge. The blast tore through the upper part of the Raptor's ceiling. Being unprotected the blast tore clear through the hull plating and Xox and his men were sucked out into space in the blink of an eye.

Harry cursed. "Get a transporter lock on them Jakar."

"Working on it." He then suddenly scowled. "Xox and one other have made it back to their docking shuttle using some sort of mono filament device. The other two have been abandoned.

"Try to get a lock on them," Harry said. "They may not have the cybernetic upgrades to survive an insane stunt like that."

The sound of the docking shuttle detaching from the Raptor's hull could be heard.

"I can't get a lock on the other too, I'm sorry sir." Jakar said. "They're dead." He suddenly switched his attention to an alarm. "The rest of Xox's ships are approaching our location I suggest a retreat."

"Captain, I hate to say this, but we are working on borrowed time." Dr. Okan said grimacing inwardly at the horror of the waste of life he had just witnessed. That was the closest he'd ever seen their advisory and the closest he was convinced he'd ever been to a monster.

Harry glared and clenched his fists in frustration and then scowled at the hole in the bridges ceiling as an emergency hull plate sealed the breach. "Mr. Land get us out of here now!"

A few days later.

Chief Medical Officers Log:

We have been back at Starbase 186 for a few days now. To our relief help finally arrived to relive us so the crew could get some much needed rest. Xox's plans whatever they may be, have been foiled for now. I myself am still dealing with some strange personal experiences from the lack of sleep. I am sure I am not the only one. I have seen to the rest of the crew and they seem to have recovered nothing a good rest won't cure.

He finished his log not knowing what else to put into it and yawned, he still felt like he was quite a bit behind in his own rest. He picked up the letter that was on the PADD that he hadn't finished and set it back down again not wanting to really relate the last several days of experiences back to home. He was still very deeply bothered about the nightmares he had been having and he still felt paranoid even though there was no cause to be.

He hoped that every time in the future if he lost a patient, it wouldn't plague him like that. One was taught to maintain an error of detachment but he wasn't a machine. It would probably happen again, now that he'd been so close to their tormenter he knew that such a being was capable of very terrible things.

"Doctor?" Twila said poking her head into his office.

"Yes, Nurse." He said gloomily.

"Are you feeling ok?" She asked concerned.

"Not really." He moped. "But as the cliché goes, what doesn't kill you.." he tapped the padd on his desk.

"What are you up to."

"Oh.." Okan said glancing at the padd and setting it off to the side. "I was working on my bi weekly letter home. Yet, with the events of late I think I'll put it off till I have something better to write about."

"Do you want any company?" Twila asked.

"No I have something I need to take care of." He said picking up the padd again. "Maybe another time, ok?"

Twila nodded and smiled and wished him good night.

As she left Jakar rapped on the door to his office. "Hey everyone else has gone home, why are you still here."

"I'm not coming to get hammered if that's what you mean." Okan said picking at the padd.

"No but from the way you are sulking and hearing about what happened that is one suggestion I may offer."

"I don't know what you are talking about." Dr. Okan groused.

"Lay of it man." Jakar grunted. "I know you had it pretty good with her and if you are going to hide in here you won't get over it." He leaned against the chair in front of Okan's desk and glared. "I've lost a lot of women in my life and I won't bullshit you it won't get easier. But if you sit in here and sulk and hide on the ship life is just going to pass you by." He reached over and snatched the padd from Okan and hit the save button and shut it down. "Finish this later, Harry won't send his out for another day or two."

Okan glared at him disgusted.

"I suggest you come with me, have a FEW drinks, a few!" he said holding up his paw. "And play some damn darts and the tables a bit. Then go home and write that thing."

"It's not going to make me feel any better…" Okan sighed.

"Yeah but it's better then not feeling anything at all, let's go buddy."

Okan did go with him. All in all he didn't feel better but as the night passed, he talked about her in passing. He wasn't sure if Jakar was really listening or not but just getting it out there seemed to help. They drank a toast to their fallen crewmember and Okan gave a small but heart felt toast. He did manage to beat Jakar, to the point of cussing and knocking over a chair, at darts. This caused him to get in a shouting match with Leeta, the bars owner, which was always amusing but as he laughed. Still the hurt of loosing Breena was there but maybe this was better then morning her, in its own way.

At least he could hope.

He never did finish his letter, after reading it in passing it just wasn't really something to write home about. When he got home, he did however write a very lovely letter to Breena's parents expressing his deepest and most heartfelt sympathies. It took a while for him to write this down but he felt it may help them if they knew how much someone had cared for their daughter. When he was done he felt a little better but the pain was still there.

It was very late into the night and he stood looking out of the angled windows at his quarters at the work-bees and other late traffic in the station. He had a small tumbler of whiskey in his hand, just something to help him sleep. That was going to be hard enough as it was without a little help.

It would take some time, but this wound to heal.

The End