Underneath a blood-stained sky, the demons flew from the pits of hell out of the opened Gates, lifting their enormous wings and flying to the sky. The demons were horrifying. The creatures walked on all fores, on human-shaped claws. Their bat-like wings look like leather. Their skin was so thin like paper, every bone could be seen in their body's. They looked like humans except they're cold empty black eyes, and large mouse with six rows of teeth that could tear a human body to shreds. They had human shapes, but he knew damn well they're less than that.

Agustin had seen many wars, and bloodshed, but he had never been frozen with this kind of fear before. A feeling of dread and despair slowly swept over him as he could do nothing but watch the demons fly from the pits of hell, and to freedom, out of the old church's doors. Agustin and Brysan stood there, memorized by what they were actually seeing. He couldn't tear his eyes from the horrifying seen that was forming in front of him, even if he had wanted to.

Agustin felt Brysan's hand tightened around his. He squeezed his hand gently in return.

Agustin had opened the Gate's of hell before, but this time was somehow different. When he opened to hell before it was not to this extent. No demon, nor fire rained out as it was now. Was it because it was Brysan who opened the gate's of hell? Or was It because what he had opened before wasn't a gate, but just a door?

He glanced over at Brysan, Who was staring at the demons flying out of the pits of hell in horror. Their not safe here, Brysan was not safe here. Agustin had to get him to a safe place.

"Come on!" He shouted, and began to pull Brysan to his feet and from the Church, when Agustin's legs gave way. He collapsed to the ground. He suddenly felt weaker than he had before. He started to breathe heavy. Agustin's strength just had gave out.

"Agustin!" Brysan shouted, his voice touched with panic. He fell to his knees beside him, and placed his hand on his back. "Agustin!"

Agustin hadn't realized it before, he was trembling all over. He tried to get to his feet, but his shaking legs protested. He looked at Brysan. His hazel eyes was full of worry and panic. His face covered with soot and ash. His hair was plastered to his face from sweat.

"It's okay," He said quietly, placing his hand on Brysan's cheek gingerly. "I'm just a little weak, I'll be fine."

"But-" Brysan began when one of the flight bat like creatures came swooping down a towards them.

Agustin pushed Brysan to the ground by his shoulder, at the same time lifting his sword and cutting off one of the creatures wings. It lost its balance with only one wing, and crashed 5 feet from them. Brysan snatch the sword from him, Got to his feet, and walked to the hellish creature, and logged off its head. He turned to Agustin. His eyes lit up by a rad hot hatred, and pure rage that burned within them. Agustin had never seen that look in his eyes before, and it terrified him for reasons that he yet cannot put into words.

Brysan helped Agustin to his feet. "Were are we?" Asked Brysan, putting his arm around Agustin's shoulders, his hand around his waist. They started walking, though they had no idea there Direction.

"London." Agustin replied quietly.

"Why? How did I get here? How did you get here?"

"Bloise took you, I came after, I teleported here. And I'm guessing that Bloise did as well. You do not remember?"

"Bits and pieces."

Agustin studied him carefully. Did he truly remember nothing from moments ago?

"I remember the fire dragon," Brysan grunted. "I remember Ernestine getting stabbed, and Aden getting hurt. Alverta, Leosa, being thrown across Central Park. Kai falling from the sky. Amberly, and you falling to sleep. Then I was here, with you. And that's it."

Agustin's heart sank to the pet of his stomach. Perhaps he doesn't remember all the things he said. Perhaps that would be best.

"Ernestine, and everyone else-"

"Their all okay."

Agustin heard a sigh of relief leave Brysan's lips.

When they were a safe distance away from the church, and where they couldn't hear the demons terrifying howling he helped Agustin sit on the cold grass. He sat next to him. For a long while neither one of them spoke. They sat there in silence. As they sat there something slowly occurred to Agustin. Something that didn't come to him right away.

He looked around them. The air felt cool on his face. The wind blew gently making his hair move ever-so-slightly in the gentle breeze. The stars were shining bright in the midnight sky. The moon's pale light lit up the area. But all looked well.

Brysan must have came to the same conclusion, because he had gotten to his feet. He looked around in silence for a few moments, then turned to Agustin, eyes wide.

"Why aren't the demons attacking?" He asked, His expression unreadable.

He looked at him for a moment,Then shook his head. "I do not know."

Something was wrong, extremely wrong. There was something in the air. Something's telling him this is going to be a very long night. Looked like the storm ahead of them is going to be a bad one.

Suddenly Brysan let out a yell, and grabbed his head. Agustin struggled to get to his feet. He went to his fiance, Who was kneeling on his knees.

"Bry! My soul! Talk to me!" He placed his hand on his lower back.

"His. .calling me. ." he said in a strangled voice.


He looked up at him. "Abaddon."

When he heard the whisper leave Brysan's lips, his heart sunk. For the name that Brysan spoke hasn't been spoken in over a millenia.

Agustin slowly Rose to his feet, pulling Brysan along with him. "We have to go NOW!"

Agustin maybe the most powerful warlock of his time, but not even he can take on Abaddon and survive, especially in the state he's in right now.

Brysan's eyes widened, his face went as pale as a sheet of paper.

He turned to see a tall man dressed in all black, long black hair, and cold unexpressionless eyes, as black as the night above. He extinctively stepped in front of Brysan. The very sight of him made a chill go up his spine. this man scared the living hell out of him.