The Headmaster took a deep breath and peered toward me for a very long minute. Finally, he turned his attention toward Linda then he turned his attention toward Lily. After three minutes of silence, he pushed his seat back and stood up.

"What happens... Over the course of homecoming, does not reflect the values of the school. But I feel we should put that all behind us, don't you all agree. I think I'll let this matter rest." He paused and walked over to nearby happen... he stood in front of the window, is back turned to us and his arms folded behind his back.

"Young lady, if you wish to address as Jamie, then I will inform the staff. The teachers will either address you as either Jamie or Ms. Potter as you wish. But you must follow some rules. The first rule, you must use the staff bathroom for either personal business and change into your P.E uniform. The second rule, you must wear the female uniform. And three, you must try to live and act as a female at all time. If you agree to follow all three of these rules, then I can agree to let you keep attending this school." He said in a firm, commanding tone of voice.

"I can do that," I said nodding my head. "But what about Lily? And the threat Linda made?" I questioned, I was not about to let that go.

The headmaster took a deep breath as he turned around and peered toward Lily and Linda.

"I'll still say that Lily acted a bit unfairly when she was dealing with Linda. But despite that, I will allow Lily to remain being the captain of the cheerleading team. But only if she allows Linda to rejoin the squad. Now what Linda said and did was still wrong, and I feel she owes you, Jamie, an apology."

Linda blushed and looked down.

"Don't you agree, Linda?" He said peering toward her with cold as ice eyes.

Linda took a deep breath as she walked over to me. She stood before me, a small smile crossed her face as she peered down in front of me. I could see her teeth just beyond her lips, then in a voice that was as greasy and slippery than cooking oil, she said.

"Sorry for the way I acted back there. It was very rude of me," She tone of voice was almost a mocking one. A short of a singsong tone of voice. "Sorry if I hurt your feeling at all, JAMIE." She added in the end. As she held out her hand.

From where I was standing, I could see Lily glaring at her, mom as well. Dad just stood there, his eyes fixed on Mr. Perry. Fr. Brown just stood back, watching the whole thing. On Linda's side, her father stood there looking very impressed as if Linda had just gotten down on her knees and begged for forgiveness. The Rev. John Mark just stood there, holding an old leather bible in his hand, his eyes turned toward heaven as if wondering what was to come of this madness. The Headmaster just stood there, his eyes fixed no on Linda but on me.

Taking a deep breath, I walked over and took the offered hand. And for the longest sixty seconds of my life, we shook hands. Till at last, she released my hand, she then reached into her skirt pocket and pulled out a small vile of liquid soap, she poured a tiny drop of it into her hands and started to rub.

"So." The Headmaster said taking a deep breath. "I think that settles the matter altogether." He looked up at the time and smiled. "Why don't we break today, it been an emotional rollercoaster. Linda, why don't you and your father go ahead and go home for the day. Same with you Jamie." He said smiling as he stood up.

"I'm glad we could solve this problem." He paused and turned his eyes toward me.

Then something happens. A woman, around the age of twenty, entered into the room. She had short brown hair and wore a battered breastplate over a cotton skirt. She gentle glow surrounded her. The area around her had turned gray and nobody else seemed to notice her. The women peered toward me and nodded her head as she reached down and drew from her scabbard from her side a sword that gleamed like pure light.

The light from the room gleamed upon the polished blade. She then advanced toward me and placed the sword, hilt first into my hand and then in a slow voice, she said to me.

"Courage of Catherine, who will never run from battle. The sword of Saint Michael the defender of the weak and powerless, the blood of Saint George that slew the dragon. These I give to you my sister." She said in a voice that came from within my head as crazy as that sounds.

As I reached out and wrapped my fingers around the hilt of the sword. I felt a sudden power surge fill me from one corner of my body to the other. The sudden powerful onrush knocked me down... I feel down to one knee and for a minute I sat upon the dust covered floor, the whole area around us colored is shades of gray or black and only I and the strange women had any color to us.

"Defend the weak, tend to the sick, love the poor and care for the wounded. This is the mission our Father in heaven has charged you with, Jamie Sarah Potter. He has given you, the courage of Catherine, the sword of Saint Michael and the Blood of Saint George, and as sent me, Saint Joan to be your guide, your mentor, your sister. Rise now sister and take to the field and repel him who crawls."

And with that, the women vanished. And when I came too, all eyes were fixed on me. Linda was the first to speak.

"Welcome back to earth JAMIE." She said smirking as she peered toward me. "Enjoy the trip to outer space, see any little UFO's while you were up there." She said in a teasing tone of voice.

Linda smirked, her father openly laughed and the headmaster laughed.

"Linda is off the cheerleading team, If you put her on the team, I will go to the police, get a lawyer and share that clip with everybody. Half of the cheerleading team heard her. If you also remove my sister from the cheerleading team. I promise to do the same." I paused and lifted my eyes toward the Headmaster.

"You will also.. Allow me to attend school as Jamie. As I have accepted Linda's Apology.." I said finally folding my arms across her head. I then fixed the headmaster with a look, and I saw him draw back into his chair, his eyes shifted from mine and he looked down on the ground.

"OH MY GOD." Linda bellowed. "ENOUGH IS JUST ENOUGH." All eyes turned toward her as she peered toward me. "Like none of you have a backbone or anything. You're letting some bitch boy talk down to you guys. Dude, don't ever say my name again okay. Its fucking creepy hearing my name come out of your mouth." She then peered toward me. I smiled toward her.

Then in the blink of an eye, I felt something, something slammed into me. I saw bright, colorful orbs of light flash before my eyes. I then felt a sharp pain flood one side of my face. My mouth seemed to be filled with the taste of blood and I felt sharp waves of sting traveling up and down my body. I bent my back and wrapped my arms around my eyes and whimpered softly as more and more waves of sting and hurt rolled over me. The light in my world started to fade.

But before total darkness fell. I heard voices. Voices surrounded me.

"This is assault!" It was daddies voice. "I'll be pressing charges after this!"

"MY BABY!" It was mommies voice.


Then almost faintly I heard somebody standing over me, holding my hand and crying. Between sobs, she coughed out.

"I never intended this to happen to you. I never wanted this to happen to you, I always loved you. Please, Jamie, wake up... Please, Jamie, wake up.. I.. there so many things we need to do together. Please... Sis.." And the voice broke down in tears. And then my whole world became dark.

To be continued in The New Life of Jamie Sarah Potter