Hey guys and gals out there in cyberland, its your old friend GhostChaserGirl here again. I was quite surprised that people responded so well to my post about the demonic tree. And yes, for those doubting toms out there, it really happen. Come on people, I don't make this stuff up. Anyway, a lot of users on the forums have been blowing up my inbox wanting some more stories. A lot of you guys are requesting more information about my other ghostly encounters.

I guess, I've always been into the supernatural, I mean I was raised Anglo-catholic and up till the age of eleven I was raised by nuns till there convent was shut down by the diocese. It was then I was sent to live in the Forest Forster home. It was there, free from the riggers of convent rules and ordered living that I started to really dig into the supernatural, I started reading goosebumps stories and and finally worked my way up to the Fear Street stories.

Anyway following my twelfth birthday, like a month or two later, I woke up feeling a little sick throat, watery eyes, mild fever and chills. Mom kept me home and feed me some chicken soup, dosed me with some cold medicine and we all expected in twenty four hours for me to be up and running around and playing with my brothers and sisters, I say we, because I myself had never really been sick before. Save for the common cold.

We'll twenty four hours came and passed and instead of getting better, I got worst. I don't remember what happen, okay I do but only small bits and pieces and fragments. I think it was early in the morning, mom had come in to check on me, I can remember she took one look at the thermometer and then she quickly exited the room. I was a bit confused, but she quickly returned with a troop of helpers. Josephine who was a former charge return to help with caregiver duties. Dawn, one of the oldest teens at the time and Lavender the second in command of the girls wing along with the big boss herself. Quickly they roused me from my bed, packed a small bag and bundled me up. I was too doped up at the time to do much.

Anyway they carried me down the stairs, and loaded me up in one of the SUV's. I can remember placing my head on the window pane of the car as we drove through the inky darkness. The coolness of the window pane provided some relief from the fever. The morning sun was just starting to creep over the landscape and slowly I started to close my eyes. After driving a good ten to twenty minutes we reached the downtown. Then I spotted it, rising high above the concrete office buildings and high rise hotels was the sprawling medical complex called. St. Philomena's Children Hospital.

I don't really remember what happen once we pulled into the parking lot of the hospital. Again, I only remember bits and pieces of things. I remember Mummy signed me me, and I was quickly ushered from the waiting room to an exam room. Lavender then quickly stripped me of the heavy woolen nightgown that I had been wearing for the last day or so. It had grown stiff from the sweat and stained from the drippings from my nose. She quickly changed me into a light cotton hospital gown. Once I was changed, she commanded me to lay down upon the provided bed.

I did as I was told and the minute my head it the pillow, a light sleep fell over me. Now I normally sleep with all the lights off, and the ward was well lit. It was also noisy and filled with the sounds of people rushing about and the beeping of machines and the frightful voices issuing from the throats of doctors and nurses as they rushed about. Half asleep, half awake I lingered till at last a doctor, a handsome doctor with short cut black hair and deep blue eyes pulled back the curtain of my cubical.

My mom stood beside the doctor, she stood straight as a arrow and the fingers of her hands were closely weaved together. A look of great concerned crossed her face as the doctor listened to my chest, then peered into my ears and finally he pressed down my tongue with a wooden stick, he then peered down my throat. He then took a deep breath and motioned for a nurse to come into the cubical, he whispered something to the nurse, stood up and moved on.

The nurse nodded her head and left and returned a few minutes later, she she turned pushing a wheelchair. She then loaded me up and pushed wheeled me into a waiting hospital room. Later I learned I had developed a nasty case of influenza B. The most common kind, and a real nasty strain too, almost as bad as the strain that had passed through Erehwon twelve years ago. Accounts passed down in street lore and legend often compare it to plague. Looking back now, six years later and now with all the information available to me, I can safety say that the flue season of twenty twelfth was the second worst in living memory. Six other children and teens at the house caught it, and two adults were taken down with it. Josephine who had been a teenager at the time, compared that season too the two thousand outbreak, a outbreak that is still considered the worst one with over a hundred and fifty confirmed deaths nation wide.

Anyway after three days of rest, drips and around the clock dosages I was felling fit as a fiddle and growing reckless by the day. It was then I heard a rumor, a rumor that peeked my curiosity. A rumor was going around the hospital that the phantom nurse had been seen again, roaming the wards, once more bring comfort to the sick, easing the passing of those were beyond the pale of medical help. Anyway being the twelve year old supernatural geek I was, and being slated to be released from the hospital in a day, I knew my time was limited and I had to act quick.

I decided to move the night before I was to be released, the hour was just a minute past midnight. The hospital had slowed down and the hallways had been dimmed to give comfort to those sleeping in the rooms. Being quite as a church mouse, I slipped out of my bed, tossed my covers to the side and planted my feet on the cold title floor. Moving quickly on my bare feet, I moved toward the the front door and pushed it open.

The hallway was empty, and like I said before dark as night, taking a deep breath, I started to move down the hallway, the hallway was filled with the strange, frightful sounds. The beeping of machines, the sound of air being pushed through plastic tubs, the coughing and hacking of the sick and dying. The smell of disinfected, and urine and feces also added there own flavors. Then I spotted her, a women, with glowing blonde hair and blue eyes, she was wearing a dress instead of scrubs. Orbs of flame, that seemed to flicker surrounded her and she seemed to float just above the ground She hovered for a few minutes before she quickly turned her head and peered toward me with her icy blue eyes. She then started to advance toward me, my blood turned to icy water and my feet seemed almost to become frozen. I remember, taking a deep breath and thinking quickly, I bolted into a nearby storage room.

I closed the metal door that lead to the storage room firmly behind me, I then started to look around, through the darkness I noticed that tucked into the corner of the room was an old metal bed with a tattered mattress sitting up its springs. I debated diving under the bed and hiding, but I felt I was safe, then the door handle started to wiggle up and down, throwing caution to the wind I dove under the bed and tried to still my breathing.

Once I was under the bed, the door was thrown wide open and in the doorway there stood the nurse. Silently she walked into the room, looked around and and then made for the door, but before she did, she looked over her shoulders and smiling she said.

"Okay, you've won this round of cat and mouse who ever you are. But only because I have other matters to attend too. So, Ms. Pink eye girl, I'm going to let you off with a warning this time. Just this once." And with that being said, she vanished.

Once I thought the coast was clear, I returned to my room and a few hours later I was discharged from the hospital. But as fate would have it, that would not be my only encounter with the ghost nurse. My second encounter just happen a few weeks ago, you see right now I'm a newly pinned nurse working at where else but St. Philomena's Children's hospital. I just earned my 'Diploma of Nursing' a year or so ago and we'll the posting at St. Philomena's is a blessing and a curse, I love working with children, but a curse when one of them passes. Being a nurse, I work in a place that life and death often hangs in the balance if that makes sense. Anyway early one morning I was just finishing up my shift.

I had just clocked out for the day and stepping on the elevator when I saw a fellow nurse making her way toward the lift. I hit the pause button the door and the nurse slipped right in. The door then closed and the lift started to move.

"So?" I said trying to make small talk. "Pretty hard night last night." Last night had been hard on all of us, not going to go into detail, but last night made Game of Thrones look like a kids birthday party at Pizza World.

The nurse nodded her head. And then she turned around and smiled at me. I noticed the nurse seemed to be glowing, her icy blue eyes seemed almost warm and her smile seemed well understanding. At first I thought she was one of the older senior nurse's who run the wards. But then I noticed that tiny balls of blueish fire seemed to dance around her shoulders and her skin had was the color of gray construction paper. She lifted her lips to show her white teeth.

"Yep. But not as hard as eight years ago when a certain little girl decided to sneak out of her room. But, my, my how that little girl has grown up and matured." She paused and looked down at my name badge, "Miss. Susan Elizabeth Morris Bell." she said in almost menacing tone voice. "Its a pleasure to see you again, recovered nicely I see."

I felt my jaw open and my eyes widen.

The elevator stopped and the metal door slid open and the nurse stepped out. Before the door closed, she once more looked over her shoulders and then she gave me a wink.

"Also, keep up the good work kiddo. I'll be watching you."

And with that she vanished into thin air.