Three years earlier…

Connor was walking through the halls with a skip in his step. Today was their last day of classes after all. He was just heading to his locker when he heard some cooing voices.

"Hello Connor!~"

He turned to see a group of girls giggling at him.

"Oh hello ladies, how are you today?" Connor politely replied while opening his locker.

"Quite well, but don't get too comfortable with us! You might make your girlfriend jealous." One of them said.

Connor chuckled in response as he rummaged through his locker.

"Don't worry, Sarah knows I'm just being polite. Oh right, it's almost time for the class photos, we'd all better run!"

The girls realized the time and said a quick goodbye as Connor retrieved a small present from his locker. It was a little gift he was giving to Sarah to celebrate the last day of classes. He placed the gift into his back pocket before heading outside to where his class was assembling for their end of year photo.

He grouped up with some of his other friends before looking around a bit in confusion.

"Hey guys, where's Sarah? I thought she'd be here waiting for me." Connor asked.

"Oh I saw her go off with some girls over to the big pine tree just a ways from here." One of his classmates said.

Connor thanked him and decided to make his way over before the photos were taken.

When he got closer to the giant pine tree that his classmate had mentioned, he saw his girlfriend Sarah chatting with four other girls. She looked so graceful leaning her back against the trunk of the tree while fiddling with her long light brown hair. Her graceful aura was also enhanced by her very soft and gentle facial expressions. Connor was about to go and say hi when he overheard something.

"Oh my gosh Sarah, you're dating Milton? He's such a hottie!" One girl squealed.

"You bet he is." Sarah replied with a smile.

"But wait, aren't you dating Connor right now? Did you secretly break up with him? You two were really close." Another girl asked.

"Well uh, Connor's super charming and nice...but I don't know, I kinda like being able to mingle with other boys too. Especially since you know, boys like Connor should be fine with it since they're probably seeing other girls too. So it's fine." Sarah rationalized.

"Yeah that makes sense. I bet Connor's seeing another girl right now as he waits for you to head back for the class photos. Boys will be boys after all, they just get bored with us too after all." One girl sneered as they all laughed it off.

Connor had stopped dead in his tracks from listening to this, and he only just realized that he was now hiding behind another pine tree listening to these girls. He then discreetly dashed away back to his class.

When he got back everyone was already getting into lineups for the photos, so he quickly got into the front being one of the relatively shorter people in the class.

"Connor! Wait for me!" Came Sarah's voice as she ran up to be beside Connor.

"Hi...Sarah." Connor briefly said before turning away.

"Huh? What's got you so down?" Sarah tried to inquire, but another voice caught them off guard.

"Alright everyone, give me a smile!" Came the voice of the photographer who was aiming his camera at their class.

Sarah quickly grabbed Connor's hand and flashed a bright smile towards the camera, but Connor just gave a flat look.

After all the photos were done, Connor was now back at his locker as everyone else was to clean out their lockers. He had just finished packing his bag when he noticed Sarah coming up to him holding some printed photos.

"Hey Connor, I grabbed your copy of the class photo." Sarah happily said.

"Sure..thanks." Connor replied glumly as he took the photo from her.

"Connor? Is something wrong? You don't look very happy...and you show it in the photo too." Sarah innocently inquired.

Connor let out a heavy sigh as he slung his bookbag over his shoulder.

"No I'm not happy." Connor spat.

"Why is that?" Sarah asked while reaching for Connor's hand, but he recoiled in disgust.

"Don't touch me. I get it, Milton's more handsome. So let's just leave it at that and end this." Connor said darkly.

Sarah stared at him in disbelief for a moment.

"How did you...were you listening to my conversation earlier?" Sarah replied while turning pale.

"Yep. So apparently I'm a finicky guy who's got other girls I'm seeing, just like how you're dating Milton now too." Connor rattled off.

"Well I…" Sarah tried to justify herself but Connor continued.

"And lemme just say, you're awful. Literal scum for trying to justify this kinda thing."

Sarah was getting quite distraught now.

"Okay I'm sorry! Can we just...let things go back to normal now?" She blurted out.

Connor paused for a moment to look around to see everyone else staring at him and Sarah.

"No. Enjoy your new found time with Milton." Connor spat before turning and walking away from Sarah towards the school exit. Along the way he heard whispers from other students.

"Woah, did Connor just snap? That's scary."

"Wait, Sarah was cheating on him? Is that true?"

"I think so, but don't you think Connor's kinda overreacting? It's not that bad...he's taking this too seriously."

It was that last whisper that made something else snap inside Connor. An intense feeling of distrust. He turned to where he heard the whisper from and saw a group of boys.

"What, relationships are that meaningless to you guys? I bet the various girls who you're all juggling are also just puppets or toys to you guys! So go screw yourselves." He lashed out before storming out of the school building.

Connor kept fuming and walking for a while after he got out of the school. He eventually stopped on a bridge above a small flowing stream before he started to let a few tears loose. As he lightly cried, he reached into his pocket and pulled out the present he was going to give Sarah. He unwrapped it and retrieved a small necklace from within. It was very modest being a simple chain necklace with a red coloured blown glass heart attached to it with the name Sarah etched into it. He looked it over for a bit, before taking it and hurling it as hard as he could over the side of the bridge into the stream.

As he did this, a white light engulfed him.

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