V1: It happened at a party one night

The vibes were postitive, everything was alright

There was a woman named Sue

Who had a boyfriend named Drew

They met as kids and became high school crushes

Everytime Drew complemented Sue

It would result in blushes

Everytime Drew told Sue

"I love you dear and I swear I'm sincere"

Sue would feel like her mind was clear

They were together for six years

This story won't be without tears

V2: Eight hours before the party started

Drew headed off to work

He had a low payin job

As a sales clerk

Sue headed to the party

Havin a good time

Drinkin bacardi

Sue had a blast with everybody

She had fun

There were no knives, no bombs and no guns

Three hours after the setting of the sun

Sue recieved news

That would render her numb

V3: Drew was on his way to pick up Sue

It was quite late at night

He had on his lights

He made a right

At a corner and didn't see another driver in his sights

The driver crashed into Drew and he died on impact

Before the crash

The driver was textin "on my way back"

When Sue got the news

It destroyed her whole world

While Drew was still at work

He told her "you're my favorite girl

I love you so much, from the look in your eyes

To the feel of your touch

When you kiss me I feel this rush

We been togther for years and still you're my crush

Sue, I love you"

The news made Sue blue

"Why did this have to happen to Drew?"

Drew lost his life and met an untimely fate

All cuz someone was textin and drivin

And couldn't wait

Sadly this happens everyday

No one is safe

Keep your eyes on the road

Cuz one distraction can be one too many

Textin and drivin causes sufferin to plenty

Cell phones kill more than guns

Take heed to what I'm sayin

And pay attention while drivin son