It's the year 2144. Tall skyscrapers surround the Kyrie Corporation; a building high it could touch the sky. The sun was setting, a pink and orange hue spread across the sky. By now, everybody was about to head home from a hard day's work. Businessmen were getting into their cars, husbands and wives were awaiting their significant other to return for dinner with the kids, and stores were beginning to close for the evening.

But one Maria Kyrie rejected these practices.

Maria, a 24-year-old woman with long, bright red-orange hair, green eyes, and a small frame, was the current CEO of the Kyrie Corporation, a company dealing with robotic manufacturing, having been granted the position after the death of her father. Maria was presently working on a new line of robots, one her father had left behind in storage for over a decade, hoping to sell them by the next year.

On this fine evening, Maria was sitting at her desk, typing away at her bulky computer. She had reports to type up; it was the most boring part of her job. When she was announced by the media to be the head of the company, this was not what she had in mind; she assumed she could do whatever she wanted and use the company's finances for her own needs. She didn't know she actually had to work to get what she wanted.

Her office was large, empty, and circular, some large windows facing the city. If nothing else, at least the view was worth it. Maria loved looking down upon the city's people like a god above, the sight giving her a bit of needed confidence to keep the company afloat.

Her office door opened and several scientists in white lab coats walked inside. Two of them wheeled in a lifeless female android. The android, Kristine #157, looked as if she could have been in her mid-twenties, with her youthful appearance and bright, shining eyes. She was placed in the middle of the office floor. One of the scientists, Martin Schwartz, walked up to the exit and sealed the large titanium door shut. He pressed a button on the wall. The lights dimmed, shudders collapsed over the office windows, and a large spotlight shrouded Kristine.

"Here you go Ms. Kyrie." said Schwartz, "Number 157 is all good for inspection. This should be it for tonight. After this one, the units will be ready for sale."

"Yeah, finally." Whispered a scientist to another beside him. "And it only took us six months of grueling, sleepless labor to prepare." The other scientist let out a small sigh.

Maria pressed a button underneath her desk. A hatch opened up underneath her computer, allowing it to sink into her desk.

"Good, because I don't have all day. The sooner we sell these puppies, the quicker this company can thrive." said Maria, "Man, judging these stupid droids has been so fucking boring. They better sell well."

"Well, even though a few of them had some faults, the operation's still been smooth for the most part." Schwartz said in an attempt to comfort his bored boss, but she just ignored him.

Maria walked up to the robot. She glanced at it. Thanks to her programming, Kristine's face was permanently locked in a dopey smile. Kristine's youthful face looked the same as the day she died, the android's auburn hair reaching shoulder length. Maria looked at her eyes, blue like the Pacific. But something feels off about this one. She zoomed in to get a better look.

"This one's right eye." She said to her scientists, "It's slightly more blue than the left one. Other than that, the machine looks about right." Solemnly made and designed the way dad had intended. Maria looked deeper into her eyes, a smile growing across her face as she noticed a faint, glowing light that shined like a faraway lighthouse shrouded by fog. Tis was nothing but a speck of imprisoned sapience within the android's eyes. It was just begging to be released. Maria chuckled.

"Oh, father." She whispered to herself, "You spent the rest of your life making these stupid droids look like your beloved Kristine, yet you were never able to get them right. Pathetic."

Maria looked back at the scientists.

"Physical inspection is clear. Prepare for further tests." Maria walked back to her desk, her butt planted firmly in the chair seat's soft, relaxing cushion.

A scientist named Armand Armitage walked towards the android.

"Let's activate her and see how she works."

Clipboard in hand, Armitage examined the android, still frozen in place. He cleared his throat.

"Number 157, on." A roaring sound emerges from Kristine's chest. Her arms started to move, her chest showed signs of breathing, and her eyes began to blink.

"Hello." said the android, "I am Kristine Number 157. How may I help, kind master?"

Armitage scribbled some notes onto his clipboard sheet. Maria watched from her desk, her fingers forming a tent of devious contemplation over her mouth. The other scientists just stood calmly and watched. By this point, this whole process had gotten repetitive.

"Now Kristine," said Armitage, "what are your duties?"

"My duties are to do as I am told no matter the hardships. To not harm my masters. And to protect myself from myself. I speak over 300 different languages and am entirely at your disposal. My lifespan spans to infinity, and I would not talk back to my loyal masters."

Armitage continued to scribble down notes on his clipboard. Maria started slowly nodding in approval.

"Kristine, we're going to make you do some motions to make sure you're equipped for your role as servant. Is that okay with you?"

"Sounds peachy. Let's get to work."

"Perfect. Let's start with some dancing. Kristine, I want you to dance for me. How about a pirouette?"


Armitage pulled a device from his pocket and pressed a button. "Rite of Spring" played from the device's speakers. Just like that, Kristine started to pirouette to the music. Her movements were smooth, graceful, her dancing still amazing the weary scientists standing off to the side. Maria continued to stare coldly at the android, unflinching even when she was leaping through the air.

But once the "Augurs of Spring, Dances of the Young Girls" section of the opera began playing, something struck Kristine. It was coming from her mind.

Kristine was pressed up against a cold, metal substance. They felt like lockers. But how could she remember that feeling? A bulky teenager stood before her, her hand gripping Kristine's shirt collar, the other curled up into a fist.

"How does that feel, huh?" said the teenager, "How does it feel to knock some sense into you, rich girl?" The teenager punched Kristine in the face. Kristine couldn't respond, as her vision began fading away.

"Don't cross my path again, you hear? Unless you want me and my girls to do this again."

The teenager cocked her fist. In the blink of an eye, it came rushing at Kristine about as fast as a bullet train.

Kristine suddenly stopped in place. Her face instantly went from happy to terrified. The music playing from the device began growing louder. Her body started to shake, her head turning from left to right as if she couldn't trust anybody. The scientists looked confused. These machines had a few kinks every now and then, but this one looked to be different case entirely. Kristine began to scream. The cry echoed all around the room; Maria and some of the scientists covered their ears. Kristine whacked Armitage across the face.

"Augh!" he reacted.

The other scientists reeled back in terror as they saw Armitage lying cold on the floor. Kristine charged toward the sealed off door, unleashing a flurry of punches as she began banging on the exit.

"Please! I want to leave! Help me!"

Small dents began to form on the door. The scientists, knowing that something this dangerous escaping could mean a lot to their paychecks, started charging towards her and dog piled her. Kristine turned around to find the men coming after her. She punched some in the stomach, shoving a few others away from her. Kristine even grabbed one of the scientists and threw him at Maria. Maria ducked underneath her desk, the scientist's body hitting the wall behind her with a loud *Thud*.

"Turn her off! Turn her off!"

Schwartz stood over the unconscious Armitage.

"We can't!" he shouted, "These androids only obey the commands coming from the mouths of the ones who turned them on!"

"Well, wake him the fuck up! Just do something! Anything!"

Kristine whacked Schwartz away from Armitage with one punch to the face. Maria yelped as she squatted behind her desk. The scientists continued to fight back, but it was useless for them. Others just stood as far away from the rampaging Kristine, hoping she wouldn't notice them. Maria poked her head out to the cowering scientists.

"What the hell's going on?!" she screamed.

"She's somehow launched into attack mode. Which was not in her programming, by the way. We had nothing to do with it, just so you know, as I am well aware you didn't want i-"

"I know that, dumbass!" interrupted an annoyed Maria, "Just tell me what the fuck's wrong with her!"

"This sounds like a hunch, but perhaps it has something to do with her memory. Maybe somebody forgot to install the memory deletion chip." Maria stared at the scientist in silent fury.

"You stupid fucks!" she snarled, "You're all homeless once this is over, you hear me! Just stop her already!"

"How do we do that!?"

"Try anything! Anything!"

Throwing the last scientist off her back, Kristine began scanning the room. Her vision had turned bright red, a reticle flowing across her eyesight looking for the biggest threat in the room. The reticle just so happened to land on Maria.

Kristine leapt up in the air and landed on Maria's desk, the force and weight of it crushing it like a soda can. Maria let out a loud yelp.

"No, don't kill me! Stay back!" she screamed as she peered into the android's deadly eyes. If looks could kill…

But just when it looked like the end for Maria, she noticed one of the scientists, Seymour, with a massive screwdriver in hand. Seymour jumped onto Kristine's back. Kristine tried to shake him off, scurrying around the room in an attempt to get rid of the active threat. Before she could grab him, Seymour, with his screwdriver, delivered a mighty jab into her back near the spinal area. Kristine began to slow down. Sparks flew from the hole in her back as her circuits started breaking down.

Kristine ceased to a halt in the middle of the room. She knelt down in place, promptly shutting off, her back hunching forward with her head facing the floor.

Maria poked her head out from the desk to find the remains of the experiment. Unconscious scientists littered the floor. The music from the device stopped playing, the soundtrack grinding to a complete halt. Maria wiped the sweat from her forehead.

The scientists, the ones who were still conscious, all looked at Kristine. In a flash, they all made their way toward the door, opening the lock as quickly as they could and exiting the facility.

"Cowards!" screamed Maria. She noticed Seymour trying to sneakily exit her office. "You're not going anywhere!" she told him. Seymour froze. Maria shifted her gaze toward the center of her office.

She walked over from behind her crushed desk toward Kristine. She placed a hand underneath the android's chin and tilted it up, getting a better look at the machine's eyes. The more she looked into them, Maria's eyebrows began to arch downward, forming a look of anger as if the shut-down machine was alive and laughing at her failure.

Furious at the machine, Maria pulled her right foot all the way back and gave a strong kick toward Kristine's face. Kristine's metallic body uncurled as it arched backwards, stiff, unable to move or react. Maria felt a surge of severe pain travel to her foot, clutching it as she began hopping in place.

"Augh! Stupid fucking robot!"

"Well, Ms. Kyrie, you did just kick a machine." said Seymour, "Even if it is shielded by a skin-like barrier, the thing's interior makes it heavier and harder to damage than the average human."

Maria immediately shot him a nasty look.

"I don't want another peep from you!" she said, pointing at him as if she was Moses, "Clean up this mess. Fix this hunk of junk and send it to the platinum mines outside of town. The grueling labor should teach her to mess with me." The Scientist calmly scurried out of the room. Maria looked back at the lifeless android.

"What did father see in you that he couldn't in me?" Maria mumbled to herself as she started limping towards the exit.

The bright, blue eyes of the Kristine android slowly began to fade away.