she left home early; after two hours she had to go to the studio of her friend who was a painter and who was going to make a portrait of her; she thought there was sunlight and it was the perfect day to lay on the beach which was much nearby her house; as soon as she arrived there she took off all her clothes and nude laid on the sand; her full breasts and pubic hair glittered under the sunshine; one passerby that was walking nearby stopped as soon as he saw her; he went to a place nearby, a quiet corner where his looks would not disturb her and sat in order to look at her; two men that were laying on the beach nearby somehow altered the tones and speed of their conversation and time after time took a look at her blossomed body; quietly and gently not to disturb her; the same with two men that were standing at the shore; time after time they would turn their heads and admire the nude that was standing still enjoying the rays of the sun; as time went by a lot of people that were passing by would slightly turn their heads and look at her breasts, her pubic hair, her thighs; it all went on for two hours and then she began to wear her clothes and headed to the studio of her friend; she had promised to pose nude for him and she was getting a bit late this time; she walked for twenty minutes and then as soon as she entered she took off her clothes leaving them at the chair and lay on the bed; her friend in appetite and content just as before a good meal began his drawing;