Ron and I were in trouble!

We had broken into an office to gather evidence relating to a case I was working on. But we were caught by someone who came in unexpectedly—even though it was a Saturday! —and we had to make a run for it.

We were able to run out of the office, down the stairs—five flights! –and out of the building. We dashed into another office building. Then we stopped in the hall to catch our breaths.

Bu then, we saw the man outside!

Ron saw a half-door. He swung it open. "Jenny, there's a chute going down."

He sat on it and slid down.


However, the man entered the lobby. I swung the door open, sat on the chute, and slid down—

-Into a large bath of soapy water! Clothes were floating in it. It was evidently used by a dry cleaner that was in the building.

Ron was on the side, still in the water. "Nice of you to join me, Jenny!"

I sighed. "Looks like I'm taking my bath for the day!"

"What do we do now?"

I thought for a bit. "We'd better stay here a while, at least until we're sure we're no longer being followed."


"We may as well get comfortable." I took my shoes off and put them on the side of the bath. He did the same.

We waited, but no one else came down the chute.

"I'll bet you don't often take a bath with your clothes on!"

I smiled. "No, I don't, Ron!"

We waited a little longer. Finally, a worker at the dry cleaner came by. She was certainly shocked to see us!

"We both needed a bath!" I said.

"The water could be a bit warmer!" Ron said!

We got out of the bath, put our shoes on, and left. The worker just stared at us!

We took the stairs back up. Fortunately, the man wasn't around. And also, it was midsummer, so we didn't worry about freezing to death! And even more luckily, my car was nearby. We got in, and I drove off. We stopped at my house and put some dry clothes on.

Well, we lost the battle, but won the war; I was able, by other means, to find dirt on that company and get them shut down. I got $2000 for the job, and I gave $750 of it to Ron.

The company was called Bath Industries—how ironic!