Jane took the offered towel from Katherine and smiled as he tried to clear some of the icings away from his face, fingers and from the front of his dress. Josephine helped by bringing out a wet rag that was used to get most of the remaining icing and a little from his dress. Susan, once she finished laughing guided Jane over to the table where the presents where kept, while she darted into the kitchen to fetch a broom and a dustpan. She started to clean up the mess while Josephine handed out the gifts.

"Okay, this is from the staff," Josephine said handing Jane a small box. "We know you asked for a pokemon game. And we'll. After much debating, we decided you totally earned it. So here you go." She said grinning as she watched Jane slowly open the box to reveal a pokemon cartridge. The game was the newest title in that long going series.

"Wow," Susan said standing behind Jane. "I guess we can trade and battle each other now. Totally need some grinding to do sis, I'm already on my fourth gym." She said smirking as she wrapped her arms around Jane's shoulders and gave her a kiss on the cheeks. As she placed another package down upon the table.

"This one from me." She said grinning. "Lavender approved too." She said winking as she stepped aside and smiled.

Jane blinked and blinked again as she looked down at the box that was wrapped in pink and white paper and tied with a matching white bow. Slowly she removed the ribbon and then she slowly lifted the top of the box to reveal a bottle of pink perfume.

"Since your leaving your tomboy phase behind. I thought you might need a new scent. So, Katie and I picked this scent out for you. It's kind of a balance, perfect for like somebody just starting to explore fashion." Susan explained as Jane picked up the bottle and looked it over.

"When you have time this weekend, like Katie and I could take you to the mall and show you all the secrets of the mall. There so much to do, like a lot more than just hanging around GameStop, Diamond Arcade. Lan's Comics and Movie Gallery. I mean sure those are fun, but there also J.C Penny and McRav and Belk's too. And like a dozen other stores to visit. You can like really spend hours there."

Jane as he returned the bottle of perfume to the small box. Once the bottle of perfume was returned to the box, he turned over and wrapped his tiny arms around Susan and hugged her tightly and even gave her a tiny kiss on the cheeks. Susan blushed at both the hug and the kiss.

"Okay! Okay! Dork!" She said finally breaking the hug.

"I'm next it seems," Katherine said smiling. The tall girl took a deep breath as she placed a large box down in front of Jane. She turned her cheeks as a deep blush colored her cheeks. "Hey, I know you're coming out of your tomboy phase and stuff. And like, I'm not the best when it comes to this stuff. But you're getting to that age where you need a basic make-up kit. So with Josephine's approval." Her voice trailed a little as she lifted her hand and started to rub the back of her neck.

Jane blinked and lifted the top to the box to reveal the most basic of make-up kits. Josephine folded her arms across her chest and sighed as she placed her nose up in the air. "Like, Really! Make-up! I guess she old enough now. But you can only wear it with my approval!" She shifted her eyes toward Katherine who was standing there blushing like a bride standing before the altar.

"And you, young lady are in charge of taking her to the mall and see that she learns how to properly apply it. You brought her the kit, you're teaching her." She said in a firm, almost commanding tone of voice.

At that everybody paused and turned toward Josephine, who just stood there returning there blank expressions with a grin. Finally, she unfolded her arms and shrugged her shoulders and held up her hands. And then in a matter of fact tone of voice, she said.

"Hey, I'm still getting used to this Mom thing okay?"

At that everybody's jaw dropped open.

"What, Robert and I talked about it. We decided that it would be nice for us to settle down and have a family. Because of personal issues, we really can't have children the traditional way. So, we decided to we'll kind of start the progress of adopting this squirt here." She said walking over and pulling Jane into a hug. "So, now your really part of the family. Like your surrounded by sisters and brothers." She said smiling.

"OMG! SO SHE REALLY GOING TO BE PART OF THE FAMILY, LIKE FOR REAL!" Susan screamed as she rushed over and wrapped her arms around Jane's shoulders, she started to rub her cheeks with the girl.

"Well, we don't know if she going to be a she or a he…" Josephine's voice trailed a little. "That up for Jane or James to decided when the time is right. We're not going to force anything on him. But I would like you girls to treat him like a girl when he's in Jane mode and you know, try to teach him. If he's going to be Jane, then he has a lot to learn and a lot of bad habits to unlearn."

Jane blushed and returned Susan snuggle. A deep blush colored his cheeks.

"We'll do our best." Katherine said, she then peered toward the boys who where standing there with there hands in their pockets. She then pointed toward one of the tallest boys and then in a gentle tone of voice she asked. "Guys, you heard her. Whatever happens, we need to close ranks now more than ever. I know you always try to outshine each other. But please, learn to work together. Matthew!" She said as she locked eyes with the tallest boy who had golden blonde hair.

Matthew blinked and blinked again as he pointed to himself.

"I'm charging you with running defense and offense for James when he's in Jane mode. Remember what happened to Daisy? Remember how he died defending his brothers and sisters! I expect the same from all of you!" Katherine's voice was rising. "He was killed one day before he was to adopted, but he died a hero."

Josephine took a deep breath and placed a hand upon Katherine's shoulders. All eyes turned toward her. Everybody knew that Josephine was there that fateful night some nineteen years ago. She was one of the teens who had been charged with leading one of the groups. Daisy had been the other. And some of the older staff members also knew that Josephine still felt guilty over letting that happen.

"We'll cross that bridge when we come to it." She whispered to Katherine as she patted her on the shoulder, She then turned toward Matthew and smiled. "You both have a big responsibility. Katherine you might have a new little sister to teach and guide. Matthew, you might have another little sister to take care of. Whatever happens, I expect both of you to act like the mature teenagers you've proven yours elf's to be."

Both nodded their head.

"Good, now Jane, I have one more gift," Josephine said as she walked over and pulled out a small brown box. She walked over and kneeled down beside Jane. "I know, before you came here you had a very special toy. I'm sorry that the toy was taken from you. Nobody can replace that toy." She said placing one arm on the cake covered boy's shoulder. "But, Jane I hope this will show you how much we care about you. We love you and we want you to become part of this family."

James blinked and took a deep breath. Josephine words somehow broke the prison walls of stone that had surrounded his heart. Slowly he reached down and removed the box and there surrounded by pink wrapping paper was stuff doll. Not any old stuff doll, but an Arial doll, complete with red hair, a white gown, and blue eyes. James placed the box down and reached in, and gently pulled the doll out of the box. And then without saying a word he pulled the doll close to his body and squeezed it. Tears started to roll down his eyes as he held the doll. For the first time in a very long time, he felt loved. And as each second passed, the stone that surrounded his heart started to break away and soon the high walls that had for so long guard his heart were nothing more than ruined rubble. Today had been perfect.

The end.

The adventures of Jane and family will be continued in 'Melodies of the Heart: The Pitch and Burst'