Black oil viscous on my hands, my feet get wedged in the sands,

the water goes down my throat

The storm shoves me back, trees entangle me down this track,

liberty is futile they wrote

I was drowning when I grabbed the rock, but can't get air; only shock,

I'm starving to a grave

After running athwart this verdure beneath, I slip on the unctuous ground that grows teeth,

vanished has become my brave

If feels like twine, wraps around my spine,

their opticals focus on I

And all my prayers, become mere layers,

of the burden collapsing nigh

For falling off this cloud, after they placed the shroud,

they are focused on only me

Being ignored, instead of adored,

makes the paranoia flee

They still speak of my actions, believe me to have run the factions,

that of which I actually escaped

My guardians are paralyzed, I am frozen I realized,

my future is inwardly shaped

I know they listen, my tears glow and glisten,

my thoughts are perused

I feel ire, I won't expire,

my convalescence was abused

The maelstrom shows effulgence, emaciated is my indulgence,

I will saunter in the cold

I don't care if their eyes are shut, they can't see me concealed in this rut,

my corpse is covered in mold

I've been aesthetic, instead of pathetic,

I need piety

Dig out their glowers, leave on my interment; flowers,

at last faded is the anxiety