Sirens echoed in the darkened streets of the once placid city. Only hours ago, it had been the embodiment of peace. Now, it was quickly becoming a wasteland. To what, Anthony wasn't certain. The only thing coursing through his mind was getting to the hospital as fast as the police cruiser would take them. He gritted his teeth, sweat dripping onto his brow as he took a sharp turn, not slowing down even the slightest.

"Robyn! What's it looking like?" he yelled towards the backseat, the noise outside making it difficult to communicate.

"Not good! His vitals are dropping! I don't think he's going to make it!" the brunette girl yelled back, her hands currently pressing down on a very severe wound on the near unconscious man on the backseat. Blood was pouring out onto the leather fabric that was once her jacket, while the gurgled breaths escaped the man's mouth.

"Damn it!" he cursed as he took another sharp turn, avoiding a roadblock. Cars and trucks were clustered together at almost every turn and his the police siren blaring into the night had little to no effect. Everyone was in a state of panic. Anthony floored the gas pedal, sending the car speeding down the road at a tremendous speed. "Just hang on!"

Robyn looked down at the limp body of their comrade, her shoulders sagging as realisation dawned on her.


"Don't worry! We're almost there!"

"Anthony, he's-"

"Don't! Just.. don't!"

He swerved out of the way, avoiding collision with a battered car, his grip on the steering wheel tightening as he felt Robyn's hand come to rest on his shoulder. He didn't want to believe what had happened. Everything had just spun out of control. Anthony didn't slow down, staying the course to the hospital. Robyn's hand never left his shoulder.

He took a few more turns and finally saw the ivory building up ahead. He sped up slightly, a faint glimmer of hope rising up within him. Then suddenly, Robyn's scream rippled through the air. Anthony spun around, looking back at the scene behind him. Robyn reeled back to the far end of the seat, searching for her gun. It was then that Anthony caught sight of the body that had once been his comrade. Its head was at an obscure angle, almost dangling from its body as it started to sit up. Robyn kicked at the limbs that were trying to grab her, scrambling for her weapon that had fallen under the seat in the commotion.

Anthony ducked his head away as the thing behind darted his hand through the bars of the cruiser. The next thing he knew, the thing had snaked his arm around Anthony's neck, pulling him against the bars. Robyn took this opportunity to jam the abomination against the metal obstruction with her boot, sliding behind it and steadying herself up against the seat to trap it. She finally glanced back up through the windshield, her eyes widening instantly.

"Look out!"

Anthony's focus shifted from the arm currently strangling him, to the once open road in front of him, his expression mimicking his partner's as he caught sight of a young man limping across the road directly in front of the cruiser. Anthony swerved out of the way, trying to avoid the civilian. His actions sent the cruiser on a collision course as they hit a speed bump. The metal vehicle was sent hurtling through the air, causing Robyn to tumble around in the back seat. The cruiser crashed into the ground, tumbling a few more times until it finally came to a stop. No sign of life was evident in the car...

Author's Note: Hello everyone! This is basically my shot at a zombie short story; I've already made progress on the next chapter and will do my best to update frequently! I hope you guys enjoy this little piece. Looking forward to hearing from all of you! Constructive criticism is always welcome! :D