Please don't leave me, please don't go

Don't break your promise, it's hard sometimes I know

We're better together, it will all be okay

Stay with me please, just hang on until someday

I know you're hurting, I want to help so desperately

Struggling with worth and doubts and fears, I can't help unless you let me

You say it's okay and you're good, you want to be strong

I thought you'd let your walls down and I could help, maybe I was wrong

Maybe you don't need anyone to help you with your struggles, maybe I'm the weak one

The one who always needs help and attention, but when I try to give you mine you say that you need none

You say that I help you and I make things okay, I can't see that at all

I don't do anything, I just want to curl up and bawl

You deserve better, why do you have to deal with me

I'm not good enough for you, though I know you disagree

I want to make you happy and smile, to make your world as good as you make mine

There are times when I think my goal is unattainable, those times when I know you're not okay but all you say is "I'm fine"