Chapter 1: Destruction

Screams. Terror and pain were heard everywhere in the battle of Sorrow. On a field of skeletons and dead plants, surrounded with dust, many warriors and mages did all their best with their elemental powers to stop him. Many of them failed and perished. The Emperor of Anguish, wearing sturdy pitch-black armor, slashed many who stood in his way. He then removed his helmet revealing a pale-skinned man whose face is filled with small scars, having light brown hair. He fell on his knees on the field where he dropped his ragged spear, on which a dark flag painted with red animal claw markings connected to it, on the ground as if he gave up.

Sir Alfred. A fire knight wearing black armor with a stamp of a dark red phoenix on his waist and a small grey cape hovering from his shoulders came standing in front of him with a shimmering sword, decorated with jewels of different colors in his hands. In his eyes, there was only a wish to kill. But before he had the chance, the Emperor of Anguish started laughing out loud maniacally and broke his spear in pieces. "You think killing me means that you have finally won? You and all of your people will suffer until you have experienced the worst deaths imaginable!" The Emperor screamed "Which will be now! Come forth! Beast of Sorrow!" Sir Alfred killed him when he finished talking. Not even a second after, a black monster, more horrifying than anything they have seen before appeared out of the foggy sky. The beast had a dragon's head and wings, its body was akin to that of a gorilla, with a tiger's tail, and teeth the size of an adult man. It grabbed the dead Emperor and ate him bit by bit.

As the soldiers looked at the tragic scene, all they could do was stand silently. They were completely taken over by fear. Many have thrown up after seeing the Beast of Sorrow flying above them and devouring the emperor. "What do we do now General?" one of the soldiers asked Sir Alfred. He answered saying that he is going to kill it. "How?" asked the soldier. He didn't respond. He started chanting a spell and held his sword up high. "Divine spirit Ignia, one who serves us. Give me the beautiful blaze you guard to kill this sorrow above us." As he finished his chanting, a fire started surrounding him and his sword. Red markings, that look like wings, started glowing on his face. The flame surrounding his sword formed a gigantic beam of fire big enough to create a canyon. The flame traveled around his sword until it reached the ground, surrounding him and turning into gallant red wings that look like ones of a swan. He flew high into the sky and pointed his sword to the horrifying beast. The beast and Sir Alfred flew towards each other at alarming speeds to kill one another. The beast was screeching a horrible and disgusting sound while flying towards Sir Alfred, while he was being completely quiet during the flight, with a dead look in his eyes. They finally reached one another. The tension grew in the air. The sad soldiers looked at their general with hope as he killed the beast in one blow. Applause. Every survivor felt joy. After so many years the War of Anguish has finally ended. When the army of the Natumagi people has arrived in the capital city Yunia, they had a huge victory celebration. The townsfolk were overjoyed by their victory. The next day Sir Alfred was crowned as Lord Alfred, the first ruler of the After-Sorrow era. The first change he made was to create an organization that will protect everyone. It was called the Organization of the Grand 4. The Lord gave his new organization the codex: "To bring this world to its fated happiness, we will protect it!

"Alice?" asked a gentle voice.