Hello, thanks for clicking on this story. This is gonna be a little different format than any other story I've done. Because of how the story works. So please be patient as I know that this first one is rather cringey. The Tales from the Arias tribe is laid out currently in four tales. Restart, Missing, The Relief Force, and The First Refugees. And each one is divided up into chapters. I plan to do one chapter either every few days or every week. If the chapter is really short I'll post two. But thanks and welcome to Tales from the Arias Tribe

In an isolated village in the mountains.

"Help! Help!" Hollered a woman with long brown hair and a red and yellow long wrap dress holding a 5 year-old girl with long brown hair and a yellow robe with red lining in her arms.

"What's wrong?" A lady asked, walking out of a nearby building.

"My daughter she's unresponsive and cold!" The woman hollered.

"This way then." The lady responded, darting down a stone path.

A giant red brick building stood in the distance.

"Ally! Code blue!" The lady hollered, darting into the big brick building.

"What?" A girl asked with shoulder length blonde hair and a green dress, sitting behind a desk.

"I got an unresponsive and cold young girl." The lady snapped.

"Oh sorry." The girl replied, standing up and rushing to the group.

"Get her in intensive care now!" The lady hollered.

Her mother then collapsed.

"You handle the little girl I got the woman." the lady responded.

In the woman's dream.

(I will be the woman that passed out)

I opened my eyes and was back at home, my husband laid next to me in bed. The phone rang. He rolled over, sat up, and then answered it. A few minutes later he hung up and told me he had some news. I asked him what it was. He smiled and said that our daughter was chosen to be the sacrifice for our ancestors next week during the festival. I stared at him blankly, still processing what he told me. I then asked him why that was good news. He smiled and said it was an honor that she was picked to be a sacrifice. I slapped him and told him he was insane. But I knew my husband was very into our tribe's traditions and practices. He got up and said he was going to get ready for work and would be back by sunset. He left the room and I stared at the ceiling thinking about the news. I was determined to save my child's life no matter what. She was only five years old, how could I let them sacrifice her.

I sat up and decided I was taking my child and flee. I had never been outside the tribe. But I had heard stories of a big establishment south of us along the southern shores of the island. I got up and started packing a small bag of clothing, then went to the kitchen and grabbed about a week's worth of food. I went and woke up our daughter Tara. I shoved some of her clothes into another small bag. She asked where we were going. I told her far far away. She asked if she could bring Kiki her stuffed cat. I smiled and told her of course.

We we're just about to go get Dusty our horse when there was a knock on the door. I hid our bags under Tara's bed and told her not to say a word about running away. She nodded looking afraid clutching Kiki against her chest. I went out into the kitchen and opened the door.

Councillors Tar, Erik, and Kiera were standing on our doorstep. They asked if they could come in and see Tara. I shook my head and told them she was still sleeping. They told me they want me to bring her to the center of town at noon. I nodded and shut the door. I let out a sigh of relief. I then went back into Tara's bedroom and grabbed our bags and her we headed started heading out but then the scene froze and faded away. I heard other voices and noises. I tried opening my eyes but didn't succeed. I heard a voice holler

"She's coming to!" His yelling pounded in my head.

I moaned. I tried opening my eyes again and succeeded. The first thing I saw was bright blue eyes hovering over my face.

"Layo! Back away from the patient!" A female hollered, walking in.

"Sorry." The man replied, standing up.

"Nice to see you awake." The girl smiled.

I recognized her from when I walked into this building before I passed out. I think she was called Ally.

"Now if ya got the strength can you tell us what happened to you and your daughter?" The man asked.

I saw him more clearly. He wore a blue tunic, and shaggy brown hair surrounded his bright blue eyes.

"How about I handle her and you go to your appointment with Mom." Ally suggested.

"Don't you want to go guard her child?" He asked.

"No Sardo and Ming are on duty in the ICU, Kara is covering the reception area, and Lee and Quadra are around as backup nurses." Ally replied.

"Fine." He moaned, walking out of the room.

"So now that he is out of here can you tell me what happened?" Ally asked, sitting in the chair next to my bed.

"I ran away." I rasped.

"Okay let me get you some water." Ally said, standing up and walking out into the hallway.

"Lee! Can you get me some water?" She hollered. Then she walked back into the room.

"Don't worry water is coming." Ally chuckled.

I stared at her, she had more hair than I had seen before, It was pinned up in a bun but then parts hung down on her shoulders. She wore a purple shirt and a green skirt that touched her knees.

"Here's your water miss bossy." a Chinese man standing in the doorway huffed. He had short neat black hair, a red tunic and brown almost orange eyes.

"Take a valium, firecracker." Ally laughed.

"Now I'm going back to my chess game if you don't mind." He responded, handing Ally a tray and leaving the room.

"Now have some water." Ally suggested.

I took the cup and chugged it down, then put it back on the tray.

"Now can you tell me what happened?" Ally asked.

"I took her, I saved her from them." I stuttered.

"Who are they?" She asked.

"They can try to take her but I won't let them." I stuttered half in a trance.

"Who's they?" She asked.

"The council can't have her, she is too young to die!" I exclaimed, my whole body started shaking and the world slowly went black.