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In the town of Brixdale; there was a school. A teacher clapped her hands to gain the attention of the students in her class.

"Alright, class, settle down. We've got a new student. Everyone, meet Melanie Rousseau."

A young woman, around 17 years old stepped into the classroom. She was 5'9, had blue eyes, and honey-blonde hair. She wore a blouse, with white tights, a skirt, and black flats.

"Hello, everyone," Melanie said in a British accent. "It's a pleasure to meet you all."

The reaction she got was mixed to mostly positive. People were a bit confused since it had mainly been the same students in the school with a few students leaving. Not a lot of people really moved to Brixdale, so people just shrugged her off or remained confused. Aside from that, the other students were willing to give her a warm welcome.

"Would anyone be interested in showing Melanie around school, and the city?" the teacher asked.

"Why the city?" an unnamed boy asked before nudging the boy he was sitting next to. "Hey Ryder, why sho-"

"Come on, she's new here," Ryder looked at the boy with a disapproving frown, before looking at the teacher and raising his hand. "I'll show her around."

"Excellent, Mr. Sullivan," the teacher smiled at him. "I think it would be great if she sat next to you, as well."

"Oh, no, there's no need to change the seating arrangement-" Melanie began, but the teacher wasn't having any of it.

"My word is final," she said simply.

"Oh...okay," Melanie replied quietly, twirling a lock of her honey-blonde hair around her finger.

The unnamed boy grumbled in what appeared to be disdain as he gathered his stuff and moved to the front of the classroom, as there was a free seat there.

Ryder stayed at his seat, breathing an internal sigh of relief. Maybe this new seat change would be nice.

Melanie slowly approached the desk, and took a seat silently. She seemed to be nervous.

"Don't be nervous," Ryder said, trying to be reassuring. He used his hand to move some of his bright blonde hair to the side of his face. "The people here might come off as a bit wild, but you'll like it here. Trust me."

"Wild? Like those parties?" Melanie asked, tilting her head in confusion.

"Well, no," Ryder answered. "More of...it's hard to explain." He didn't want to just out of the blue say 'everyone here has powers' when there was always the possibility she had none. "There are parties, but they usually don't end in everyone being drunk or high, thankfully."

"If you go to one of my family's parties, there's no alcohol. My brother is allergic," Melanie said.

"Ouch," Ryder replied, rubbing his arm. "Can't even imagine how much that sucks." He paused for a moment before his icy blue eyes met her blue eyes. "What are your family's parties like, anyway?"

"Boring, business-related parties. They aren't fun. My father's throwing one and making it mandatory for everyone to attend. I don't know why though," Melanie shrugged her shoulders.

"Everyone in the city has to go?" Ryder repeated. That was...odd, to say the least. "Well, maybe it'll be less boring if you have people to talk to."

"Are you suggesting that you would keep me company during the party?" Melanie asked.

"Of course I am," Ryder replied with a smile. "I don't want you to be bored, especially during an event you have to go to."

"Thank you. That means a lot to me," Melanie smiled softly at him.

"It's no problem," Ryder returned the smile. "And, I don't think I formally introduced myself. I'm Ryder Sullivan. Nice to meet you."

"Melanie Rousseau. A pleasure to meet you too," Melanie replied.

Ryder smiled. "That's a nice name."

"Thank you," Melanie's smile grew.

Later that night, the Rousseaus were making the final preparations for their party. A young woman, who was an android bowed.

"Everything is prepared, sir," she said robotically.

"Thank you, GLADIS," a stern man in a business suit said. He looked towards his family. "It's almost time for our weapon to be introduced. We'll introduce it as a weapon to make people happy; to throw them off."

"I really don't like this," Melanie said quietly.

"You should, dear daughter," her mother replied, smirking. "You are a villain. Embrace it."

"And besides, since you are a villain, you can't fall in love with any pesky superheroes," her father grinned.

Melanie seemed nervous. She wanted to say something, but she couldn't make her family angry. Especially since she almost ruined their takeover of England. But thankfully, it wasn't meant to happen.

"The first of the guests have arrived," GLADIS said.

The stern man nodded. "Come, family," he said, as the family made their way to welcome their guests.

The first of the guests was none other than the Sullivan family. Ryder was wearing a white dress shirt with black pants and shoes, because, well, this was a party. By his side were his parents, who were also dressed in a nice manner.

"Welcome," the stern man said. "I am Flint Rousseau, and this here is my lovely family: my wife, Keira, my twins: Eric and Sydney, and our youngest, Melanie."

Eric gave a smirk and a wave to the Sullivans, while Sydney winked. Melanie waved shyly, before she saw Ryder. A comforting smile was on her face.

"Lovely to meet you," Keira said simply. "Would you care for some apple cider? It's non-alcoholic."

"That would be appreciated, thank you," Mr. Sullivan replied.

Ryder looked over at Melanie and waved to her.

Melanie waved back, before her older brother nudged her. The girl sighed, before asking for GLADIS to get the drinks, to which the android obeyed, perfectly.

Ryder just watched as the android went to get the drinks. Well, this was new. Granted, he didn't know GLADIS was an android at the moment, but she wasn't introduced along with the rest of the family. So he was confused.

Later that night, Flint was at a platform, and he made an announcement.

"Rousseau Inc. is a strong company, hoping to develop weapons to make people happy; for example…" he trailed off, as GLADIS made a holographic figure of the secret evil mind-controlling weapon appear from her chest; "the Sunshard! It will enhance a person's emotions!"

The audience seemed pretty intrigued by this weapon.

"We're still testing it out, so it won't be on the markets just yet. But we'll make a huge announcement when the time comes," Flint said. "On behalf of all of us, we, the Rousseaus would like to thank you for coming. And now, we'll have a final song played, before this party ends."

Flint nodded towards GLADIS, who began to play a slow song.

The guests began to mingle, dancing with each other. Ryder, however, didn't really find a person to dance with.

"Dude," his classmate grinned, as he was dancing with his girlfriend, "why don't you ask Melanie to dance?"

"Marco," Ryder groaned, turning pink from embarrassment. "I don't even know where she is."

"She's talking with her siblings? I believe?" Marco replied, gazing over at Melanie, who was indeed talking with her older twin siblings. The honey-blonde girl was wearing a pretty sparkling blue dress, with a blue decorative flower in her hair.

Ryder took a deep breath. He could feel his heart begin to race. He started to slowly walk towards the trio of siblings, trying to avoid bumping into anyone.

Melanie smiled when she saw Ryder, politely excusing herself from her siblings, as she walked up to him. "Hey," she said.

"Hey," Ryder replied. "I wanted to know...did you want to dance?"

"I'd like that," Melanie replied, looking into his eyes.

"Great," Ryder replied, taking her hand gently.

A blush forms on Melanie's face, as she gently held his hand.

Ryder led her to the dance floor, where all the other pairs were dancing.

"Have you ever danced before?" Melanie asked him curiously.

"Not with a girl and not at a business party," Ryder admitted.

"Really?" Melanie was surprised. "I'd thought that you would have multiple girls pining for you."

"Somehow I get that a lot," Ryder chuckled. "But nah. I'm just not every girl's ideal boyfriend, I suppose." He seemed to be okay with this. "I've never dated before, either."

"I'm in the same boat as you," Melanie replied, as she danced with him.

"That's interesting," Ryder replied. "I thought that before you came here, you would've had at least one boyfriend, I admit."

She laughed softly. "My siblings are the charmers. They've gone through many dates before me."

"Well," Ryder gave her a soft smile. "Just know you don't have to flirt your way into winning over some guys' hearts in this city and school. People will like you for you."

"That's so sweet of you to say," Melanie smiled, as the song slowly came to an end.

"It's no problem," Ryder responded, before realizing the song ended. He felt disappointed, he had really enjoyed that dance.

"Well...I guess this is goodnight," Melanie said.

"I guess so," Ryder sighed. "I'll see you around?"

She nodded. "I still need to change my number to the area code for this city, so I'll give it to you soon."

"Got it," Ryder gave a nod of acknowledgement.

Melanie curtised quickly, before she made her way to her family. Marco grinned as he went up to his friend.

"So?" he waggled his eyebrows. "How was it?"

"I would say it went well," Ryder replied.

"Well? It seemed like it was going more than well," Marco smirked playfully.

"Come on Marco, you're embarrassing me," Ryder groaned.

"Sorry, buddy, I've got to embarrass my friend every so often. Tonight is one of those nights," Marco ruffled his friend's hair.

Ryder gave a small sigh of defeat. "You know I don't like it when you ruffle my hair," he groaned.

"You look good like that," Marco grinned. "I'll see you later. I promised to walk Aileen home," he quickly kissed his girlfriend, before he left the party.

"See you around," Ryder replied as he headed to his parents. Not long after that, the Sullivan family went home.

The following days passed, and they were very interesting. The old librarian in town immediately retired, and ordered for nobody to contact him; which was very strange. Eric took over the job, and he immediately charmed all of the ladies, with his flirtatious ways.

The president and vice president of Rousseau Inc. were fired due to arguing back with the CEO, Mr. Rousseau. His wife and eldest daughter took over their positions in the company. It was thriving well, and production soon began on the Sunshard. They made their workers work overtime, threatening to fire them if they didn't obey. The poor workers obeyed, not wanting to disappoint their bosses.

Melanie went to school, as normal. She felt bad that these things were happening, but if she told anyone, nobody would believe her; and plus: her father would ground her for life. She had changed her number to the area code for the city, and had exchanged numbers with Ryder. Right now, after school, she went to the cemetery, dressed in black robes. She also had a staff with her. The next part of the plan was to have zombies take the place of the workers, or, turn the workers into mindless, obedient zombies; for her father. She didn't like this at all. She hated being evil. She sighed and took off her hood over her cloak, which showed a black dress, along with black boots, and a pair of black gloves. She gazed at her staff.

"I wish I could tell someone...or anyone...but I'm afraid that they won't believe me...because I'm the new girl in the city." she thought to herself silently.

Heading to the cemetery, wearing what appeared to be a mostly icy blue attire with gray boots and a yellow mask around his eyes, was Ryder. He was patrolling and happened to notice someone in the cemetery. He walked closer to see who it was.

Hearing footsteps, Melanie turned around. She was afraid.

"Don't be afraid," the masked Ryder said. "I'm not going to hurt you."

"How can I trust you? You might not believe what's been happening," Melanie disguises her voice.

"Well," the masked male gave a small smile. "As a hero in training, I'm supposed to make sure people are safe." He paused for a moment. "So what's been happening?"

"The Rousseaus...they aren't who they say they are. They're actually villains. But I'm not. I know that they're planning something big...and I'm going to need help to stop them from taking over the city. My real name is Taryn Ashthorn…" Melanie revealed her real name.

"Taryn Ashthorn…" Ryder with the mask trailed off. "Well that's a nice name. And I appreciate you telling me. If you need any help, I'll be willing." He paused again. "And you can just call me Ice Spark."

"Ice Spark?" Taryn raised an eyebrow, trying not to laugh. "That's adorable." She blushed immediately upon saying that. "Oh, I'm so sorry."

"Heh, you're fine," Ice Spark replied, his face a light pink.

Taryn twirled her staff, and paused. She didn't want to raise the dead...but she had to do what her father wanted.

"I have one question," Ice Spark said. "Aha...how do you know the Rousseaus are villains?" He didn't seem to want to believe it.

Taryn turned to him. "The Rousseaus are fake names that we picked," she said, "to throw everyone off from the plan."

"We?" Ice Spark blinked.

Taryn used her staff to change her clothes; back to Melanie Rousseau, her fake alias.

Ice Spark was beyond surprised. He hadn't expected that.

"Look, I guess you might be mad with me…" Melanie teared up. "But honestly, I get it. Nobody wants to believe a villain like me… but I'm not one. It's only my family."

"I'm not mad," Ice Spark replied. "And, listen to me. You are only a villain if you actively decide to be one. Nobody's going to force you to be a villain against your will. You can be a hero."

Melanie sniffled. "I…" she began, but then, the wind began to blow. Her father, now as Blaze glared down at the girl.

"You foolish girl! You were supposed to get the zombies!"

"No, I don't want to!" Melanie trembled.

"Well then, guess what? You can't be a part of this family anymore," Blaze smirked. He waved his staff. Dark magic appeared, as zombies brought a bunch of luggage with her true name; Taryn Ashthorn written on them.

Ice Spark watched this happen. Now he felt anger. Not at Melanie, but rather, at Blaze. "You're supposed to support her," he remarked, not being able to contain the disgust in his voice as he narrowed his eyes at Blaze.

"I would, if she chose to embrace her true side," Blaze replied. "But Taryn's always been the black sheep of the family. It's time that we got rid of her once and for all. That's why she's no longer a part of our family anymore."

"Well then," Ice Spark stated, scowling at Blaze and crossing his arms. "Taryn will be in much better hands than she was with you. Mark my words."

"You pesky brat! You'll never stop us!" With that, Blaze left, and Taryn fell to her knees, upset.

Ice Spark put a comforting hand on Taryn's shoulder. "Don't let him get to your head," he said.

Back in the heart of the city, the workers were under the control of the Ashthorns. And now, some of the civilians were trapped by the Ashthorns and their zombie minions. The weapon was on display.

"Soon, all of you pathetic heroes will bow to us! The true rulers of this pathetic city!" Blaze announced, as he, his wife, and twins laughed evilly.

Later, the duo of Taryn and Ice Spark had headed to the heart of the city.

"Oh no...we're too late…" Taryn gasped quietly. Tears were on her face.

Indeed, they were too late. Aside from the zombie minions and the villainous foursome of a family, many of the heroes were under the control of the Ashthorns.

Ice Spark charged his arms with electricity. "I guess we have to fight," he gave a sigh.

"You can cause a distraction, while I get close to the weapon. I have the power to destroy it. I can also control Black Fire," Taryn said. The first thing she did was use her staff to create zombie ninjas, to help give her and Ice Spark an advantage.

Ice Spark nodded, beginning to throw electric and ice blasts towards some of the mind controlled heroes. The heroes were distracted by this, so they started throwing attacks towards the teenaged boy.

A superpowered Marco charged forward, as he had super speed, and super strength. He grabbed Ice Spark by the arms, holding them tightly.

Ice Spark kicked the mind-controlled Marco as an attempt to escape.

It failed. "You will bow to the Ashthorns," Strength Speed said in a monotone.

"How about no," Ice Spark replied, charging his body with electricity.

"You will regret saying this to our great and powerful leaders," Strength Speed replied, as more heroes gathered around, trapping the teenaged boy.

"Give up," Blaze smirked. "And help us take down our former daughter."

"I will never help you," Ice Spark snarled at Blaze.

"Unfortunately, you don't have a choice!" Malorn appeared beside his father, and used his staff on Ice Spark. Taryn watched from afar. She wanted to scream 'No!', but she couldn't. Not when she was close to destroying the weapon, and saving the town from her former family. And so, she used her Black Fire, to destroy the Skull Bringer; which caused a huge explosion; killing the workers; Blaze, Scarlet, Malorn and Calamity. This left her injured; and unconscious. The mind control was lifted from the heroes.

Strength Speed rubbed his head. "Ice Spark? What happened?"

"It's hard to explain," Ice Spark replied. "You okay?"

"I think so?" Strength Speed said, scratching his head. "God, I can't remember anything."

Ice Spark wanted to reply, although he really didn't know how to reply at first. After a moment, he nodded. "I'm glad you're okay."

"Hold on, where's that new girl?" Strength Speed looked around, concerned.

It took Ice Spark a moment to realize that, indeed, Taryn wasn't around. He panicked and started to try and find her.

She was in the rubble, unconscious. The dead bodies of her parents, her twin siblings, and the workers of Rousseau Inc. were surrounding her. Luckily, Taryn was still breathing.

Ice Spark felt relieved that she was still alive, however, he still couldn't help himself as a tear slid down his cheek. Why'd she have to go and get hurt? "We need an ambulance!" he yelled out.

Strength Speed called for an ambulance, who rushed the girl to the hospital.

Ice Spark watched as the ambulance took Taryn away to the hospital.

Months passed….

Taryn was in a coma. But after 6 months, she woke up.

Outside of the hospital room was Ryder. He had gone to the hospital every day in hopes she would wake up.

The doctor came out, with good news. "She's awake," he told Ryder.

"Can I see her now?" Ryder asked the doctor.

"Alright," the doctor replied, allowing him into the room.

Ryder entered the hospital room.

"Ryder?" Taryn looked at him, a bit relieved.

"You're awake," Ryder replied, a tear of happiness falling down his cheek. "I...You're awake." He was overjoyed by this.

"I guess I used too much of my Black Fire when I destroyed the weapon…." Taryn admitted. "But I'm glad that I saved this city."

"And I'm glad I got to be by your side at the begi-" Ryder instantly paused. He'd revealed himself to her.

"Wait….you're…." Taryn trailed off, in shock. "Ice Spark?"

"Yeah that's me," Ryder replied, rubbing his arm.

"All this time…" Taryn laughed softly. She shook her head. "Father had forbidden me to fall in love with a hero...but now that he's gone...I can do whatever I want. Starting with closing down Rousseau Inc, and apologizing for everything that my former family caused."

"I'll be there every step of the way," Ryder replied with a soft smile on his face.

"Thank you," Taryn said.

The years passed...and Taryn, who now went by Emma Woods, lived a peaceful life. The citizens were starting to respect her, and had forgiven her for what had happened. They couldn't blame her for her former family for trying to take over the city. She and Ryder were much closer than ever before. She'd also chosen a new hero identity; Caitlin Shadowshade.

Ryder was also living a good life. He was still doing superhero activities, now under the name Electrice.

One day, Emma texted Ryder, asking him to meet her at the park.

Ryder had received the text and headed to the park.

"Hey," Emma said, smiling when she noticed him.

"Hey yourself," Ryder replied, returning the smile. "What's up?"

"Do you want to go out with me?" Emma asked, blushing. "I mean, well, if you want to, of course."

Ryder was surprised by the question, his own face turning red. However, he didn't think long on it. "Yes, I do."

"Really?" Emma looked at him.

"Really," Ryder replied with a nod. He leaned a bit closer.

Emma gazed into his eyes, as she also leaned closer.

Ryder kissed her on the lips.

Emma kissed him back, wrapping her arms around his neck gently.

Ryder wrapped his arms around her waist.

Eventually, Emma pulled away, a piece of her hair had come over her eye. She blushed, tucking it behind her ear again. "That felt really good," she said.

"I agree," Ryder responded. "So...will you be my girlfriend?"

"Only if you'll be my boyfriend, love," Emma playfully replied, in her British accent.

"Well then," Ryder chuckled. "Consider it a yes from me."

Emma smiled as she hugged him, feeling her heart flutter in her chest.

Ryder returned the hug. His heart was racing.

"I just realized...will your parents approve?" Emma was worried. "Seeing that I used to be the daughter of some super villains…"

"I'm sure that if we explain you're not like them, we'll be okay," Ryder replied.

"Alright," Emma replied. Heck, she was nervous about meeting his parents...this time, as his girlfriend.

Ryder's parents were waiting at a restaurant. They wanted to meet their son's girlfriend.

Emma was in her best dress. She was really nervous. "I'm scared that they won't like me Ryder," she said quietly.

"Relax," Ryder replied. "As long as we say you're a hero now and that you have no bad intentions, like your family, then I'm sure they won't mind."

"Well...we can't keep them waiting any longer now…" Emma took a deep breath.

Ryder nodded and led her inside the restaurant.

Emma walked into the restaurant, smiling.

Ryder noticed his parents sitting at a table and led Emma to that table.

Emma took a deep breath, before smiling at Ryder's parents. "It's wonderful to meet you both," she said.

"Ah, you must be Ryder's girlfriend," Mr. Sullivan noted with a smile.

"It's nice to meet you too," Mrs. Sullivan replied.

"Yes, I'm Ryder's girlfriend," Emma said; with a smile on her face.

Mr. Sullivan looked at his son. "And I assume you've been treating her well?"

"Dad, you know me," Ryder responded. "Of course I am."

"I'm really happy with him," Emma said, kissing Ryder on the cheek.

Mr. Sullivan looked a little closer at Emma before looking back at Ryder. "You're dating Melanie?" he asked his son.

Emma's eyes widened at her old name.

"Her name's Emma now," Ryder replied.

"I don't want to go by my old name anymore," Emma admitted quietly. "Please."

"Why not?" Mr. Sullivan asked.

"It brings back too many painful memories," Emma said. She seemed uncomfortable talking about it.

"You don't have to go by any name you don't like," Mrs. Sullivan spoke up.

"Thank you," Emma said, smiling at Ryder's mother.

"I would still be a little suspicious if I were you," Mr. Sullivan stepped in.

"Wade, don-" Mrs. Sullivan tried to stop her husband.

"There's plenty of other girls out there who are comfortable with their names! So why is she so different?!" Mr. Sullivan banged his fist against the table.

"Dad...people are beginning to stare," Ryder spoke aloud. This was true, when Mr. Sullivan had banged his fist against the table, people's attention had been caught.

Emma was getting frightened by this.

"I think you can do better than Melanie, or Emma, or whatever her name is now," Mr. Sullivan replied. "Because she's probably going to change her name again!"

"Wade!" Mrs. Sullivan seemed to be getting frustrated as well.

"I DEMAND THAT MY SON BREAK UP WITH HER!" Mr. Sullivan yelled out, loud enough for the restaurant to hear.

As if the fist against the table wasn't enough, now everyone was staring at them, wide eyed. Some people were whispering to others, some were taking pictures or videos, and others just looked concerned or didn't care.

Tears came to Emma's eyes. She stood up, and left the table, running out of the restaurant.

"Emma!" Ryder yelled out, beginning to run after her.

"No! You stay!" Mr. Sullivan spoke up, glaring at his son. "You-"

"-Let him go!" Mrs. Sullivan yelled at her husband, frustrated. "You've made an embarrassment out of not only her, but our entire family!"

"But, Patricia-"

"No buts Wade!" Mrs. Sullivan was mad. She looked at her son. "You can go find your girlfriend," she insisted.

And not long after that, Ryder had also run out of the restaurant, trying to find Emma.

Emma had run to a cliff, and sat on the edge, still crying.

Ryder hurried over to the cliff, having seen a silhouette of a figure sitting on the edge. As he hurried up, he saw that it was, in fact, Emma. Once he got to the top, he headed over to the edge and sat next to her.

"That went terrible," Emma sniffled.

"I'm really sorry," Ryder sighed. "I was hoping things would go differently."

"Now what?" Emma looked at her boyfriend.

"I don't know," Ryder replied, looking down.

"Your father hates me…" Emma sobbed.

"Well maybe we can just continue dating in secret," Ryder responded.

"But he's going to find out. He's a superhero. A well-known one," Emma said. "How on earth will we hide our relationship from him?"

"While he might be well known...he wouldn't actively follow me around to see my every move," Ryder replied. "Besides, I don't think he knows your new hero name."

"You make a fair point there," Emma said.

"You know I wouldn't leave just because he wants me to," Ryder replied.

Emma laughed softly. "I love you, Ryder."

"And I love you too, Emma," Ryder replied.

Many years passed. Their relationship grew stronger than ever before.

Ryder was at a store, buying something. That something was supposed to be a secret. Once the purchase had been made, he left the store.

Emma was brushing her hair in the house that the two had bought together; when they had dated for 3 years. Now, it had been 8 years since they had started dating.

Ryder pulled out his phone and texted Emma to meet him at the park.

Emma smiled as she read the text on her phone.

{'I'm on my way, handsome.'}

She sent the text, and finished getting ready, before making her way to the park.

Ryder was waiting on a park bench.

Upon arriving at the park, she noticed Ryder, and walked up to him. "Hey, handsome," she said, kissing his cheek quickly.

"Hey," Ryder replied. He had one hand in a jean pocket. "I had something to ask…"

"You do?" Emma looked at him, confused. "What is it?"

Ryder nodded. "When we first met, I felt a sort of...connection. And when we took down your family, I felt like we were unstoppable. These past years have been amazing, for both of us…and I want to continue that."

He pulled his hand out of his pocket, revealing a box in his hand.

Emma's eyes widened upon seeing the box. "Ryder…" she began to tear up.

Ryder got down on one knee and opened the box, revealing a ring. Specifically, a princess cut tanzanite lotus ring with amethyst accents in 18k rose gold. "Emma...will you marry me?"

Emma nodded. "Yes. I will marry you Ryder!" She happily hugged him, the tears of joy still streaming down her face.

Ryder hugged her back.

Emma sniffled as she pulled away. "It's beautiful," she said, gazing at the ring in the box.

"And it's yours," Ryder replied with a small chuckle.

Emma smiled at him. "Well, aren't you going to put it on me then?" she asked him playfully.

Ryder nodded and took the ring out of the box, sliding it onto her ring finger.

"When do you want to get married?" Emma asked Ryder, smiling at him.

Ryder thought for a moment. "I haven't decided yet," he admitted. "But probably at some point within the next few months, so we have time to plan but we don't hold off on it."

"That sounds perfect," Emma grinned. "I've got a couple of ideas in mind for our wedding."

"Tell me more about these ideas," Ryder replied.

"I've always wanted to get married in a garden...or on a beach," Emma said.

"We can do a beach wedding," Ryder nodded.

"Then a beach wedding it is," Emma smiled softly. "I can't wait to be married to you."

Eventually, the wedding day came.

Emma was getting ready. She was wearing a gorgeous white dress, and her hair was tied up into a bun; with a short veil. She didn't want to have a long veil. She would also be barefoot, since they would be married on the sand. A beautiful archway of lilies and roses was nearby.

Ryder was standing near the archway, wearing a tuxedo.

His best friend, Marco stood beside him, as his best man. "Dude, I can't believe that you're getting married before me!" he playfully pouted.

"Hey, maybe if you ask Aileen, she'll say yes," Ryder replied.

"I plan on doing so. But not on your special day," Marco said.

"Alright," Ryder chuckled.

It was soon time for the ceremony to begin. The mayor of Brixdale would be escorting Emma down the aisle; since her father was dead. He would also be taking his place during the father-daughter dance. The mayor took Emma's hand, and escorted her down the aisle towards Ryder.

Ryder watched her walk down the aisle.

"Dude, close your mouth," Marco whispered, winking at his buddy. "Or else you'll catch flies."

Emma smiled at Ryder, as she soon approached him. She gave her flowers to her maid of honour, a classmate from school, as she took Ryder's hands. "You look amazing," she said.

"You look beautiful," Ryder replied.

"Ahem," the pastor cleared his throat; waiting for silence. "We are gathered here today, to join Emma Woods and Ryder Sullivan in marriage. If anyone objects to this union; please speak now, or forever hold your peace."

Nobody spoke up.

The pastor nodded. "Very well. The bride and groom have written their own vows. Ryder, would you like to go first?"

Ryder nodded and pulled out a piece of paper from his pocket. He cleared his throat. "Emma, I promise to be there for you in the toughest times. I promise to hold you close, to protect you, and to always care for you whenever things look bad."

Emma sniffled, as she read out her vows. She had already memorized them; so she didn't need to read off from the paper. "Ryder, I promise that I will always love you, and be there for you whenever the times get tough. I promise to care for you; in sickness and in health; until death do us part."

The pastor took out two ring bands. Both were engraved with the words: "Forever and always." "Ryder, please take a ring, and repeat the words I say," the pastor said.

Ryder took one of the rings.

"I, Ryder Sullivan," the pastor began, "do take you, Emma Woods to be my lawfully wedded wife."

"I, Ryder Sullivan, do take you, Emma Woods, to be my lawfully wedded wife," Ryder repeated.

"I know that by agreeing to this marriage, you will be my constant friend, companion and faithful partner in the remaining years of my life. You will be my one true love, I promise you that," the priest continued.

"I know that by agreeing to this marriage, you will be my constant friend, companion and faithful partner in the remaining years of my life. You will be my one true love, I promise you that," Ryder continued repeating after the priest.

"I take you as you are. I love you for who you are now and who you will become. I promise that I will listen to you, no matter what it is that you want me to hear. I will promise to learn from you so we can grow old together. I promise to support you all the time and I will accept your support. I will be with you celebrating your triumphs. When you mourn, I will mourn with you as though your sufferings were my own. I will always love you and have faith in you. Through all our years. And all that life may bring us," the priest concluded.

"I take you as you are. I love you for who you are now and who you will become. I promise that I will listen to you, no matter what it is that you want me to hear. I will promise to learn from you so we can grow old together. I promise to support you all the time and I will accept your support. I will be with you celebrating your triumphs. When you mourn, I will mourn with you as though your sufferings were my own. I will always love you and have faith in you. Through all our years. And all that life may bring us," Ryder finished.

"Please slip the ring onto her finger," the priest said.

Ryder slipped the ring onto her ring finger.

The priest then had Emma take the ring.

"I, Emma Woods, take you, Ryder Sullivan, to be my lawfully wedded husband. I know that by agreeing to this marriage, you will be my constant friend, companion and faithful partner in the remaining years of my life. You will be my one true love, I promise you that. I take you as you are. I love you for who you are now and who you will become. I promise that I will listen to you, no matter what it is that you want me to hear. I will promise to learn from you so we can grow old together. I promise to support you all the time and I will accept your support. I will be with you celebrating your triumphs. When you mourn, I will mourn with you as though your sufferings were my own. I will always love you and have faith in you. Through all our years. And all that life may bring us," Emma repeated, without the priest having to ask her to repeat the same words that he had made Ryder say. She then slipped the ring onto his ring finger.

"Then it is my honour to now pronounce you as husband and wife. You may kiss the bride," the pastor said.

Ryder kissed Emma on the lips.

Emma happily kissed him back.

"I now present you to: Mr. and Mrs. Ryder and Emma Sullivan!" the pastor declared.

People clapped for the newlyweds.

And they would live happily ever after.