This happened when I was in the 12th grade.

One of my teachers was Miss Davidson, who taught English. She was young and quite pretty, I'll admit that. But she had a teaching style that really endeared me to her, and her class was one of the few good things about going to school!

She had a habit of slipping her shoes off, while teaching. One day, she actually took off both her sandals and was barefooted, for several minutes! She even walked to the blackboard barefoot!

While this went on, Principal Mullis care into the classroom. We snapped to attention, and Miss Davidson said, "Hi, sir."

"Put your shoes on this moment, Miss Davidson! You are very unprofessional!"

"Yes, sir," she said, and she did this.


Now, I'm normally not this way. But the way he treated her angered me. All eyes looked on me.

"She's one of my favorite teachers," I continued, "and if she wants to be barefooted in the classroom, that's fine with me!"

The other kids applauded loudly!

The principal glared at me, and the rest of the kids. Then he left the classroom, without further comment.

Miss Davidson smiled at us. "Thanks, guys!" And once again, she took her shoes off!

We all cheered, again.

The bell rang, and we all left.

Miss Davidson stopped me, as I was leaving. "Robbie?"


"Thanks for sticking up for me."

"No problem, Miss Davidson!" Then I smiled. "You go barefooted a lot, don't you?"

She also smiled. "As much as possible! You'll probably see me without my shoes on a lot, this year!"

"Well, if Mullis give you problems again, I'll let him have it!"

"Thanks, Robbie! Bye!"


"I left."