Chapter 4 Distant and close relatives.

In Seaside.

"So where do your relatives live?" Ming asked.

They had their horses walking down a road on the outskirts of Seaside.

"Pullover for a minute." Amy called, pulling her horse over to the side.

"Why?" Ming looked concerned.

"These relatives are...well..." Amy sighed, struggling to find the words.

"Embarrassing?" Ming chuckled.

"No. I don't like to see them. They live in a big fancy mansion on the outskirts of town. And they don't approve with how I was raised. They probably won't approve of you either." Amy sighed.

"Chill child, whatever happens I'm sure we can both put up with it. Remember where I grew up. Nothing is worse than the Arias tribe." Ming smiled.

"That's debatable." Amy muttered, spurring her horse to continue down the road. They made another corner and a big marble mansion was to their left. "Follow me." Amy called turning right and having her horse walk along the side of the mansion. "The stables are out back!"


"Miss Aral! Pop pop!" Amy called walking in.

"Miss Sadina welcome back." a maid greeted, walking in.

"Wes! Stop that nonsense she isn't stuck up like the rest of the household!" another maid scolded, walking in.

"Hey Cal!" Amy grinned. "I presume by the way you're talking no one's home."

"You'd be correct. Won't be home til tonight." Cal smiled.

"Good we can leave our stuff in our room and get right down to business." Amy said.

"You know where your room is." Cal chuckled.

"Follow me Ming." Amy said, walking up the staircase.

Later that night.

"Amorous!" a high pitched voice called. Almost like nails on a chalkboard.

Amy groaned and pulled her pillow over her head.

"Your grandmother?" Ming said, trying not to laugh.

"Step grandmother." Amy sharply corrected.

"And what's Amorous about?" Ming chuckled..

"My father came up with that. It's on my birth certificate." Amy sighed, lifting the pillow off her face.

"Then why are you called Amy?" Ming smirked.

"My mother decided my nickname should be Amy. Could you understand why? I could barely pronounce my name when I was little." Amy huffed.

"Miss?" Cal said, poking her head in.

"I know I'm coming." Amy sighed, walking out with Ming.

Downstairs in the sitting room.

"What are you wearing?" a woman in a fancy purple dress sitting on the couch demanded.

"Clothes." Amy replied.

"Who's your friend?" a kind old gentleman asked, lighting a cigarette.

"This is Ming." Amy introduced.

"What is she wearing? Is it a robe?" the woman asked arrogantly.

"It's what I always wear." Ming said semi confused.

"Both of you go to your room! We will fix both of you in the morning." the woman snapped.

"Yes Mrs Aral." Amy said, bowing. She and Ming left the room.


"I see what your worried about." Ming chuckled.

"My grandfather owns the mansion. Mrs Aral just married him for his money." Amy snapped.

"Never would have guessed you came from money." Ming teased.

"Go to bed." Amy moaned, rolling over.

The next morning.

"Amy." Cal whispered, walking in.

"What?" Amy asked, sitting up.

"If you and Ming quietly and quickly get dressed you can get out while I have Mrs Aral busy." Cal explained.

"Yes ma'am." Amy whispered, sitting up.

"Let's get to it then." Ming nodded, standing up.

Later outside.

"So where to, genius?" Ming teased.

"We'll search city hall first then the estate." Amy explained, taking off towards the main path of town. In the center of the town along the coast a huge marble building with clay supports. It was city hall.

"Which window would be his office?" Ming inquired.

"Around the back. There's a huge glass window." Amy explained.

They snuck around the back of the building.

"I see a small hole in the glass." Amy said, poking her finger through it.

"Look at this." Ming said, picking up a medallion. It was buried in the mud.

"Let's get this back to the mansion." Amy suggested. They walked back to the mansion.

2 days later.

On the outskirts of Wilshire.

"So where's this farm?" Tara teased.

"It's more of a tiny town. The rest of my family lives there. 4 generations all live there." May explained.

"Wow." Tara chuckled.

"You have to go through all of Wilshire. At the docks turn left. Then follow the bridge and path, you'll see the stables first. Then a huge two story farmhouse, a small two story building, a barn, an aviary, and another huge two story farmhouse." May explained.

"Are you excited to see your family?" Tara inquired.

"Well... Certain parts. I wish we could miss a certain section. Maybe great uncle Zin will have dropped dead of a heart attack or even a stroke." May wistfully said.

"Is he annoying?" Tara asked.

"You'll see." May chuckled.

On the other side of Wilshire.

"This is the stables." May explained, guiding her horse into a stall.

"It's big." Tara chuckled..


A small cobblestone path ran from the stables in between a giant two story green farmhouse and a small two story light blue building. It ran past a giant red barn and an aviary. It ended at a giant dark blue two story farmhouse.

A woman with ginger colored hair and a green dress walked out of the aviary locking the door behind her.

"Suki!" May hollered, rushing to hug the woman.

"May!" the woman exclaimed.

Tara chuckled and ran to catch up with May.

"May!" Hollered a woman with gray braid and a light blue sundress running out of the light blue building.

"Aunt Kya!" May grinned.

A window on the second story of the green farmhouse opened. "Keep it down!" Hollered a woman with a brown bun and a red shirt. She poked her head out the window.

"Sorry Nora." Suki mocking apologized. She didn't look one bit sorry.

"So I see Zin's family tree is still here." May chuckled.

"He and his family are more annoying everyday." Suki muttered.

"Why?" May asked.

"He and his children and grandchildren have been letting my pigeons loose." Suki accused.

"Who's the hot looking babe?" a boy with brown hair asked, walking out of the green farmhouse. He had a red tank top and denim jeans on.

"Jackson! Get a life!" Suki scolded.

"Shouldn't you be in town scaring away the female population?" May teased.

"No!" Jackson demanded.

"When did Destina let you loose?" Kya teased.

"Right now." Jackson smirked.

"Do I get to speak or are you guys going to continue?" Tara smirked.

"And who are you?" Jackson chuckled.

"Your worst nightmare." Tara retorted.

"This is Tara." May laughed.

"Does that mean she's a living fairytale?" a girl with long brown hair and a purple maxi dress asked, walking out of the green farmhouse.

"Shush!" May hollered.

"Need privacy?" Suki asked.

"Can we go inside?" May sighed.

"Yes follow me." Suki said, walking towards the dark blue farmhouse.


"Okay how on earth did you figure out that I'm a living fairytale?" Tara asked.

"I've read about the Arias tribe. You look like one." Responded the girl.

"This is my buttheaded sister, Deana." Sighed Jackson.

"Yeah, the Arias tribe is a well known fairytale around here." Responded Kya.

"You'd be pinned instantly as one." Responded Suki.

"So the Arias tribe actually exist?" Asked Jackson amazed.

"Yes, Tara is from there." Responded May.

"And you all will keep your mouths shut about it." Snapped Suki scowling.

"Great aunt Kya can you help Tara with her appearance?" Asked May.

"Of course." Chuckled Kya. The glint in her eyes scared Tara.

"Can you like introduce me please?" Asked Tara.

"Yes, Kya is my great aunt, Suki is a friend, and Jackson and Deana are cousins." Responded May.

"Great grandma and great aunt Jen are making dinner for everyone." Responded Kya.

"We're having a whole family dinner tonight? I thought we couldn't get through one without fighting?" Chuckled May.

"Don't worry I heard Zin and his descendants being lectured this morning." Chuckled Suki. "Okay Tara come on." Responded Kya walking out. Tara flashed May a pleasing look but May gestured for her to shoo.

"Coming!" Hollered Tara rushing out.

Later that evening.

"You look fabulous." Responded May looking at Tara.

"I feel weird." Whined Tara. She was wearing a smooth hip hugging pink dress with a white shawl.

"You look fine." Chuckled May.

"Here's yours." Responded Kya handing her a dark blue dress.

"Seriously? Have to wear official colors?" Asked May amused.

"Yes, remember for formal dinners you have to wear official colors." Responded Kya.

"We don't want Zin angry. Your hairstyle is enough to set him off." Responded a woman with long brown curls. She was wearing a sea blue maxi dress. Her blue eyes shimmered like an ocean.

"Tara, this is aunt Destina." Responded May.

"You are to be on your best behavior tonight. All three of you are not allowed to provoke Zin." Responded Kya.

"Oh come on."Moaned Suki.

"You're no fun." Chuckled Destina.

"We want to show Tara some good old family time." Teased May.

"Behave." Responded Kya.

"I'll try." Chuckled May.

Later upstairs in the green farmhouse.

In the large dinning room.

A huge oak table ran the length of the room. Chairs surrounded it. Lots of people filled the room. May, Tara, Suki, and Kya sat at one end of the table. Destina sat next to a tall muscular man. There were two small children on each side of them. A old woman took her seat at the head of the table.

"Can I be introduced to everyone?" Asked Tara.

"Yes, that is aunt Destina and uncle Carson." Responded May pointing at Destina and the man. "And their children, set of twins, Kay and Kevin." Responded May pointing to the little blonde boy sitting next to uncle Carson. Next to him was a little blonde haired girl. She was staring at her lap. "Then Katy, and Kylie." Responded May pointing at a small girl sitting next to Destina. She was trying to shove her long brown hair behind her. Katy sat next to her. She looked about 7 years old. She was the oldest. She was looking around the room.

"I'll go see if Kate, Samuel, Samantha, and Emily are awake from their naps yet." Responded Carson standing up.

"You had quadruplets?" Asked May.

"Yes, one boys and three girls." Responded Destina.

"Can you continue with the introductions?" Asked Tara.

"Of course. Past them starts Zin's descendants. Cousin Nora and Chris, their children Hailey and Connor. Then cousin kiki, Orson, their children Hope, Faith, and Grace. Then there's cousin Leo. Then there's great uncle Zin, great aunt Jen. Then there's great grandma." Responded May pointing around the table.

"Then there's grandpa Chad, and grandma Larissa." Responded May pointing to a tall buff man with dark brown hair and sea blue eyes. Next to him sat a woman with long brown curls and dark blue eyes.

"Past them is cousin Deana and Jason. And there children Tasha, Stephen, Myra, Debra and Penney." Responded May pointing to the group of children sitting in between Deana and Jason.

"Then there's Jackson." Responded May.

"Wow, big family you got here." Responded Tara amazed.

Carson came in balancing four infants in his arms.

"You can ask for help you know." Teased Destina standing up and grabbing two of the babies from him.

"What happened to great grandpa?" Asked May.

"He died of a heart attack last month." Responded great grandma.

"Wonder why." Retorted May scowling at Zin. He snorted like she had offended him. Kya groaned. Destina handed Carson her two babies and he took the hint to get outta dodge.

"Says the one who doesn't follow tradition." Snapped Tenzin scowling at May.

"It's the stupidest tradition ever! Probably a man came with it!" Snapped May.

"Watch your tongue young lady!" Snapped Zin.

"Look who's talking baldly." Snapped Suki.

"You ungrateful child!" Snapped Zin.

"News flash I ain't the orphan you can control anymore." Snapped Suki.

"Traditions are made for a reason!" Snapped Tenzin.

"Give us a good reason to follow that tradition and we will!" Snapped Destina.

Kya groaned. "This is why we don't have that many family dinners." Whispered Kya to Tara. "Hey, my family ain't any better." Shrugged Tara.

"Women look feminine with long hair! That's the reason!" Snapped Zin.

"Yes, but 6 years worth is ridiculous." Snapped Destina.

"Says the one who started breaking that tradition! If you had been raised under my rules, that tradition wouldn't have ever been broken! It was all Kya's fault Snapped Zin slamming his hands on the table.

"Zin! You're the one with problems! You shaved your daughters heads!" Snapped Kya.

"That was my wife!" Snapped Zin.

"But it contradicts the other tradition!" Kya pointed out.

"You are a heathen! You don't respect rules put in place by our ancestors!" Snapped Zin. "Maybe our ancestors made a mistake!" Snapped Kya.

"I'm ashamed to be related to you... You heathens!" Snapped Zin.

"Alright!" Hollered great grandma.

"Zin! Kya! Destina! Suki! May! Come now!" Hollered great grandma standing up and leaving the room. They followed her out.

In the living room.

"What is wrong with you people!" Hollered great grandma.

"I didn't do anything except protect tradition." Snapped Zin.

"Yeah right! I was obediently staying out of the argument until you attack me for raising Destina wrong. If you want to blame someone, blame yourself!" Hollered Kya.

"I hold your sister responsible for her upbringing." Snapped Zin.

"So it's her fault cause she died in child labor? Last I checked the only thing you couldn't control is death! Keep it up and you won't have to worry about controlling anything cause I'll kill you myself!" Hollered Kya.

"Zin! What is your problem with me!" Snapped Destina. He scowled at her.

"You're the misfit, you don't belong." Snarled Zin.

"And why don't I belong? Did I corrupt your perfect family? Did I corrupt your perfect family tree?" Snapped Destina.

"She was raised by her father Zin. He brought her here when she was 8 years old. I was chosen to raise her." Responded Kya calmly.

"But you had to treat her like crap and force her into a lifestyle that she didn't understand nor want." Responded Kya coldly.

"It was your fault for letting her hate it." Snapped Zin.

"No that was your own fault." Responded Kya.

"Ugh!" Moaned Zin. Kya had cleverly back him into a corner.

"He's nuts." Mumbled May.

"We already had a mistake! Your mother being born. The second mistake! Was Suki! The third mistake was you being born!" Hollered Zin scowling at Destina. She looked at him and took off crying. Suki sighed.

"Why must you be so hard on her? Why must you constantly attack her? Why are you such bully?" Asked Suki staring at him.

"Yeah that was definitely not cool Zin." Snapped May. Kya sighed and walked out of the room. She went to go find Destina.

"Don't even start with me child, you and your mother are also mistakes." Snapped Zin.

"Do you know who's the mistake? You're the mistake." Snapped May storming out of the room. The minute she was out of sight she started crying.

"I hate you." Snapped Suki walking out.

"The feelings are mutual!" Hollered Zin.

"Go bug your wife." Sighed great grandma.

Later that evening.

In the blue farmhouse.

"Can I come in?" Asked Kya knocking on the door.

"I know your coming in either way so sure." Moaned May.

"You know Zin is just a big bully, I know you're stronger than him." Responded Kya.

"I know, but it still hurts." Sighed May.

"Listen, your aunt has been in your shoes before. She had to put up with him every day since she was eight years old." Responded Kya.

"I know." Sighed May.

"Listen he can only hurt you if you let him." Responded Kya.

"I know." Responded May.

"Get some sleep. You have some investigating in the morning." Responded Kya walking out. "How did she know that?" Asked Tara standing in the doorway undoing her braid.

"I don't know. She's got a thing for knowing everything." Responded May.

"Nice." Chuckled Tara walking out.