Dear Journal, I'm Annabelle Grassfield, and right now, me and my friends are in a pretty sticky situation.

Let me explain about that, but before that let me tell you, I live alone in a house right by a cemetery, no parents, I'm an orphan. They went through a horrible accident and no relatives wanted to take me in.

So, I live alone, and had no friends until I met Kina first, then Marvin, Kaima, and Jasmine.

Now to our sticky situation, after Kaima and Mina met each other, we met up with Kaima.

Jasmine was able to keep the news people away.

Anyway, we walk out, I set up a teleportation app and we teleport to a chilli stand.

Marvin loved the idea of eating chili dogs and offered to buy for all of us, and it was okay for us.

The chili dog did calm Kaima down, but there was a problem.

There was a field of agents that came after us, obviously we were able to defend ourselves, but they weren't the only thing that we had to deal with.

A mysterious person sent a blast that was about to hit me, so Kaima used herself as a shield and became unconscious.

The blast hits Marvin, Kina, Jasmine, and last me.

By the way, Lily and Mina were with us, sorry I forgot to mention that.

Here's the actually sticky situation, I woke up in a jail cell with Jasmine, Marvin, Lily, and Kina, all of us had our hands tied up .

But, Kaima and Mina are not in the cell.


The story starts with Annabelle kicking Jasmine.

Jasmine gets up and freaks out because of the cell.

This freak out makes Kina wake up.

Lily was already up, worried about Mina, and was looking outside the cell.

Marvin gets up as well.

"Anybody has a nail filer?" asked Marvin.

Jasmine is united with her nail filer and frees her friends immediately.

"I love you", said Lily, hugging Jasmine.

"Keep that for Mina, Annabelle we need to get past this cell", said Jasmine.

Annabelle unlocks the cell, with a smirk look on her face.

"Good job, we need to find Kaima and Mina", said Kina.

But, Lily had already disappeared.

"Of course, she is the first one that goes off on her own", said Jasmine.

"As if you wouldn't", said Kina.

"Okay, true", said Jasmine.

Anyway, Jasmine, Annabelle, Kina, and Marvin walk through the hallway with closed doors.

"Let's split up and try to find Kaima and Mina", said Annabelle.

So, they split up and check the doors, then they hear Lily scream.

After that, all of them ran to where Lily is and saw a dark room.

This shocks everybody once they look in the dark room because Mina is floating in a tube with her eyes closed, Lily tries to unlock the code on the tube by hacking it.

After hacking the tube, the tube opens, releasing green liquid from the tube, and frees Mina.

Mina lands in Lily's arms and Lily is crying.

"Is she okay?" asked Marvin.

"She is just unconscious", said Lily, while holding Mina.

They walk out of the room and notice a shadow at the end of the hallway.

The shadow is revealed to be a person with two ponytails, wearing a pink fluffy dress, holding a pink umbrella, and purple heels.

This person looks at Kina, Lily, Jasmine, Marvin, Mina, and Annabelle, then runs away.

They all follow this person and find a mysterious door that has Kaima in a tube looking like Mina, but she isn't floating instead she is lying on the floor of the tube.

Like a lightning bolt, the tube opens, Kaima lands in Annabelle's arms and the person closes the tube.

Nobody says anything and nod their heads.

The person walks out of the door, opens his umbrella, and teleports away.

"With both of them with us, let's go", said Kina.

Jasmine sets up her teleportation app.

They teleport to the Greensdale mansion and find Dr. Liama.

Dr. Liama tells them that who they encountered is the enemy organization and is curious about how they found about Kaima.

This made everybody worried.

Kaima and Mina eventually wake up, but have to stay at Greensdale mansion.

Dr. Liama tells Xero Mars about this situation.