'Damn, that dream was so good!'

These were the thoughts of an ordinary guy. A guy coasting through life as if everything goes in his favour. It does not. In fact, it was about to get very, very unusual for such an ordinary guy.

'But these grades won't get me into that high-school.'

Bringing himself out of his reverie, the ordinary guy stopped stretching his pale arms and took out a folded sheet of paper from his pocket, lazily unfolding it - causing a slight tear. The sheet had eight lines of text. The guy's previously breezy face now wore a slightly lifeless expression.

"What a shame." He sighed.

His eyes were lazily placed on one letter engraved into the sheet – an A.

An A huh?

He glanced at the other letters placed on the sheet.

'Yay,' he thought rather sarcastically, 'three C's'

He didn't bother to register the other four letters on the sheet and instead stuffed it inside his tracksuit's pocket; he then started walking down the path

Despite his ordinary abilities, his appearance stood out in his new environment. Knight Yuudai was part Japanese.

His parents had met when his Father was stationed in Japan. As soon as Knight was conceived, they decided to live in England. Thus, Knight was born and raised in his Father's home country. However, a couple months prior to the present, Knight's parents died – apparently by a car accident as Knight was told. So, after Knight finished his exams he was forced to move in with his Japanese Grandparents.

Although he was biologically part Japanese, he had no Japanese characteristics apart from their average height; instead he had received mostly western features: his dull shaven sides, the colour of deadwood, contrasting to the dark and lustrous hair that lay upon his head. The dark and lustrous hair could almost have been mistaken for jet black, though that probably isn't a fair comparison, as the dark brown fades to an ash fringe. When the dishevelled ash fringe reaches his faded emerald eyes, they oddly protrude into caramel curls.

His hair was definitely his best feature.

His slight case of acne seemed to be concentrated on his right jaw line, spreading to his cheek and scarring his pale complexion.

Due to his foreign appearance, he acquires quite a few looks wherever he ends up. A few people rushing past him had already given him some glances, as did a girl sat on a public bench a few metres away. Knight had become quite impervious to this and thus, took no notice. However, the girl seemed to be more than just glancing at him. In fact, it seemed like she was tracking his every move.

Still being oblivious to this fact he stopped walking and turned to his right.

Ah, that must be the place

His eyes lay upon what should become his new high-school; Knight knew that with those grades, that wouldn't be the case.

Knight walked to the edge of the pavement and, waiting for the traffic light to turn green, placed his hands comfily within his pockets.

He saw a small four by four pass the crossing and looked up at the red light.

He then looked to see if any more cars were coming. In the distance he noticed not a car but a large white truck.

Come on, turn green already that truck won't be here for a couple minutes.

The light changed to green. Nice, Knight thought as he dawdled across the road.

Well, this is qui- Knight began to think before his idle thoughts were squashed by a blaring horn that coursed through the air. Startled by this sudden deafening sound, Knight fell to the floor.

Shit! Knight felt the hard asphalt surface press against his body. As he scrambled back to his feet, he saw the truck approaching and for some odd reason, despite beeping, it hadn't slowed down.

A chill began to run down his spine and his senses began to go numb; he then begun to wonder if this was how he would be transported to another world.

The truck had gotten closer and it still hadn't slowed down. Actually, it seemed to be going a lot faster. Knights heart began to beat rapidly as he was frozen in fear.

A soft, strident scream pierced Knight's thought and cut off the fear numbing his body. Without looking at the truck he dived forwards, his heart now slamming his chest.

Feeling the bare hard ground press against his face, he realized he had dove face flat onto the ground, with his hands failing to provide support; they were trapped inside his pockets.

'Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow.' Knights heart began to relax.

He took out his quivering hands and lifted himself up, failing to ignore the pain. Knight stood there for a few seconds, processing what had happened.

'Did that Guy just try and kill me?' Knight pondered, forgetting about the odd scream he had heard. 'That was definitely a green light… right?'

"Mister." Before Knight could doubt reality any longer, he heard a girlish voice cry his name. Knight inadvertently looked in the direction of the voice, which came from where he was nearly transported to another world.

Knight saw a small brunette girl running towards him, "Mister" she cried once more. Knight turned around. '*Sigh*, please don't bother me.' He thought rather emptily whilst trying to ignore many 'misters' he could hear. After a few seconds, however, the girl had evidently had enough.

"MISTER" she cried, seeming like she was at the last straw. '*Sigh*, what will they think if I ignore a little girl.' Knight asked himself as he noticed quite a few looks of disgust. He began to turn around when a stentorian roar burned his ears.


Knights whole body trembled. His thoughts swallowed by that deafening roar as the empty noise rung in his ears. Desperate to escape this suffering, Knight slammed his hands against his ears, his face contorting into an expression of agony. His body gave way, throwing Knight to the floor. Not bothering to protect himself the rough pavement ripped his skin. His hands were still clutching his head. His body was now quivering. Forcing an eye open Knight saw no one else in pain. For a matter of fact, no one had even noticed him suffering.

Knights thoughts finally broke through the dinning roar, what the hell is this shit? Knight wondered whilst enduring the strange, trembling pain. How has no one else heard this pain? Why the hell has no one even glanced at me? They stare as I walk by but possess no care to me when I'm hurt, what the hell is happening? Knight continued to barrage himself with questions he knew he would never find an answer for.

"Excuse me?" This soft voice hushed the thought-splitting noise and the ringing in his ears. The trembling ceased and the pain had vanished as well. Confused, Knight relaxed his body and took his hands away from his distressed face.

'What the hell?' Knights thoughts were hazy as his eyes creaked open to reveal the cloudy sky over head. His back felt stiff laying on the hard pavement beneath him. The weariness overwhelming his body was accompanied by a sense of tranquillity as his heavy eyelids closed themselves once more. '...just a few more minutes...I can relax for just a few more minutes...'

Those moments stretched on far longer than he anticipated as he drifted off into a blissful slumber shortly thereafter.

"Excuse meeee, Misterrrrr?" He heard the same soft voice repeat a few minutes later

Knight's mind was roused by the soft, abrupt calling of along with the sensation of his arms being shaken.

With his eye-lids drowsily clamped together, he uneagerly changed into a sitting position and proceeded to softly tear open his eyes with a slight rub of the palm, "What… the fuck?" The world around him changed in an instant, almost like someone had switched camera angles in his brain. The strange, sudden influx of information startled him, making him feel dizzy as he tried blinking his heavy eye lids several times.

Knight put a hand to his forehead as he contemplated this strange feeling, listening to the sound of his heartbeat s pumping blood through his body. Before an abrupt explosion, ruining his mind, caused his heart beat to fasten.

"Argh, shit!" Knight "The…fuck?" Knight's body felt like it had just woken up from a short nap, though that didn't match up with his current perception. Everything changed from before he clocked out, yet that couldn't be right. He was spluttered. Rushing to clutch his head to soften the explosion.

Suddenly, a wave of serenity calmed the pain infecting his head. Knight felt two small, soft, warm hands cushion his cold, rough, trembling hands.

Knight, regaining his senses, saw a small girl softly clasping his rough hands.

"It's alright mister" She spoke, soothing all of Knights worries, "I'm not sure what happened but I can tell you're in deep pain."

Knight was speechless, he was nearly thoughtless. All his worries were being ebbed away by this girl's soothing voice and soft touch.

A nod of the head was all he could manage.

The girl, still holding his hands, sat down on the wooden bench.

'Wait what?' noticing where he was, Knight had shaken himself from this thoughtless paradise. 'Why the hell am I sat on a bench? Why the-' Noticing the increase in his heart beat, he took a deep breath to calm himself.

"Please take a few moments to calm yourself mister." The innocent girl spoke, loosening her grip.

Knight sat trying to comprehend what the hell had just happened.

'So, I just nearly died after a truck disobeyed the law, and from what I know Japanese crime rates are some of the lowest in the world so I doubt it was a goon out for a joy ride. Anyways, just as I was recollecting myself, I collapsed due to an odd loud noise.' Knight turned to stare into the girl's cloudy eyes, she had now let go of Knight, 'wait a second. She was the one shouting mister and I swear that deafening noise was actually a word, not some mindless noise. Right, it was definitely 'mister' so…' Knight had now grabbed her hand, 'This cute girl must have inflicted that pain from that odd noise but this isn't some fantasy magic world, so that isn't possible.' Knight tried use all his knowledge he had taken in from light novels and fantasy books. 'Wait. If that was actually possible… if this was some fantasy and she was some other-worldly creature with the ability to fuck someone's mind, then why would I be the victim?' Knight was now squeezing the girl's fragile hands.

Knight, thinking hard, had not noticed the middle-schoolers walking towards an officer.

"...officer? Officer! This man is acting incredibly suspicious towards that minor. Officer!" Luckily, the officer seemed too busy stuffing down his donuts and watching the baseball game to hear her.

Though Knight didn't see it, an incompetent officer had saved him.

"Um, mi- mister?" the girl, clutched by Knight's hands, spoke with a slight tremble.

Knight, stuck in deep thought, had not heard the scared girl, but was now continuing to tighten his grip. 'So, if she is the culprit, then what does this mean for me? Am I inches from death?' a cold shudder ran through his body as the thought of joining his parents entered his mind. 'M… maybe controlled that truck to run me over. Maybe she has lured me in with her soft demeanour.' As Knight continued to think of imaginative reasons for this odd situation. He noticed a glimmering tear drop from the girl's face. Knight had only just noticed what this looks like to outsiders.

"Oh, shit."


Knight released his grasp as quick as the speed of light. His face was visually worried. He noticed anti-socials whipping out their cameras, working women dialling 999, 'Shit, shit, what the fuck do I do?'

"Sorry, sorry" Knight hastily tried to apologise. "I'm sorry, I tell you I'm sorry okay." He placed his hands upon her delicate shoulders, "I don't mean any ha-"

Her frightened scream became shrill and penetrating.

"Ah, shit, this is worse!" Knight slammed his hands against his head and clutched his caramel curls, 'What the hell do I do-' his vexatious worries were then made a hundred times worse; he heard a middle-school girl screaming at an officer.

"Officer! OFFICER! This man is ASSAULTING that minor. DO SOMETHING!"

Looking over, to his horror, he didn't see your average officer. The monumental man, dressed in blue, had heard the girl this time. He immediately turned around, dropping his donut and pulling out a hard baton.

"Hey! What the hell are you doing." his voice was almost as loud as that stentorian roar that crippled Knight 10 minutes before. "Get away from her you pedophile!"

Knight's body went limp. 'pedophile… paedophile.' The officer's tragic words singed into Knights mind, 'pedophile… Could he not of spared me the hate and call me a lolicon instead.' As Knight continued to wallow, he fell back, letting his head dangle off the edge of the bench, covering his hide as if to hide from reality.

'So, this is how I spend the rest of my days huh, as a convicted pedophile? Well shit.' Knight had totally given up on restoring the situation, 'maybe the judge will believe me… hahahaha... ha… ha… ha… aaa'

Knight continued to laugh quite sadly to himself, the officer's word 'pedophile' bouncing around his head. However, because of this he had failed to realise that the girl had stopped screaming.

Apparently, the officer and everyone else around had frozen, and so had Knight.

Failing to realise that Knight wasn't conscious, the petite girl crawled slowly upon his lifeless body. "Huh?" She sat on Knights frozen body; her legs, wrapped thigh high by black silk, sprawled on his sides.

"Damn."The innocent girl uttered words that she surely couldn't have meant. 'I didn't mean to this.' She stayed sat on Knight's stomach for a few seconds, her miniskirt spread upon his pants, and released a short, soft sigh, 'oh well.'

She leant forward until her face was less than a centre metre away; her soft, wet lips as good as touching his. She took a breath and then breathed it out slowly onto Knight's chapped lips.

His lifeless body awoke from the girl's warm breath.

"Ungh." Knight was speechless as he opened his eyes. Right in front of him were two beautiful, foggy orbs softly staring into his – 'The hell!'

Knight immediately jumped off the bench and tried to push the girl off of him. Except, she wouldn't come off.

"Hey Mister! That isn't nice." The girl tried exclaiming but all Knight was thinking of was getting away from her and any court case that might be fired his way.

He tried grabbing her hands, but instead, she swivelled round onto his back.

"Why the hell are you using me as some sort of climbing frame?" Knight was getting frustrated.

Before Knight tried slamming her against a wall (and brought the wrath of the Gods upon himself) the girl snuck her hands in front of his face and softly covered Knight's lips. He was immediately calmed.

"Mister." She whispered; her hot breath caressing his ear. "Look around."

Knight did as he was told: He saw the huge officer frozen in a running pose, cars stuck in motion and a large crowd staring right at him. Knight had to remind himself that they couldn't move - 'I know they are probably stuck like that but I swear, if they start moving, I'm dead. I better move from here so if they come to, they won't know where to find me, I'll worry about what the hell happened later.' After coming to this conclusion, Knight tried to raise his arms to get into a running form. His hands, however, were trapped by the girl's white legs. 'Oh, for fucks sake.'

The weight of this girl was of course unknown to Knight, though she felt a lot heavier than she looked, 'Where's she storing all this fat?' he idly wondered.

"Ack" Knight squealed.

"Oh, I'm sorry" The girl had kicked his liver with her dangling feet. "Total accident."

Ignoring this empty apology Knight wondered what the hell was up with her, 'I can't get a read on her personality at all. She seemed so innocent but no innocent girl would randomly do that...unless she knew what I thought.' Knight shuddered as that disturbing thought entered his mind.

The girl then jumped off of the human climbing frame and stood in front of him, staring intently with her misty eyes.

This was the first time Knight had gotten a proper look at the girl, all he remembered was her alluring hot breath, though Knight pushed this to the back of his mind as she was just a kid and he didn't want the FBI asking for his location.

The girl had shoulder length chocolate hair, apart from a couple strands extending past her shoulders, dropping down her back. Knight saw the back reflected of a shop window. The extension was on top of her shoulder length hair and was tied in place buy a black silk ribbon. 'Man, she really loves silk.' thought Knight as he looked down to see her legs covered by black silk, though the coverage stopped at the thigh.

"Zettai ryouiki" Muttered Knight (this refers to the area of bare skin from over-knee/thig high socks and a miniskirt) Knight loved this combination of skirts and thigh highs.

"Mister. Please can you remove your eyes from down there." The girl went bright red, though she definitely had a hint of anger in her face, her words did not show it.

Knight didn't bother to apologise and just shook his head as he removed his glare from her thighs.

As Knight focused on her face, he began to feel, that it was unnatural, just like the unnatural weight of the girl. Her face didn't suit chocolate coloured hair. It was quite peculiar. Her face was too innocent. Knight knew she weren't all innocent after being kicked by her before. Something was definitely off about her.

'Wait. Who the he'll has grey eyes?' Knight wondered as his eyes found hers. He was too busy with the crowd he had gained to notice her strange eyes before now.

"I'm sorry for all this trouble mister."


A horrid thought crossed his mind. 'No, no. Please don't be what I think. All this trouble? Why is she apologising for that?' Knight worried. 'AHHHH, she's just that type of nice kid to apologise for other people's misfortune…' He told himself.

"I'm sorry for trying to kill you. I'm really sorry Mister"

All the life that was inside of Knight escaped into the blowing wind, making Knight's body go cold. His faded emerald eyes looked even more lifeless as he dropped his head in sheer disbelief.

'No way. How…. How?' His thoughts were muddled.

The girl gathered Knight's cold hands and a warmth spread through them. The life returned to his body. His thoughts could now be clear.

"It's alright Mister, I'll explain everything. Trust me." The girl spoke softly, as if she didn't want to trouble Knight anymore.

"Yeah you will." Knight didn't care about her 'innocence'. 'I swear this has happened before. I swear I was in sheer disbelief and all of a sudden, I was back to thinking clear. What the hell is going on. She better explain it.'

"Oh, I'm sorry if you misunderstood but I can't explain yet. I have to…" Her voice trailed off and a cute smile appeared. "I'm sorry."

"No. What were you going to say?" Knight wanted to understand now. This was not normal. He needed to know.

"Okay then. For this I truly am sorry." her cute smile was one of sadness. She raised his hands and placed her lips softly against them.

'The fuck' Knight tried to hide the fact that this made him happy, he had never been kissed before, if you could call it one.

"Sorry it had to be you." The strange girl dropped Knight's hands, careful not to disturb his him.

"What?" Knight was puzzled.

The girl placed her hands upon Knight's stomach, 'what the hell?' Knight was really confused now.

"Whoa. " the girl weakly pushed Knight. "What was that for?" Knight asked, but the girl simply averted her gaze. 'Wait a second. I swear I was closer to the bench than this. How did I get to the road? Did she push me a couple steps? Weird.'

He looked back at the girl. She had lifted her arm up and looked as if she was bout the click her fingers.

"Hey… What are you doing?" he asked her, holding back the urge to address her as a 'weirdo' after her earlier stunt.

She ignored Knight yet again and clicked her small, soft fingers.

A blaring horn coursed through the air.

"What the fuck…" Knight slowly turned his head to see a large white truck inched from his face.

"THE-" Knight was cut off as the truck collided with his whole body.