Terry awoke with a start, sitting up to face a reflection of herself. There was no noise, only the sound of her own rapid breathing. She stood up, listened to her footsteps echo when she approached the mirror in front of her. Behind her was another mirror, to her right, the same.

She saw a corridor between the mirrors and she followed it. Her knife and scissors were gone, as was the torch. The room was lit by spotlights above her. Shadows crept through the corners, threatening to reach out and grab at her feet. She followed the corridor, let it led her through the mirrored maze.

One of the shadows caught her eye. It was moving. She stopped and stepped towards the mirror then from behind her, the man emerged. His reflection appeared behind her, all along the mirrors at her back. Terry ran.

She ran through the corridor, the man's reflection appearing everywhere. Though there was no sound, the unnatural grin that spread across his face, burst into laughter, his mouth opening like the entrance to a cave. He kept his mouth open, moved toward the mirror in a few large steps. Terry noticed the noise, the laughter echoed around her, the sound bouncing off the walls.

Then it changed.

It was no longer laughter but screams. Loud and agonized, it continued on and on without a breath.

Terry covered her ears. She kept running with little idea of where she was going, her only need to get away from the god-awful sound the man from the mirror was making.

The noise changed again. Terry crashed into a dead end and fell to the floor. The screams became a low chuckle, a triumphant sound. The man appeared behind her, this time out of the mirror and physically in the corridor along with her. From nowhere, he picked up a shard of mirror and continued towards her. Terry closed her eyes and waited for the end.

Daylight poured in the window of her room and Terry turned onto her side to face the wall. What the hell had she had to drink last night? The night felt long and as if there was no end. She'd have to remember to tell Jason and her parents about her strange, albeit terrifying dream when she saw them later.

She sat up from the floor. She was met with a wide, toothy grin and a black void sitting at her feet.

The man held a shard of mirror…