A father's image is never lost, is it?

The sound of the alarm clock going off shook Kaleb out of his zoned stupor as he sat at his desk, his pencil hovering over the paper on his desk. His hand dropped the pencil he was holding, it rolling off the desk slowly as he looked back and saw the time, its red analog face blinking with each loud beep. Getting up with a sigh, he walked over to the clock, pressing the button which elicited a quiet click, silencing the blaring machinery. He ran a hand through his hair, his fingers getting slightly entangled in his matted black curls. Yawning as he turned back around to his desk he stared at the paper sitting on top, it containing the words he was to say in front of an audience bigger than he'd ever imagined,

"Today's the day… And I didn't get any sleep… Again…"

He rubbed his sleepy eyes and felt the sandman's presence in the corners. Walking over to the window, his thin brown fingers pulled back the curtains, his face turning away from the blinding light that introduced itself yet again to his hazel eyes. He left the window open, so he wouldn't be tempted to go to bed on such an important day. He heard his phone vibrate on his nightstand and quickly walked over seeing a text from Julie, his best friend,

"Hey, you ready for the big day K?! I could hardly sleep!"

A laughing emoji was sent before responding,

"Yeah… I hope I do well today. Also hope I don't fall asleep during the whole thing…"

Kaleb chuckled to himself as he saw his phone blow up with his friend accusing him of not sleeping yet again. Rolling his eyes, he put his phone on silent, letting her go on that rant solo.

"I've gotta get dressed now…"

His feet carried him over his soft carpet into his bathroom where he prepped himself for today. Brushing his teeth, washing his face, "forgetting" to floss; all things he did on a daily routine. He struggled picking out his now fluffy flattop, it standing short on his head while he looked through his closet choosing the one white-collar shirt inside. He smiled softly as he remembered he got his jacket steamed and ironed the night before. He smiled from his over preparedness. Sticking the black pick in his hair, he threw his collar shirt over his shoulders, buttoning it up slowly as he turned around and walked to his blue tie that was hanging over the foot of his bed. He slowly wrapped the tie around his neck, remembering how his father taught him to tie it correctly. He heard his dad's words,

"Remember to keep your finger pressed into the cross here… You use that hole later..."

Kaleb followed the instructions, listening still, the voice he was hearing was older and croaked gently,

"Then tuck that in there… There ya go son… Nicely done!"

He looked down as he saw his fingers finish the Windsor knot around his neck, his eyes blinking as he thought he saw another pair of older hands helping him smooth out the tie.

"Thanks dad."

The hands vanished as quickly as he blinked, and he looked up, shaking his shoulders slightly and picking up the glasses on his desk. After dawning his eyewear, he pulled on some gray dress pants that matched the gray jacket hanging on his door. He closed his eyes as he felt the fabric of the suit jacket slide along his arms, his mind remembering the feeling.

His thought was cut short from a sudden knocking at the door. Kaleb looked at his clock and saw the clock reading an hour past his initial start of preparing. He quickly put on his black dress shoes, walking down the hallway to the front door. He opened it and peeked out, seeing a familiar face beyond the wooden frame,

"K…" Her voice was annoyed, and he laughed to himself seeing her crossed arms and tapping foot on the concrete sidewalk.

"Yes Julie?"

"You left me on read…"

"I had to get ready."

"Well, let's go then. Don't wanna be late for your speech, right?"

He nodded and grabbed his keys by the door before stepping outside.

"Ready. Now shall we?"

He bowed slightly and held an arm outstretched. He felt Julie remove something from his hair and he looked up, seeing the pick waving,

"Now we shall."