A week later, Kenzo and Watson's wedding has come.

Kenzo and Watson's family are watching them say how much they love each other.

"So, will you tell them about you know, the world of magic?" asked Kenzo.

"Sure, after we get married", Watson winked.

"So, do you take Watson as your husband?" asked the elf of peace.

Kenzo gasps as he sees The man is really an elf.

"Surprised", Watson whispered.

The elf clears his throat.

"I do", said Kenzo.

"And Watson, do you take Kenzo as yours?" asked The elf of peace.

"I do", said Watson.

"Then, I pronounce you married, you can kiss", said the elf of the peace.

Watson kisses Kenzo on the lips.

"You owe me ten bucks", Zoey told Addison.

Addison hands Zoey ten bucks with a smirk.

"You did that bet on purpose", Zoey complained.

"Duh! I already knew what was going to happen", Addison laughed.

"Clever girl", said Mila.

"So, how are you going to prove the existence of magic?" asked Kenzo, while following Watson to the garden.

"Easy, they are coming, and I need you to summon that magician", said Watson.

"Sure, but I need a marker", said Kenzo.

Watson helps put a circle on Kenzo's hand.

"Bring forth my friend of light", said Kenzo, with his eyes glowing.

The circle disappears off his hand and it reappears in the air, Beau barks seeing that, this makes everybody turn around to see the circle.

"What is that?" asked Zoey.

"Something special", said Addison.

"Addison, you know about this?" asked Mila.

"Well, you see I'm a magic believer, and because of your Ray of hope, you can see magic too", said Addison.

"No way, is that a magician?" asked Jaxtyn, shocked.

"Forget him, check out the portal over there", said Kylo, as he sees elves hopping out of the portal.

"Elves, no way", said Nora.

"Sup, Addison", said a female elf wearing a white dress and heels.

"Hi, Harper", Addison smiled.

Harper walks to Addison, gets on her knees, and says "Want to play now?"

"Absolutely, did you find my necklace?" answered Addison.

Harper shows a necklace that's in her hand, and puts it around Addison's neck.

"Great, I'm going to show you the game, soccer", said Addison, pulling Harper's hand.

"Teacher, are we really free to be in the human world?" asked a female elf with green hair.

"You are, since I'm officially married", Watson smiled.

"Great, , can I go to talk to your brother?" asked the green-haired elf.

"Of course", said Kenzo.

The elf ran to Jaxtyn and made him disappear.

Kylo looked baffled.

"Don't worry, he'll be fine", said Watson.

"Maybe we should try giving them an explanation", Kenzo suggested.

"Good idea, Zoey looks like she's about to have a heartache", Watson pointed out.

Kenzo takes Watson's hand and gets on the stage, grabs the microphone, and says "Everybody call down!"

After hearing that, everybody stopped even the elves.

Kenzo hands the microphone to Watson.

"I know you are all excited, but my new family is a little startled, so my students sit down for a little bit", Watson tells the elves.

The elves follow Watson's instructions.

"Mom,Kylo, Ms. Zoey and Ms. Nora, I know this all very crazy, believe me I was just as shocked as all you are,heck I'm still shocked. Since, it's been a week", Kenzo smiled.

Kenzo sighed.

"You see magic is real, but only people who believe can see it", said Kenzo.

"And since we got married the locked beliefs you had opened and now you can see what Kenzo, Addison, and myself could see", said Watson.

"Wait. Wait. Before you continue, you mean to tell me that there's an actual magical world, that these elves were born from and you teach them, Watson?" asked Nora.

"I am these elves, teacher, so yes for your question, there is a realm they are born from", Watson nodded.

"Well, I can't believe it", Mila replied.

"Mom, then how do you explain what you are seeing, what we are all seeing?" asked Kenzo.

"Well,I...I.." Mila stuttered.

"Ms. Mila, you always used to say, seeing is believing, was that a lie?" Addison pointed out.

"No, it wasn't, and if Watson and Kenzo believe that magic is real, and I'm seeing proof, then I believe too", Mila decided.

"Question, can we check out this magical realm or not?" asked Kylo.

"You seem calm about this", Nora pointed out.

"I want to see some monsters, and maybe use some magic", said Kylo, with sparkles in his eyes.

"I knew that guy actually was into fantasy", Kenzo whispered.

"I heard you, wait, but why?" questioned Kylo.

"Well, you see people that see magic, can be given powers", said Watson.

"Wait, you mean we can get powers or just one power?" asked Mila, surprised.

"It's actually powers, you can choose any power, you wish", said Watson.

"Really? Let me try it out", said Nora.

Nora makes a white aura surround her and changes into a teen, wearing a fluffy pink dress with brown, headband, two rings, and white heels, holding a scepter that has a moon signs on it.

"Whoa!" gasped everybody.

"Cool, I'll give it a chance", said Kenzo.

A red aura takes the form of bats that surround Kenzo, he grows fangs, small horns, and reveals his huge bat wings after the bats show Kenzo.

"Kenzo, are you sure, you want to pick that kind of power?" asked Watson, shocked.

"Of course, because I'm in complete", said Kenzo, with a smile.

"Then, I guess it's my turn", said Zoey.

Zoey makes flowers surround her, given cat ears, tail, and her outfit changes into a yellow dress.

"How adorable!" reacted one of the elves.

"Watson, what power did you choose?" asked Kenzo.

"I never choose one", said Watson.

"We're not leaving until you pick one", said Zoey.

"But, I don't know what to pick", said Kenzo.

All of them huddle except Watson.

"I have an idea", said Addison.

Addison takes Watson and Kenzo's hand and leads them back into the house, Beau and Rocco follow them.

In the house, Addison makes a magic wand appear and taps Watson.

Watson gets a black suit, Cape, hat, shoes, and a mask.

"A magician", said Kenzo.

"Not just that", said Addison. "Try moving that table with your mind".

Watson closes his eyes and starts moving everything all around him and his hair is floating.

"Just as I thought, okay let's go", said Addison.

"No problem", Kenzo smiled, then a portal opened and from it came a small female elf with long blond hair, wearing a white cloak holding a staff.

"Watson, the grand council wants to see you and your new family", and the female elf, with an empty look on her face.

"Really? That's fast, I guess you'll get to see the magical world, I've been apart of as well", said Watson.

"I'll be your guide, but the grand council wants to meet you alone first", said the female elf.

"Alright, everybody fine with that?" asked Watson, looking at Kenzo.

"Of course, but you better promise that we get some alone time", said Kenzo.

"Of course", said Watson, then kisses Kenzo on the lips.

Addison jumps with a smile on her face.

The Female elf clears her throat, then Kenzo and Watson separate.

"Come on", said the Female elf.

"Got it", said Watson.

Watson, Kenzo, and Addison follow the female elf into the portal.

The female elf also takes Mila, Jaxtyn, Kylo, Beau, Zoey, and Nora, and Rocco into the magical world.