The empty field had been transformed into carnival wonderland. Attractions of all kinds had been set up by the staff and student organizations. Food trucks of course were on hand to provided food and cheap meals to hunger students. The smell of burning charcoal filled the air along with the smell of sweating hot dog's and hamburgers. In the center of everything, the dunking booth stood, as proud as a queen at court. And sitting perched at the edge of the drop seat was me, Jamie Sarah Potter.

Beyond the vale of the protective net, I could see dozens and dozens of people just milling about the field. The booth had been open for about two minutes and already people were starting to line up. Like I said before, a word of me volunteering for the dunking booth had spread like a wildfire through the school. And a lot of the freshman girl had all but jumped at the chance for a little 'Revenge' feeling I had become way to popular in way too short of a time. Already a good dozen of them were starting to line up, each one eager for a chance to send me down into the three or four hundred gallons of freezing cold water that waited me.

"Looking cute." One girl said as she moved closer to the throw line, a white painted line that had been chalked into the ground a mere six or so feet from the front of the tank. She smiled and tossed one of the yellow tennis balls up into the air before she snatched it down. "The homecoming princess, sitting in the dunking booth, looking cute as a peach." She said in a sing-song tone of voice as she tossed the ball up in the air again before catching it.

I blinked and blushed a little as I looked down at my hands folded in my lap.

"Okay girl. I hope you're ready to get wet." She called out as she drew her arm back and tossed the ball toward the target. The ball sailed through the air and mercifully bounced off the side of the target wall and rolled on the ground. A look of clear disappointment came across her face as she watched the ball bounce off the wall and roll toward her.

A small giggle escaped my lips. I'm sure she was hoping to dunk me at the first go.

A clear, pout crossed the girls face as she picked the second ball and tossed it once more toward the target. A moment later, the sound of the ball slamming into the metal trigger filled the air and the seat under me gave way, sending me down into the water. Small waves of water splashed over the side of the tank and caused the ground beside the tank to become moist. For a few seconds I felt myself dropping through the air, then I felt it, the coldness of the water touching my skin. My bottom touched the bottom of the tank and I smiled as I peered through the viewing glass in the front of the tank. After a few seconds the need for air drove me toward the surface.

As I broke the surface of the water, I turned and smiled toward the girl who dunked me and gave her the thump's up before I pushed the drop seat up. I soon heard it clicking into place and then grinning ear to ear, I climbed up the small, iron ladder and once I was reached the top of the ladder, I once more eased my bottom onto the seat and slowly moved toward the edge. Once I was seated, I folded my hands on my lap and offered the gathered crowds a wink.

"So." Another girl said as she moved up to the throw line. "Ms. Jamie Sarah Potter herself has decided to grace us with her presents. You know girl, I'm all about the whole rags to riches stories." She said tossing the ball into the air. "And volunteering for the dunking booth, kind of shows us you're a level headed girl and kind of down to earth and all. But still, I gotta dunk ya."

She said as she tossed the ball high into the air and with an impressive amount of skill caught it. She then flashed me a golden smile and drew her arm back. I took a deep breath and waited, I was sure that I'll soon be going down again. But much to my amazement the ball sailed over the target and bounced harmlessly off the wall. My eyes followed the ball as it bounced off the wall and rolled on the ground. Smirking a little, I turned my attention toward the girl who threw the ball and gave her a little wink.

"Gotta have better aim than that. If you're going to dunk me." I said smirking as I watched her grit her teeth. She wrapped her fingers tightly around the ball and took a deep breath. Drawing her arm back, she once more tossed the ball toward the target. The ball sailed through the air and once more smashed into wall, but missed the trigger by a good inch and a half.

"Wow." I said kicking my feet a little.

"I'm just getting warmed up you brat!" She shouted back as she eyed the trigger. I watched as she took a deep breath and once more tossed the ball toward the trigger, the ball sailed through the the air and came a bit closer to hitting the ringer but again it bounce off the wall and landed on the wet grass.

A small smile started to play across my lips as I noticed how crestfallen the girl appeared when her second throw failed to hit the target. Now, Benton Academy is a small school, I mean most private schools are small schools. And many of us, save a few have known each other for years and years. Why do I bring that up now? We'll because the girl standing in front me was something of a career softball player. Not only did she play for the Benton Raiders but she also played for 'The Sally Sunflowers' a girls softball team that was sponsored by 'Sunflower' the towns only full line grocery store.

"Come on, dunk me already! You softball girls are suppose to be like, the best! Man, if you can't even hit that target, how do you expect to strike out one of those Vicksburg girls in the upcoming season?" I said throwing in a few teasing remarks.

"We country girls, can smash them river vixen's! Just like this country girl's going to dunk you!" She growled as she squeezed the last tennis ball tighter. So tight was she holding the ball in her hand, I was quite afraid that it might just be crushed and crumbled up in the palm of her hand.

"We'll then." I said smirking as I peered down at the girl from the height of the drop seat. "Why don't you put your money were your mouth is." I said grinning ear to ear.

The girl did not respond. She only drew the ball back and tossed it toward the trigger again. The ball once more sailed through the air and this time it smashed into the trigger, dropping me once more down into the freezing cold water below.

The girl smiled and slowly started to walk away. The next ten minutes passed quickly, dozens or so people tried to dunk me, and a few did. The water seemed to be growing colder and colder though with each dunk I took. Then I spotted somebody who made me blush, picking her way through the crowd. A tall girl with jet black hair and dressed in the classic school uniform of Benton Academy. A white button down blouse, with the tails tucked into the waistline of a red and white pleated skirt. White stockings and black dress shoes completed the look.

Following behind the girl was a boy a few years younger than her. He was dressed in a faded and weather worn blue jeans and a simple, white button down shirt a pair of simple, dust covered black sneakers completed the look. I knew the girl the minute my eye caught sight of her her. Her name was name Joan and I was dating the boy that was following behind her. That boy would be younger brother Ben.

Joan soon noticed me out of the corner of her eye and quickly she started to move through the crowds, with her brother in tow. Soon they where standing before the booth. Joan smiling ear to ear, paid the teacher staffing the booth the five dollar fee and was reward with three, yellow tennis balls. She wrapped the tennis ball tightly in her hand and peered toward me.

"Look who we have, sitting in the dunking booth. Little, Miss. Twice kisser herself. Told you girly-girl. You only allowed to kiss my brother only twice on an any given date. And I remember at homecoming, I told you you were only allowed one kiss. But my spies told me, you stole another kiss." She said in a lecturing tone of voice. "So, now its time to get your punishment."

I felt a deep blush color my cheeks. But since I was on a roll, I decided to answer cheek with cheek. So straightening my back and folding my hands in my lap and striking the most alluring pose I could muster given the fact I was soaking wet, chilled and a little embarrassed. That done, I then called out to Joan.

"Oh bless your little heart honey child, getting all flustered because I've taken a fancy to your brother. Come on girl, your not fooling anyone with that little plaster saint act you got going on. We all know you've been doing more than a little kissing with that Craft boy you've been spotted with. Some even say, you're the reason Matthew Craft has been walking around school, proud as a rooster and haughty as a turkey.

At that moment, I wish I had my phone on me, you should have seen how red Joan's face turned as she tried to process what I said. Slowly her eyes started to grow wide as saucer plates as she peered toward me. She started to squeeze the ball so tight, I was sure it would crumble up like a sheet of paper in the palm of her hand. I swear when she breathed out, I saw two sets of jet steam come shooting out of her noise and orange and red jets of fire leaping out of her mouth.

"Oh honey, you've gotten a little mouth on you." She paused and looked over at the teacher. "Would you mind going to fetch me a bar of soap. One of them big, golden bars that look like molten gold. Cause, I think a little freshman needs her mouth washed out and her heels cooled."

The teacher only chuckled.

"And I think a prudent puritan needs to loosen up and have some fun." I responded.

Joan narrowed her eyes and drew the back and then smoothly released it, the ball sailed from from the palm of her hand and flew toward the the trigger. A half of a second later the ball bounce harmless off the wall and rolled on the ground.

"Man, and your suppose to be our star pitcher as well as Co-Captain of the varsity cheerleading squad. And yet you can't even hit that trigger. Maybe you need to move up a little. That or get you eyes checked or something." I said tossing a little shade toward Joan who just stood there, rooted in the ground as a deep blush bloomed on her cheeks.

"Oh you a sassy little thing." Joan said taking a deep breath. "And I'm about to cool those heels of yours." She said grinning ear from ear as she peered toward me, she then readied her second toss. This time, her toss struck the ringer, sending the board down and me into the freezing cold water below. A deep blush colored my cheeks as I bobbed up and down in the water. Again the water seemed colder than normal!

"Cooled you right down!" Joan called out. She said tossing her final ball up in the air before catching it in midair before she tossed it up again. "Now, get your bottom back on that seat!" She shouted as she watched me wade toward the seat, taking a deep breath I pushed the seat back up. I soon heard it click as I climbed up the ladder and once more I took my seat.

"One more minute." The teacher called out who was staffing the booth. "Go ahead, and push the button." She said as she nodded toward Joan. Joan blinked and blinked again. Slowly she stepped over the throwing line, then waltzing her way toward the trigger, she put out her hand and placed the palm of her hand over the button.

"You know I love you? You know that right?" She said in a sweet as honey tone of voice.

"Oh for the love of God, just go ahead and do it Joan." I said trying not to smirk. And she did, and once more I felt myself dropping like a stone into the freezing water below. And we'll, that it. I'll upload a picture from the event here soon. Its been a strange and wonderful road. I want to thank you guys for following along with me. I hope to bring you some more updates and stories. In the mean time, go check out what my other friends have written.

So till then, stay sweet.

With Love. Jamie Sarah Potter~

Here pauses 'The Adventures of Jamie Sarah Potter'.