What are you doing praying for the end?
Don't you know loneliness is your friend?
God is no longer observing your fate
Satan stands behind you because he can relate
You can't ignore the voices in your head
Because they'll go to someone else instead
We're the only ones who truly love you
Misery is all you'll feel and go through
We're the ones who brought you that boy
To play with your love as if you were a toy
Don't you know we told him to leave,
so, at night you cry into your sleeve?
God can no longer help nor hear
Satan stands by and lets you near
I'd like to think we're doing a good job
You've hit the floor with enough force to throb
We pull you down and take your friends away
then leave you in the dark where you always stay
No matter what you think you receive
Fear is all you can really believe