I took a deep breath as I walked into the changing room. I quickly noticed that hanging from a hook that had been drilled onto the back of the door hung a simple, black dress with a low cut front. I also noticed that laying beside the dress just a few feet from the door was an old cardboard box. Curiosity quickly overcame me and I quickly reached down and started to dig through the confines. And I soon found out that the box was filled with accessories that went with the dress. The list of accessories included solid black stocking, faux leather shoes, an white lacy apron and finally a black velvet choker.

As I released my held in breath, I gently pushed upon the door and closed it. I then reached up and took the dress from the iron hanger. There was no escaping my fate now, I had best get on with it. Once the dress was off the hanger, I kicked off the plastic white sandals I was wearing and peeled off the pastel pink and white sundress I was wearing. Once I had stripped down to just my bra and panties, I started to slip on the dress. Once the dress was on, I quickly noticed the dress seemed to fit me like a glove.

I guess before I go any further into my tell, I should first tell you a little about myself and how I came to be wearing such a dress. We'll the reason is quite simple really, you see the cheerleading program at Benton Academy is chiefly funded through either fundraisers, donations or private gifts. But fundraisers are the chief means for generating money. And in order to raise money for the upcoming season, we decided to vote a little. The vote was simple, if you donated five dollars you could either vote for me to get slimed at the annual school fete, a celebration honoring all new students and welcoming back the returning students. Anyway for five dollars you could either vote for me to get slimed wearing the classic "French Maid" costume or you could vote for another girl called Violet to get slimed wearing an "Sailor Moon'' Cosplay, Sailor Moon being the main character and the title of a popular magical girl anime.

Anyway voting came to an end around four days ago and the votes were counted around two days ago, and the final tally was and this blew me away was Violet came in second place with twenty seven votes and I came first with around forty two votes. At first, I could hardly believe it, and I spent a good day walking around in something of a hazy daze. I had after all never considered myself to be popular, I had never been voted for anything, not a homecoming princess or class president, so to say I was surprised was an understatement. I mean, I mean normally it's the most popular girl that people vote to get slimed for these types of events.

Anyway, once I finished slipping on the dress, I took another, deeper breath and gathered up my courage. I then walked over to the full floor length mirror that had been provided to check out my reflection. The image that appeared in the mirror was of a young brunette woman, who wore her hair down like me. A velvet, black bow choker was tied around her neck, a flattering black dress that made my modest chest look bigger than it really was, no compiling here. The hem of the dress was short as well, it fell barely above my knees. The solid black stocking though seemed to offer a little modesty. And the faux leatherette just seemed to tie the whole thing together in a nice and neat little package.

Once I was dressed, I took another deep breath, once more gathered up courage and boldly I pushed open the heavy wooden door, I was greeted by a sudden onrush of warm late summer air as I stepped onto the concrete walkway that wrapped around the washroom. A few minutes later, I found myself surrounded by dozens and dozens of people. All of them were dressed to the nines if you will. The young gentleman all wore navy blue or dark blue blazers, white or pastel colored button down shirts. Some wore ties, others did not. All wore gray, dust or charcoal colored slacks and brown dress shoes though.

The young ladies either wore their hair up in a stylish ponytail or down, all of them wore light cotton, pastel colored sundresses that were accessorized with bracelets of either gold, silver and earrings that sparked like stars. Plastic saddles rounded out their outfits.

The air was also filled with the sound of laughter and music along with the already mentioned sounds of laughter and music, the smell of burning charcoal perfumed the air along with the sweating of beef franks, big, thick hamburger patties dripping grease and fat onto the hot coals, and the general smells of your normal late summer gathering. Another wave of heat passed over my cheeks as I started to wade into the crowd. Then I noticed it, rising above the heads of the people were four wooden posts that had hammered into the ground eons ago. A large oak beam ran across the fox formed by the wooden post. Suspended from the middle of the beam was a large bucket. Sitting right under the bucket was a wooden chair. This foreboding struck had been given of "The Gunge Gallows" years ago when it was first completed.

Standing beside the "The Gunge Gallows" was a pretty blonde woman, she was in the same class as me, she was cheerfully chatting with another girl. She wore a pretty flower print dress, her blonde hair reached down to her shoulders. Her baby blue eyes seemed to sparkle like two sapphires in the early afternoon sunshine and after a minute or two she caught sight of me, a broad smile graced her face as she waved me over.

"Oh Wendy!" She said smiling as she leaned over and gave me a little. "I'm so glad you showed up! I thought for a minute I might have to woman up and put on that dress." She then stepped back and smiled toward me as she looked up and down. I was briefly reminded of somebody sizing up a chuck roast for Sunday dinner. Or daddy critiquing a steak. After a few tense minutes she finally gave me a nod of approval. "Looking cute girly-girl." She said starting circle around me in a manner that reminded me of a lioness stalking a zebra out in the open, rolling grasslands of the savanna.

"So are you ready?" She asked me while smiling ear to ear as she finished circling me, "Because we really need to get this show on the road if you catch my drift. We took in a ton of donations, it would be a crying shame if we had to return them now." She said taking a few steps back from me. She folded her arms across her chest and fixed with with a look that could melt through a solid wall of ice.

I nodded my head. To be honest, I was quite tongue tied right now. The weight of the moment was weighing heavily upon my mind and shoulders. Even though I knew there was little to no escaping for me.

"Good," Violet said as she cleared her throat and turned toward the crowd. She drew in a deep breath and then in a loud, commanding, booming voice that carried over the bedlam of noises. A voice, I will call her cheerleading voice if you she cried. "Hey, attention everyone, may I please have your attention!"

A half a second later, all eyes had turned toward us. Violet nodded her approval, she then took a deep breath as she cleared her throat and in the same, loud, clear voice, again her cheerleading voice, she called out again.

"So I would like to thank you guys for coming out to this little gathering. And I hope y'all have been enjoying. I would like to take a moment and thank a few people who made this little party possible. First I would like to thank Lily and Jamie Potters mom and dad for donating the hot dogs, hamburgers, sausage dogs and cokes." She said point with her hands toward two blonde hair and blue eyed girls who were standing toward the far back of the crowd. "And for Mr. and Mrs. Swayze for agreeing to chaperon our little party." She paused just long enough to allow Mr. And Mrs. Sqayze to stand up and receive a round of applause. Once the clapping died down, violet once more turned her full attention toward me.

"So, as many of you know. For the last month or so we've been holding something of a causal gunge vote between Wendy and I. If you donated five or more dollars you would get to vote on which one of us would get slimed her at this little fete. And if I was chosen, I would get slimed wearing a Sailor Moon cosplay and if Wendy here was chosen, she would get slimed wearing a very naughty french maid cosplay. As you all can tell, Wendy here is wearing the french maid dress and so she the one going to get slimed. Anyway I'm pleased as punch to say that we managed to raise a grand total of three hundred and forty five dollars for the Benton Academy High School Cheerleading Program."

The crowd then erupted into a loud chorus of cheers, clapping and whooping, the sound of their jubilation filled the air as Violet announced how much money had been raised through the fund raising gunge vote. Once the cheering, clapping and whooping started to quiet down, all eyes once more turned toward me as Violet offered me her hand, trembling from the top of my head toward the toes in my feet, I slipped my hand into her ears and was guided toward the wooden chair that sat in the middle of the tank. Trembling, I allowed myself to be guided into the tank and I slowly eased my bottom down into the wooden seat. Once I was seated, I placed my hands down at my side and took a deep breath as I watched Violet move toward the side of the tank. She then reached down and wrapped her fingers around the long piece of brown rope that would release the gunge.

"Okay guys, give me a countdown, starting at three!" She shouted at the top of her lungs.

The crowd started to chant, "ONE!" They shouted at the top of their lungs. It was quickly followed by "TWO!" The roar of their voices of defining and finally an ear splitting "THREE!" was bellowed out. As soon as they reared the number three Violet gave the rope a good hard tug and the barrel above me flipped over. I closed my eyes and shrieked as the waterfall of gunge poured down upon me, the gunge came pouring down, splashing my shoulders, soaking my hair and running down the front of the dress.

The gunge was also ice cold, and sticky, it had also been flavored with something that smelled like berries, the sugary smell filled my noise as the gunge kept pouring down, covering my shoulders, working through the roots of my hair, and finally pooling on the ground below me. I could only sit there give the crowd something between a smile and a smirk. I guess this was the price of being popular. Oh what a way to start the new school year too. Finally after what seemed like forever and a day, the gunge stopped dripping. Slowly I stood up, the gunge that had pooled in my lap just poured down onto the ground. My dress was saturated in the sticky blue goop. Carefully, I stepped out of the tank and onto the grass.

Since all the eyes were zoomed in on me, I offered the crowd a little wave before carefully stepping toward the bathroom. I had quite a chore ahead of, getting all the gunge out of my hair. And that's where my tale comes to an end. It was quite a fun way to start the school year, and it was the talk of the town for a good two weeks before another more powerful rumor about a witch attending our school started to float around. Small things generate a considerable amount of excitement in small southern towns.