Open Season

The sound of your name was a bang!

It startled all the critters.

In the mad scramble for cover,

I didn't even flinch.

Between the quiet breaths and stillness

I remind and call myself survivor

No longer bait

No longer prey

I recognize this danger

Your arrows flew and found their mark

Though you barely took your aim

And in the space of just two heartbeats

I was made victim once again.

You have a keen, sharp, knack, Once Lover,

For making healed scars bleed.

You make entry wounds tear from the inside

From your games for fun and not for need.

Like how you brought me down four summers past

And while there helpless you just took and left

I mourned your loss, I called you careless

But I would never have thought you cruel.

Until now.

When I found that you had used

The same eyes, same mouth, same blade

That still dripped, sleek and warm with my scarlet

To cut some other doe eyes dead

What awesome skills you have my Hunter

That you had gone and stabbed and tricked her

But it is I, now, who's reeling and bleeding.


But I will land on my feet

And lick my wounds as before,

Because for all your clever lies, damned poacher

You forget I have nine lives.