Dear Diary, i'm Rose Amadell.

It's the afternoon of August 11th.

The day I lose my mind, I just figured out that my daughters are at the one place I refused to go back to, after I had Mina.

Before I was the top scientist of the agency of criminal investment, my experiments would help the agents catch regular criminals, while they were doing that, I started working on a project to test the theories of the supernatural and that's when I discovered our rival agency.

As I discovered the rival agency, I met Steve.

With us being enemies it didn't work out so well, so I tried to keep our meetings a secret.

At first, it was just exchanging information, then we accidentally went on a date, and ended up liking it.

What we didn't realize is that the enemies are creating an invention that caused destruction for our agents.

Anyway, long story short, I had to take Steve away and we worked on a different project, once we announced that we finally decided to get married.

Times started getting tougher, so Steve and I decided to move into our own house, and soon, we had a kid.

Now, this is when I tell you, what is happening in the present.

I got a phone call that I thought was from Mina, but I found out it was Kaima.

Knowing this, I immediately assumed the worst, and after hearing Kaima's quick explanation.

I dropped my phone, picked it up, grabbed my car keys; and then, I grabbed Steve.

Time speed up with my anger, that we ended up in the mansion fast.

We were greeted by Dr. Liama and Cat.

Dr. Liama and I met eye to eye, and while that was happening Steve went with Cat to where Kaima and Mina are, surrounded by Anabelle, Kina, Jasmine, and Marvin.

The story shows Kaima and Steve's eyes meeting, the others notice and walk away.

Kaima lands in Steve's arms, Steve rubs Kaima's hair, and says "You're as cute as ever, Kaima".

"Dad", Kaima laughed.

Steve turns around to Kaima's friends, and says "And where were you four? During the incident.

Kaima raised her head, and says "Don't blame them, we were at the beach, I asked them to take me. While at the beach, an FBI agent warned us and the other people to leave, but I was getting a drink, when the meteor crashed on me. At that moment, A doctor appeared, after that I mutated into this".

Steve smiles at Kaima, then pinch her cheek, and says "Why didn't you call us then? Any of you".

"We were panicking, so we didn't think about it until Mina lectured us", Jasmine admitted, scratching her neck.

"Mina?" asked Steve.

Steve looks at Mina in the shadows with cat ears, and now a tail showing.2222222222222222222

"Hello father", said Mina, showing her fangs.

"Mina, you too. But, how?" questioned Steve.

"That doctor, she caused this, but it was to help Kaima", said Mina, looking at her hand. "So, as long as she's okay, I'll always be fine".

Steve moves Kaima from his lap, Kaima's friends catch her.

Steve hugs Mina, and says "How were you always so responsible?"

"It was because of you and mom", Mina admitted.

" think so", said Steve.

Steve looks at Kaima cuddling with her friends on the couch, they all petted her.

"Come on, let's join mom downstairs", Mina leads Steve downstairs.

A second passes, and everybody is in the kitchen.

"So, we're just going to let Kaima go to school like this", Rose pointed out.

"Don't worry, mom, my appearance won't be that big", Kaima smiled, seeming not worried.222

Steve, Rose, and Mina look at each other, and says "YOU'RE TOO LAID BACK!"22222222222222222222222

This made Kaima fall on the ground, lands in Marvin's arms.

"Who?" asked Kaima, then looks up and sees Marvin.

Marvin helps her up, and says "You sure this is a good idea".

"Of course, I've always wanted to be apart of a stereotypical story like this", Kaima replies, honestly.

"So, that must mean Kaima is the main character and we're the supporting cast", Jasmine analyzed.

"Does it have to be that kind of story?" asked Marvin.

"That's the way the universe is writing our story", Anabelle smiles at what everybody is thinking.

"Wouldn't we all seem like main characters?" questioned Kina.


"Sorry, ma'am", apologized Kaima and her friends.

"We won't know for sure until we test her strength", said .

Hearing that everybody backs away except Dr. Liama and Cat.

"Not with us, with some dummies", said Dr. Liama.

Dr. Liama leads everybody outside.

Outside, there are poles, robots that look like regular humans, and lasers with strings.

Kaima looks at that, looks at Dr. Liama, and says "You always have this out".

"Only for the young agents, but we forgot to put it back. So, I thought it might make perfect22222222222practice", said Dr. Liama, with a smile.

"Okay, but how am I supposed to move with this tail", Kaima pointed out.

"I'm sure you'll find a way, now the training begins", Dr. Liama shrugged her shoulders.

Dr. Liama make the robot's long arms surround Kaima.

Kaima jumped in the air, grabs her tail, and whips the robots; then, she lands on the ground, gets up, and notices more robots with weapons now.

Kaima gives a deadly glare at the rest of the robots, cracks her knuckles, with an aura with fire 222222222222222222222222222222around her; with this energy, she knocks out all the robots, breathing hard and this surprises Cat and Dr. Liama.

"So, my regular strength is too powerful", Kaima thinks out loud.

"That was your regular strength?" asked Cat.

"Kaima is a karate champion, since she was little", said Jasmine.

"What?" asked Cat.

"Yeah. It was her mom's idea", Anabelle remembers.

"I wanted her to get stronger than any regular kid, but I pushed her too far", Rose confirmed Anabelle's statement.

"And you?" Cat asked Mina.

Mina gets in the training session, as the robots get back up with only five seconds passses by, all the robots are down again.2222222222222222222222222222

Dr. Liama watches Kaima dodge the lasers, and Mina dealing with rolling stones shaped like coconuts.22222222

In-between this, an arrow nearly hit Kaima, but she jumps and it missed her; next, darts appear 22222222222222222222222222222222222222222heading towards Mina, but used her lipstick.

Kaima and Mina move from their positions, as they sense danger.22222222222222

After they did that, two people appear, one of them being a person with long blond curly hair, wearing a black jumpsuit, and a smaller person who has red hair in a ponytail, wearing a red 2222222222222222222222jumpsuit.

The two people look at Kaima and Mina about to move, but then one got knocked out by Kaima's tail and the other by Mina's hand.

"Well. Well. Well, if it isn't Lia and Ai, '' smiles Dr. Liama.

"Dr. Liama!" gasped Lia and Ai, slowly getting up, then meeting Dr. Liama's eyes.

"Dr. Liama, you know them?" asked Cat, surprised, yet worried.

"Don't worry, they were apart of my old experiments, I told you about,'' said Dr. Liama, with her arm around Cat's shoulder.

"Experiment?" asked everybody.

"I used to be a mad scientist for a long time, until I had to go to jail for three years", Dr. Liama explained, no worry.22

"I found her as an agent, she brought me a drink", Cat explains the story.

"And when she woke up, I strapped her against a table, and when she saw my lab she kept screaming thinking she's about to die; so, to get her to shut up, I kissed her, and asks her "You want to be my lab assistant", then we started dating and the rest is history, Dr. Liama reminisce.

"I told you, she's not keen on emotions,'' said Cat.

"Listen, that's great, but could you explain why these two attacked my two children", Rose asks Dr. LIama.

"This is Lia and Ai, they've been working for the enemy for eight years, working on an eternal drink. It seems it works, I haven't seen you in seven years, '' said Dr. Liama.

"Wait. what happened the eighth year?' asked Marvin.

"The eighth year, I was in prison, for the seven years I was working as a mad scientist, it was just to test out new experiments, and money. But, I was working for the enemy of the agency, not that I cared back then or now, '' Dr. Liama tells in interesting details.

"THat's great, but that doesn't really explain why you became a mad scientist here or why they want our powers", saud Kaima.

"Kaima. What was that last part?" asked Mina.

Kaima examines Lia and Ai, and says "I said apparently they want our powers to continue to experiment with ancient artifacts, they found in a store, that they hope can give them powers more than being immortal", Kaima figured out.

Everybody amazed.

Lia looking at Kaima, asks "How? How do you know that?"

Kanisha looks back at Lia, and says "Because of my powers".

"Hmm… I guess I should expect you to have control of your powers with Dr. Liama around, do you and your sister. Really want these powers?"

"Yes", answered Mina, then walks up to Lia and Ai. "Do you have a problem with that?"

Lia and Ai remained silent, then Ai looks at Kaima, and says "What about you?"

Kaima walks up to Ai, smiles, and says "Why would I give up such an amazing power, and also I don't trust you".

Lia and Ai sighed, then Ai says "Well, have to tell Zack the mission was a bust".

Lia and Ai free themselves, and walks away with their phones glowing.

"Oh. Rose, Steve, Zack says he misses the adventures y'all shared", said Li.

So, they disappeared.

"Should we have let them go?" questioned Marvin.

Dr. Liama shows a container of blood that's changing colors, and says "It's okay, they won't be able to do too much with this tainted blood".

"Dr. Liama!" gasped Cat.

"Don't worry, I didn't do anything, this is a sample of their blood, which means their immortality is messing up their own blood", Dr. Liama reassured Cat.

"Can I learn from you? I've always been interested in science", asked Anabelle.

Dr. Liama looks at Anabelle, smiles, and says "Sure, I'd love to show my work to someone with such enthusiasm".

"Wait. I don't know if that's a good idea", said Marvin, following Anabelle.

Kaima turns around, looking at Steve and Rose, and says "So, mom? Dad? Can I go to school?"

"Absolutely not!" commented Rose.

"Why not?" asked Kaima.

"Your powers, your powerful and uncontrollable powers ring a bell", said Rose.

"My analysis shown so fat is they are healthy with no bad side effects and they seem in control of their emotions, so no harm, no foul", Dr. Liama tells Steve and Rose.

Rose sighs, looks at Steve, and says "Should we?"

"Kaima, are you sure that your powers won't go out of control?" Steve asks Kaima.

"I'm absolutely, 100% sure", Kaima nodded.

"Then, I say we will let you go", said Steve.

Mina gets in the way of the conversation, and says "On one condition, Ben and I are coming with you to monitor everything, it will be my last day of school anyway".

"I agree with that idea", said Rose.

Kaima hops on Ben's back.

"But, no fooling around all night with your boyfriend", Rose tells Kaima.

"Mom, I am a responsible teenager, and I have brand new powers I have no time to fool around", Kaima commented back to her mother.

"Uh huh. I'll trust for now, but please don't let me down", said Rose. "And you, i'll let Kaima date you, but if you break her heart, you'll have to deal with me".

"Yes, ma'am", Ben saluated to Rose.

Ben and Kaima walk away.

"That boy", said Rose.

"Let's just lie down", said Steve.

"Let me lead you to a special room for you two, do you want a food brought to your room?" Jennie insisted.

"Okay, I'll have macaroni and cheese, salisbury steak, and cornbread", Rose decided. "And for a drink, I want pepsi".

"I would like fried chicken, rice with gravy, and cornbread too", Steve orders. "And for a drink I want a Mountain Dew".

Upstairs, Jasmine is in a room alone, when she gets visited by Kaima who's carrying popcorn with Ben behind her.

"Hey", said Kaima, in a low voice.

"Hey", Jasmine responds back.

"I'm sorry, we haven't gotten to talk, are you okay?" Kaima apologized, as she sat down with Jasmine.

"It's okay, you've been going through a lot, besides i'm okay", said Jasmine.

Kaima hugs Jasmine, and whisper "I know something is wrong, tell me".

"Okay, it's just everything, your powers, being here, finding out about your boyfriend; which I thought you were making up,", said Jasmine.

"I understand the last part, I wanted to tell you guys, but I didn't know how", said Kaima. "And as for my powers let me handle that, you just stick to being my friend".

Jasmine smiles, and gives Kaima kiss on the cheek.

"Fine, but if anything big happens tell me, what's up with the popcorn?" Jasmine decided.

"We were going to watch an anime together, and I was wondering if you want to join us", Kaima explained.

"Sure", said Jasmine, smiling.

"I'm glad, Ben, you've been quiet", said Kaima.

"Jasmine, are you going to give up being a cheerleader?" asked Ben.

"Not yet, besides that's the only way, i'm going to keep an eye on the ex-heartbreaker", answered Jasmine.

Ben gives a nervous smile.

"Your friend told me all about the mishap during the last game", Jasmine admitted.

"Ted! Fine, but don't tell anybody", said Ben, holding out his hand.

Ben and Jasmine shake hands.

A few door downs, Jasmine, Ben, and Kaima eat popcorn under a cover like a tent.

In the lab, Anabelle, Marvin, and Dr. Liama are testing the radiation inside the meteor with goggles, and gloves on.

"There seems to be no problems thus far", said Anabelle, taking notes with a clipboard.

"We must still check, we can't let your friend or your sister cause any havoic, emotions is one thing, but strength and brain power are separate from that", Dr. Liama replied.

"That doesn't make me feel better", Marvin admitted.

Beside the room, Kaima, Ben, and Jasmine is in, Steve and Rose are eating, while using the anti-gravity app on their phones, which makes them flying.

Neddy, Jenna, and Cat are calling the school to hear the school policies.

Mina is in a room alone, finishing her assignment, which she teleported with an app on her phone.

Rose messages Mina to teleport Kaima's clothes, as she was about to sit down.

Mina typed back and tells Rose that Kaima already has her clothes.

Rose relaxes with Steve who's watching the0 movie, and they are still floating.

"I hope school goes well tomorrow", said Rose.