Chapter 3 Another problem.

"What do you mean by took off on his own? He's not that stupid is he?" Sara asked.

"Sadly I think he's worried that dad died." Tina sighed.

"He would be next in line correct?" May asked, sitting on the couch.

"Well." Sighed Tina.

"Is a deep subject, moving on." Responded Sara.

"He is a fugitive of the tribe. Since none of us are eligible anymore Tara's father would become the next chief." Tina winced, sinking into another chair.

"Wait back up for a minute. I thought her father was a council member?" May asked.

"Yes, but he and my dad were very close if anything was to happen to the royal line he would take over." Tina replied.

"So if Lari becomes chief, how bad would that be?" Amy was slightly scared.

"Worse than my father. Lari is very violent when mad. If he became chief he would have any and all supplies to hunt Tara and her mother down for the rest of their lives." Tina replied.

"So, we have to stop Lari from becoming chief, we have to save Terence, and we have to see why the Arias tribe is attacking Oceanside." Amy listed.

"How do you stop someone from becoming chief?" Sara said.

"They either have to commit high treason or die." Tina replied.

"I doubt he would commit high treason so do we get to kill him?" Sara inquired excitedly.

"Now, now that's Tara's decision." May pointed out.

"So when do we leave? We obviously can't let him do this alone." Sara remarked.

"I thought you didn't care what happened to him?" May teased.

"Shut up." Sara scowled.

"I'll go get Tara, Ming and Mimi." Tina said, walking out.

"This should be fun." Sara chuckled.

Back in the apartment later

"So do we stick to your brothers plan? It made sense." Ming suggested.

"Yes we do." Tina nodded, pacing. "So the things that need to be accomplished are: saving Terence's butt, preventing Lari from becoming chief, and find out why the Arias tribe is attacking Oceanside."

"So we divide into 3 groups. The one going to the Arias tribe will be : Sara and I . They will be staying hopefully in Mimi's hut if not elsewhere. Now May you said earlier you have family in Wilshire. Amy, you have relative's in Oceanside?" Tina asked, facing them.

"Yes." Amy winced, squirming in her seat.

"I have relative's on a farm in the outskirts of Wilshire. We can stay with my aunt Destina." May shrugged.

"Okay you and Tara can go to Wilshire. Amy and Ming get to go to Seaside." Tina instructed.

"How will we stay in contact?" Amy furrowed her brows.

"Post office?" Sara suggested.

"Messenger seabirds." May smirked.

"How do those work?" Tara cocked her head.

"My aunt has a friend named Suki. She trains messenger seabirds to go by scent not sight." May explained.

"They're trained to smell the recipient?" Sara chuckled.

"Yes, if they smelled one of your objects they would be able to find you." May explained.

"So it's settled we leave tomorrow?" Ming asked.

"Yes to each of your destinations." Tina explained.

The next morning.

Tina and Sara had two horses and took off early in the morning for the Arias tribe.

May and Tara took off at 8:00 a.m. and expected to be at Wilshire in a week.

Amy and Ming took off for Seaside at the same time. They expected to be at Seaside in 5 days.

5 days later.

On the road between Seaside and Wilshire.

"Hey stupid!" Tina Hollered, spurring her horse forward.

Terence was riding his up ahead.

Sara spurred her horse to keep up with Tina.

"Hey genius!" Sara hollered.

"What do you two want?" Terence moaned, turning his horse around.

"To know what on earth you were thinking when you took off without us?" Tina asked, catching up with him.

"You guys obviously didn't want to help. So I figured it was up to me." Terence huffed.

"You are a brave and insane person to want to go to the Arias tribe by yourself." Tina remarked.

Sara finally caught up with them. "And beside I wasn't going to let you have all the fun by yourself."

"Well are you coming?" Terence asked.

"Obviously." Tina said.

"Then let's get going." Terence called, spurring his horse into a run.

"Nice try bro!" Tina hollered, chasing him down the road.

"Guys! Wait up!" Sara exclaimed, trying to catch up with them.