Sometimes it feels hard to keep going. Especially in a world as cold, cruel and impossible to navigate as this one. With so many things slowly falling into decay, it's easy to question life's purpose and whether or not it's worth it to stick around. It's been so hard on everyone lately, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Have we truly lost our way? Is there any of hope of finding it again? Or are we just on a steady descent downward with no hope of ever returning to the surface?

It's hard to remember why we live, and it's easy to forget our purpose and worth. But I have come to see that the slow descent of the world does not have to be mutually exclusive with a happy, fulfilling life. Even if the world is dying, that does not mean it is hopeless, or that life is somehow a waste of time now. On the contrary, I would liken this to putting a child to bed. They are about to close their eyes and rest. So be gentle to them. Be good to them. Help them on their way down. Ease their transition.

That is what we must do for each other in today's world. We must look after one another and show more care now than we ever have before. And if you still wonder why, and if it's even worth it, allow me to ease your mind. Yes it is. All you need is the love of one. One thing to love, and one thing to be loved by. Whether that be yourself, a pet, a friend, a relative, a hobby, a goal or an object, all you need to do is find one thing you love and one thing that loves you in return.

And love, in this context, is a wide category indeed. Just so long as it brings you joy, and so long as you bring joy to it, then that is enough. Big or small, a little or a lot, extravagant or simple, it does not matter. All that matters is the affection between you and this one other. Because once you have the love of (and for) one, you have the love of (and for) all.

A forest starts out from a single seed. Love grows. Find that first step, that one thing to love and be loved by. You'd be amazed to watch how it spreads and grows. Die to yourself and focus on that warm, tender, selfless love. That desire to do good and show care even in the face of adversity and despair. That is the truest form of love, and it becomes easier over time. The love of one turns into the love of all, and what starts off as just one little moment will eventually become an entire lifetime.

And like a forest, branches will twist and spiral out across space and time, overlapping again and again. One good deed will ripple through time even if the end result isn't something tangible, or something that you will be able to witness. But rest assured, dear friend, that good deed WILL matter in the end. Let your branches spread and let your forest grow. Don't be afraid to reach out and cover others.

Even if you feel alone and lost right now, the law of probability says that your people are out there somewhere, and you will find them eventually. And thanks to the internet, your chances of meeting likeminded people are that much better. Even if you feel like a misfit where you are right now, even if you feel like you're sitting at a table with "friends" but you're being left out of the "meal", I promise you'll find your perfect fit eventually.

Things may be hard right now, but it literally will not last forever, because nothing ever does. Life has a mysterious and wonderful way of changing in the most unexpected of ways, and if you can manage to see the brighter side of every situation, you cannot lose. One day, you'll sit at a table with real friends whom you won't feel like an outsider or imposter to. You'll feel like you belong with them and aren't just faking it.

What once might have felt like an endless mire of misery will fade away into dry land again, even if it's so slow and subtle that you don't even realize it at first. But one day, things will get better, just because thing will change. Then you'll have a chance to start over new and grow your forest. Starting with the love of one, you'll be able to learn and acquire the love of all, and then you won't be so lost and alone anymore.

And honestly, I volunteer to be your first step. Or one of them, at least. So stay strong and fight on, my friends, we are too precious to die before we get to see all the goodness that still exists in the world. We may have to do a bit of digging (literally and metaphorically) but I know that, together, we can find the diamonds in the rough. We'll become each other's loves and that's how our support system will flourish. The love of one will lead to the love of all.

Besides, life changes on a dime. It may seem endlessly hopeless right now, but everything can change in the blink of an eye, and you may find yourself living a life you NEVER thought was even possible just a few short weeks ago. But in order to get there, you gotta hold on. So take my hand, and let's show life who's boss!

AN: Inspired off my weird and overly affectionate thoughts, the Dangerous ASMR discord server, and the Taylor Swift song "Everything Has Changed" (which has almost become my anthem for this year.)

Seriously, things DO change for the better and you'll someday have a life that the You from just a few months ago wouldn't have seen even in their wildest dreams and it is SO incredible!