Chapter 8

Mave watched JT sleep like an angel, his body cuddled against hers, his hand lying on her stomach as if it was a pillow. She was happy to not be alone in her bed.

Mave rubbed the back of her hand along JT's cheek, grateful to have him back in her life. Her touch woke him and he opened his eyes to see her staring at him.

"What time is it?" He asked in the early morning dawn

"Almost seven," she sighed.

"Good morning," he whispered as he moved his head in and kissed her lips.

"I'll make you breakfast," Mave offered for the second morning in a row.

"Will you come to Mass with me?" JT asked. "On Sunday?"

"Yes," she answered.

"And will you think about making some renovations to the house?" He wanted to know.

"You mean the dining room wall?"

"That's a start."

"Will you be fixing my broken windows?"

"Haven't I already started?"

"Yes," she said, running her fingers through his hair. "You don't have to live at home forever," she said.

"I know, Mave," JT said. "But it's only been two days."

"It feels like a lot longer," she smiled. "I feel like I've lived my whole live in just these two days."

"You came back into my life, swept me off my feet, and let me remember why I fell for you in the first place," JT told her, resting his head on her shoulder.

"You're fixing my broken windows."

"Because there's more than two?"

Mave nodded as she let out a sigh. "You showed me that there is hope."

"You're the one for me, Mave," he told her. "Always have been."

He pulled her into a comforting embrace and he kissed her.

"I guess Aunt Mary knew all along," Mave marveled when the broke from the smooch.

JT cupped his hand to her cheek and grinned. "She knew you were the only one I ever wanted."

"She knew about my broken windows too," Mave said, giving him another kiss.