In the Evergreen forest is a two bedroom Red Cedar cabin with a wrap around deck. Leaning over the railing looking out at the lake is a man with silky flowing shoulder length wavy red velvet hair that frames his diamond shape face. His two in onyx black nails tap against the wooden railings of the deck as the breeze blows past his bare arms. The chill of the breeze doesn't seem to affect him even though he is wearing a formfitting navy blue tank top the shows his six pack abs and toned muscle chest. His Lee Rider black boot-cut jeans hug every toned muscle in his legs. Black Doc Martin 10 eye combat boots fitting neatly into the boot-cut jeans that make every bit of his toned body clearly visible. His deep piercing silver gray eyes stands out against his light olive brown skin that has a red undertone. A sadness can be seen in his eyes as her watches the ducks swimming on the lake. A lonely kind of sadness of that of someone who has no one to care about them.

On his toned muscular bicep is a two inch long scar that is angled and looks like someone was trying to but an x into his flesh. His left hand traces the scar as sadness fills his expression like he can no longer hide the sadness as it overwhelms him. The breeze picks up as he mutters to himself, "Phoenix don't think about that. Why am I such an idiot?" He sighs as he runs his fingers through his silky soft red velvet hair. Closing his eyes he focused on his breathing hoping to clear his mind of the memory of how he got the scar. How could he ever hope to forget when it was caused by humans who he had trusted and befriended before they decided to stab him in the back. Phoenix knows not all humans are bad one loved him once upon a time in his life. He smiled at the thought of the woman he once loved knowing he would never see her again.

Phoenix wants to be loved again but he wonders can he trust humans or is he better off alone? He reached into the pocket on his jeans and pulled out an mp3 player hoping music my help him. Putting in his earbuds he turned on the mp3 player once it was on he looked through his music looking for a song to make him feel better. Phoenix selected Reincarnate by Motionless In White and closed his eyes focusing on the music. He began singing along to the music singing, "You pull the trigger just for fun forgetting I'm a loaded gun so hate me for the things I've done and not for what I've now become I want this I need this I love it crawling from hell, fallen from grace, and there is nothing left to take. Leaving the past to the grave so we can reincarnate." Phoenix stopped singing and sighed as he looked at the forest watching the breeze shake the trees branches.

He noticed what appeared to be a woman in the woods staring at him. She looked sad like she was enjoying his singing and wished he hadn't stopped. Phoenix turned off his mp3 player and put it into his pocket while he got off the deck of the cabin and went over to the woman. She was wrapped in a crimson red cloak that blew in the breeze of the night. He was surprised she didn't run off when he got off the deck of the cabin and headed over to her. Phoenix asked, "What are you doing in the woods so late at night?" The woman smiled at Phoenix her golden yellow eyes meeting his silver gray eyes as she said, "I was out for my nightly walk when I heard singing from this direction. I haven't ever been in this part of the forest before but I wanted to know who was singing. That's when I saw you and I got curious about you." Phoenix sighed as he looked at her while he covered the scar on his arm with his hand a reminder of why he should be alone because humans like her wouldn't understand him ever. She grabbed the hand that was covering the scar pulling it towards her and said, "You look so sad why would a handsome man like you be sad?"

Phoenix felt like breaking down at that moment but kept his composure as he said, "I have been hurt by people all because I'm not like everyone else." Phoenix felt his composure broke tears began to fall as he stood in front of a stranger. He couldn't hold the sadness in anymore and he fell to his knees unable to stand. The woman knelt down in front of him and held his hand. Phoenix couldn't bring himself to look up her but her squeezed her hand grateful she didn't run off when he broke down. His vison was beginning to blur from all the tears and he didn't know how to stop crying so he could get home but he still felt her warm hand in his so at least he wasn't alone. She smiled glad she could be there during someone's time of need and decided she should introduce herself and said, "My name is Natalia. What's your name?" Phoenix could barely speak through the sobs but managed to say, "Phoenix." Natalia smiled as she said, "Its nice to meet you Phoenix. Would you like me to help you get back to your cabin?" Phoenix answered through his sobbing, "Yes."

Natalia helped him stand up and let him lean on her since he was still crying. She could tell he must of help this sadness in for a long time. He was taller than her by two inches. Phoenix stands at six foot tall while Natalia only stands at 5 foot 8 inches tall. She gladly help Phoenix into his cabin and even asked, " Where do you want me to help you to the couch or I can help you to your bed?" He just pointed to a door that was open and guessed that was his room and where he wanted her to take him. She turned on the bedroom light and caught Phoenix when he tried to walk on his own and almost fell to the wooden floor. Natalia helped Phoenix onto the bed and couldn't help but think he looked exhausted but when she tried to leave she felt a hand grab onto her arm. She turned around to see Phoenix holding her arm and looking at her before asking, "Can you stay please? I have a guest room you can use I just don't want to be alone tonight."

Natalia smiled and said, "Of course I will I wouldn't leave anyone in their time of need." Phoenix smiled as his eyes closed from exhaustion and he fell into a deep sleep. Natalia covered him with blankets after removing his boots before she went to find the guest room. She was shocked that the guest room had a king size bed just like in Phoenix's room. The red comforter with black trim covered red sheets that are silky soft. Even the pillows were covered in silky soft red pillow cases Natalia ran her hands over the soft fabric as she wondered if Phoenix would be ok by himself in his room. Phoenix seemed so lonely to Natalia she saw him break down and she didn't want to leave him by himself so she agreed to stay with a man she knows nothing about but he looked so sad. Natalia was glad he had a guest room but wondered if she should stay in his room the bed is big enough but that might be awkward for him. She decided to look in on him before going to sleep herself and when she walked into his room she noticed him biting his arm in his sleep.

Blood was running down his arm onto the red sheets. Natalia began shaking Phoenix trying to wake him up so he would stop biting himself. Phoenix felt someone shaking him and he woke with a start seeing Natalia was the one shaking him. Natalia was looking at him in shock as she saw his vampire fangs and realized what he meant by he's not like everyone else. Phoenix saw the shock in her eyes but then a pain in his arm caused him to wince in pain. He looked at his own arm and realized that he had been biting his arm in his sleep apparently and that must of worried Natalia enough for her to wake him up. Natalia focused on the wound looking it over realizing he had ripped the flesh up really bad. The flesh was torn up and bleeding badly and she asked, "Where is your first aid kit? I need to treat this wound." Wincing in pain he said, "In the bathroom under the sink." Natalia ran off to get the first aid kit while Phoenix laid on the bed arm burning with pain. Phoenix felt like his arm was on fire he hoped Natalia would be back and treat it soon.

Natalia found the kit and ran back to the bedroom seeing more blood running down his arm than before she quickly ran up to him and opened the kit. Phoenix looked at Natalia his eyes full of pain and said, "It burns I feel like my arm is on fire." Natalia looked worried as she began cleaning the wound very carefully but once she had it cleaned she covered it and wrapped it hoping that he would be ok. Phoenix grabbed her arm as she tried to get up and with pain filled eyes said, "Will you stay in here with me please? My arm really hurts and I don't know what will happen when I fall asleep." She smiled and said, "Of course I will. I want to help you in anyway I can even though I don't know anything about you." Phoenix smiled before wincing from the pain in his arm as he laid his head against the silky soft pillow.