There'd been nothing unusual about this chill, rainy London evening; still, Elisabeth hated that her parents were to venture out in the storm and she felt no qualms about making her feelings known.

So far, her parents hadn't paid much heed to her.

"I find it rather inconsiderate that the Williams refuse to cancel their gathering tonight."

Mr. and Mrs. Miller were well on their way out the door when she blurted this statement out. When her parents turned toward her, with varying degrees of bemusement etched onto their faces, she instantly wished she could retract it. The Williams, after all, were kind people and undeserving of rude remarks of any sort. It was not their fault that, for some inexplicable reason, she'd had a bad feeling all day about her parent's attendance t the small party their friends had invited them to.

"Liss, you are not feeling ill, are you? It's not quite like you to behave this way," Mr. Miller said, brows furrowed. That was the closest he would get to even hinting at disapproval.

"I apologize. It just seems rather dangerous for travel right now. . ."

How weak and silly that sounded, even to her ears.

Her mother smiled as she placed a comforting hand on Elisabeth's cheek.

"It is only a bit of rain, Elisabeth. And besides, it isn't as if we're traveling a long distance."

Her father chuckled. "It's nothing we haven't ventured out in before. I can assure you that your mother and I will be fine. Do not worry. We shall be back in a few hours."

She bit her lip, wishing to say more, but knowing that even their patience must end somewhere. She simply nodded and returned their embrace, before watching them disappear behind a wall of rain.