James Carmody 2

Acting 1.

Professor Pepe.

James Carmody.


Characterization Chart for "Brad"

Age is roughly 28.

Sex (gender) is male.

Height is roughly 5ft 8in.

Weight is about 185 lb.

Hair Color: flat black.

Eye Color: Brownish-Grey.

Skin Color: white but tanned a bit.

Posture: tends to stand roughly straight, but with a very slight slouch.

Appearance: His most notable trait is a scruffy black beard that is looking like he hasn't shaved in a few days, but isn't fully pronounced.

Defects: These are mostly to his judgment, not physical defects- he's a bit foolish.

Class: apparently he's of upper middle class- financially speaking.

Occupation: recently lost his, but worked in an office.

Education: At least High-School Educated.

Home Life: Pretty much lives alone (or so we think!)

Religion: Not a major factor in his life.

Race/Nationality: his race is probably Western European, or just plain European, as for his Nationality: pretty certain he is (or was) a US Citizen.

Place in Community: unknown- probably just plain young male looking to make his way in the world.

Political Affiliation: No known one, probably not a major part of his life.

Amusement: hanging out with friends, playing tricks on people about who he is.

He's a ghost in denial about being a ghost for most of the story. He and his friend Jerry played a number of tricks on people for the past six months, then they decided to move on and 'get their report cards' as I often think of it. He's in denial until his friend Jerry informs him of what happened and helps him to recall their deaths- at which point a conflict almost breaks out between them, but their bond is too strong. He's also a bit foolish as to what entertainments to engage in: getting drunk is one of his pastimes. He's basically the unstable one who seeks fun in bad situations and places- kind of a "prodigal child" in the context of the Biblical Parable of the "Prodigal Son".