You are worthy.

You always were.

It was only the way in which the world has been shaped that ever made you anything less than magnificent and perfect.

But that's why you need to stop looking through, and with, the eyes of the world.

If you look through those, you're placing all your value and worth on Earthly standards.

Do you make enough money? Do you have enough material goods? Do you have enough friends? Is your sphere of influence big enough? Have you done anything "good" or "worthy" with your life? Are you popular? Powerful? Are your grades good?

These questions will plague your mind if you continue to try to look at yourself with the eyes of the world.

Instead, try measuring yourself based on love, mercy, forgiveness, understanding, passion and desires.

Instead of judging yourself based on what you CAN do, judge yourself based on what you WANT to do.

Measure yourself in how kind you can be. And in what dreams you hold.

But even then, don't look at what you want to do with Earthly eyes.

Look at what you want to do through eyes that see the small things in life, rather than just the large or profitable gains.

I know everything is about how much you make or what you look like, but we need to turn away from that mindset.

See yourself through eyes of love, wonder, mercy and compassion.

See yourself through MY eyes.

I think every single person who reads this is wonderful, and for several reasons.

1. As a human, you are worth dignity, respect, honor and happiness

2. You're reading MY work, which of course will gain you my everlasting gratitude

3. If you were drawn to this piece specifically because you needed to hear this kind of message, then you already have the self-awareness to know what you need and the strength and resolve to seek it out

Don't see yourself through the eyes of money or materials, but through understanding and joy.

Love the small things in life.

Don't focus so much on the big.

Don't make the tempting but fatal error of comparing yourself to celebrities, CEOs and other big names.

Every small act of kindness you are capable of doing is worth the world.

The only thing that makes it seem like the celebrities, CEOs and other big names are worth more is that they just so happen to receive recognition for their actions.

But just because you and I don't get medals for our good deeds, that doesn't mean they are any less good or valuable.

Many heroes go unsung. That doesn't make them any less worthy.

It sucks not to be recognized for the greatness inherent within you, but that greatness is no less just because you remain invisible.

Some of my biggest heroes are people the rest of the world will forget. But they still mean the world to me. Maybe they aren't Taylor Swift or Bill Gates or Martin Luther King Jr. but that does not make them any less worthy. It doesn't mean I love them any less. I would give them the world if I could. Because they deserve just as much recognition for their kindness.

You don't need to reach the stars to deserve life, love, happiness and respect.

You can still mean the world with your feet still on the ground.

Even the smallest acts of kindness mean the most to someone.

The values society has set now are arbitrary.

You may not be Superman, but you don't have to be.

You don't need to be a hero to deserve the world.

You already do.

You are worthy.

You always were.

It was only the way in which the world has been shaped that ever made you anything less than magnificent and perfect.

But just because the world doesn't acknowledge it, that doesn't make you any less deserving or any less wonderful.

AN: Who's ready for more sappy comfort? I hope you guys are because you deserve it. Truly. Anyone and everyone who reads this, I freaking love you and my inbox is open to anyone for anything! You guys are the best, I appreciate your time, and I want you to know that I believe in you. You can keep on trucking. You'll make it. This is the sign that you have at least one person at your back and I will do everything I can to help you out. Stay strong, loves! And don't forget how truly marvelous you really are.

You are worth and capable of so much more than you truly know!