It seems to be a curse upon humanity that all of us feel like we are not enough. Or that we are not doing enough. At least not compared to other people… And even if we all know what a grave mistake it is to compare ourselves to others, we do it anyway, and it stings badly. We feel lesser, as if we are worse people who don't deserve the good things we have. We believe the entire world is contributing more than we are, and that we are the one person everyone secretly hates because we are the one person who just isn't enough.

But the thing is, if we all feel that way, then who among us is truly enough? Who is the one who does enough? Who truly deserves every good thing that they have? Or is it all just relative? The way we perceive the world is flawed and incomplete. We base our opinions off of lies. If every person feels as if the next person over is an infinitely better person than us, then we are not using a good standard of measurement.

If, from the worst to the best, each person alive feels equally inadequate and undeserving, then who among us objectively fits the bill? We may perceive ourselves as the worst person in the world, but in the eyes of someone else, we are one of the good people that they envy because they see themselves as the worst person in the world (and so on, and so forth).

But outside of the debate of who truly deserves what they have, I believe another paradigm shift is in order. I cannot take credit for this shift, however. Instead, it was Tumblr who helped me out. For as much crap as we give Tumblr, there are some very insightful and uplifting posts out there and one of my favorites pointed out that doing your best is not just seeing how far you can push yourself.

Instead, it's how far you can push yourself comfortably. If you're working so hard you're burning out, then it is no longer your best at that point. Mental and emotional health are the invisible currencies people forget to take into account when they try to calculate their worth or skill and if they are not being met, then it is not your best anymore.

The second shift is learning to appreciate the small things in life. And I don't just mean things like sunrises or teacups. Instead, it is of vital importance to never underestimate the power of the butterfly effect. The smallest, simplest of actions can have the largest of consequences in the end. One kind word can save a life. One inspiring word can launch a career. One little smile can fill a broken heart. The easiest, simplest, kindest actions often go the farthest in terms of pay-off.

And even if the deed goes unnoticed, it still becomes a part of history. After all, think about how many people you study in history class vs. how many people have ever existed. Even if we only study a tiny portion of the total percent of all people who have ever lived, each and every life contributed to the story. After all, all those war heroes would've been nothing without their army. And every historical hero we ever revere was someone's child.

So you matter, even if you think you don't. Every relationship you have is another chance to share in the final victory of history. Every life you touch is a part of your collection, and because of the way relationships spread out, you have already touched a lot of lives without ever even realizing it. (After all, where would celebrities be without their fans? And thanks to those fans, celebrities can continue to reach out and touch other people which, in turn, creates more fans, and the cycle continues).

And for another example, how many people here knew about Carmilla? The vampire who predated and inspired Dracula by roughly 26 years? It was Dracula who became a historical hero, but without Carmilla, he would've never existed. Even if she is not as remembered, he exists thanks in part to her. And even lesser known is Christabel, who may have inspired Carmilla. Each and every story led into the next. Even if you are never a Dracula, you may be a Carmilla or Christabel and that is no less important.

You matter now, and you always will. You change the very course of history just by being alive. Even if your deeds seem small or unimportant, they still matter in the grand scheme of things. You matter and the universe itself notices you even if no one else does. Take your share in the final victory of history and revel in it. You've earned it.

For me, I try to remind myself that even if I never reach a high level of influence, I can still do a lot of good with what I do have. Even if my deeds are neither large nor recognized, that does not make them any less good. The success of one does not always have to come at the cost of another. And the success of one is not reliant upon how large their sphere of influence is. Your worth, value and potential are not contingent upon what use you have to our current society. They are contingent upon what you are capable of and what you choose to do.

I am no hero or celebrity, but I deserve a good life just as much as everyone else does. I may not be an influencer, but I'm using every skill I have to help make people's days better. That's why I sit here, writing this "story" now. I use my skill to improve the world because I know that even if only one person reads this, that's one worthy life improved and they can, in turn, improve the lives of others.

So make a list of your good deeds and tell yourself that in all of them, you touched a life and, in that small way, you changed the world. Thanks to you, someone's day got better and that changed the course of history, even if in only a small way. But here, size doesn't matter. Every improved day counts. You don't need to be a big name to do big things. And doing small things is equally important. You just fill a different role.

Just because it's not a deed that the history books will remember doesn't mean it wasn't a deed worth doing. Besides, since we know the world will end one day anyway, even the biggest names of all time will eventually be forgotten, so you have nothing to worry about. Instead, just go out there and do your best (which means reaching a max potential that you feel comfortable with) and remember that the smallest of deeds can have the greatest of impacts. It's the butterfly effect and it is all too real. So never feel like you are not enough. You will surprise yourself with just how much you can become and just how many lives you touch, you just may not know it quite yet.

Maybe you can't save THE world, but you can save A world and, if you ask me, that is more than enough.

And why should your inability to save THE world halt your desire to save A world?

Because to someone, A world is THE world.

And to them, and your little act of kindness means everything, even if you don't think it does.

It's all about perspective, honestly. Find a starving man and he'd choose food over money.

To anyone you meet, your seemingly small deed could mean the world, so don't be afraid to act.

But until you try, you'll never know…

Maybe you can't save THE world, but you can save A world and, if you ask me, that is more than enough.