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Rage, that is all he felt, no sorrow, no guilt, no despair, just a red-hot rage and anger that burned within his chest. The hatred he felt was like a flame forever burning. He Shell hunt him down to the ends of the Earth, and kill whoever gets in the way. That is all that Agustin felt, that is all that he ever felt. He had desires, revenge and gaining more power. So he went out seeking that power that he's so desperately wanted to possess, obsessed even. It was as if his heart was nothing but a black emptiness, like almost space, just nothing but emptiness and darkness within. Agustin was no longer a soldier of the black shield, for he has been turned into a monster, so a monster he shall become.

Why not? It's not that he has anybody to live for. The family he thought was his family was nothing but fake, they kidnapped him when he was a boy, along with the dagger of Souls.

But his real Family came. Agustin was no longer, or ever was a Dedrick, he was a Black. He was a sevetnth warlock of a sevetnth Warlock, and he was more powerful than his ancestors combined. But he had to be taught, had to be taught the ways of the black shield. Agustin Black was only 8 years old, and was being taught to be an assassin for the black shield, and had to learn to be the best, because his father, the leader said so. And when he failed he was severely punished, beaten almost to death one time, locked away in a cage for days, not feeling the sun, or fresh air on his face.

When Agustin was 12 he killed for the first time, still even felt the warm liquid on his hand, even still feeling nothing about it, not caring that he took a life. It was second nature, it came naturally.

How blind he was, how foolish and naive. He was a monster even before he became one. He killed again and again, with no hesitation or second thought. Then everything was taken from him. He had hidden his family that kidnapped him away, far away where the black Shield will never find them.

When he was 18 he was ordered to annihilate a clan of vampires, he carried out his orders without hesitation, and without fail, so he thought. He did not yet realize one got away. A few years later, the leader of the Black Shield had learned of his mistake. He was yet again punished, then set out to correct his mistake. But it was at that time Agustin was having second thoughts, because he met Atticus, and was starting to fall in love.

But he carried out his orders anyway. He burned women and children, and still Viper had made his Escape. Viper was relentless, he found his family that was his real family in his mind, and killed them in front of him, burned them like he had done to his family.

Agustin tried to fight, but he had no strength left, at that time it had been beaten out of him. Viper turned him to forever live with what he had done. Now all Agustin wanted was revenge. Revenge on Viper, revenge on the world. He wanted power, and a mysterious stranger gave him that ability to create the book of the Damned, and to put it to good use. He went to Village to Village, to City to City burning them to the ground, killing who ever crossed his path, killing whoever looked at him the wrong way. Men, women, children, it didn't matter.

Agustin had been pushed around and forced all his life, no more, he had enough. Very soon he retained a nickname, a name that was feared across the land, the 'Crimson Shadow.'

But there was still one person in this world he cared about, even loved. Atticus. Little by little, Agustin started to change his ways. Agustin stopped feeding entirely, Cuz of that he went out on a rampage, feeding on anyone who came. Atticus being a good soldier of the Black Shield that he was, tried to stop him, and lost his life in the process. From that day on Agustin changed his ways, he tried to forget his past. But the past is always there to haunt."

Brysan saw, felt, and heard everything.

He felt every fear, he saw every face, every life that his fiance took. It was as if he was there experiencing it right along with Agustin, but he was also watching from the outside. The hell he went through, the beatings, the hunger, the pain, the despair, the anger, the rage he felt it all. There was a time his soul was clouded and darkness, but not anymore. For the light started to return on the day they met.

Slowly the images faded, and the voice's returned. But there was one voice in particular that was louder than the rest. The Voice told him everything he needed, and suddenly he knew what he had to do, and how to do it.

Brysan opened his eyes. He was standing in the church once again. It look like a minute past, It seemed more like days, years even. That was different than the Visions he had about Agustin in the past. They were never that vividly before.

He looked down at the book of the Damned, then all of sudden everything clicked into place. The Soul Bond, because of their strong connection and the connection Agustin had to this book was the reason.

He looked at Bloise. "I wasn't the only chosen one was I?" He asked, hiis voice study and clear from emotion. "In fact there was two others before me. Merlin, which sealed you in hell. And Agustin, who was at the time so full of rage and hatred he couldn't do your bidding, That eventually gave up on the idea. And now me."

Bloise laughed. "Yes, you're right."

"That's what I thought. My fiance has taught me a lot of things. He has taught me how to control my powers, how to do spells. Sadly the only spell that I can't do is a locating spell. But there is one thing that he didn't teach me."

"And that is?" Asked Bloise.

"It was something that you didn't even teach your son Merlin, or Agustin, it's something only the book teaches, if One is open to it."

"And what is that?" Bloise's smile faded and was replaced with one of concern.

Good, he should be concerned. He looked at Abaddon. Suddenly he didn't feel afraid, because somehow he knew that he was strong enough to take him on. Because he knew something that they don't. "I'm not alone."

Like On Cue, Agustin was behind Abaddon, weapon raised.

But Abaddon turned swiftly, dodged his attack, then charged. Blades clanking, Sparks flying from the shear Force. Each move complicated but precise. Agustin's attack seemed to be getting stronger with each blow. Brysan tour his eyes away from The fight, to concentrate on the task at hand. Time is almost up, he had to close the gates of hell before it's too late.

He turned and ran to the gates. Bloise blocked his way, his own sword raised, and ready to fight.

"Bloise, move, or I'll make you."


"Have it your way."

With a quick movement of his wrist, Bloise went flying, heading the church's walls and laying there motionless. Now then. He stood in front of the gates. Brysan cut both of his Palms of his hands with the dagger of Souls, and grasp the gates and begin to close them.

The sun rose higher and higher in the sky, the sunlight bounced off the church's walls. Running out of time. Slowly, the gates started to close. Everyone flashed through his mind, the images only made him move faster, try harder. Finally the gates of hell was finally firmly closed. Slowly they faded into the wall of the church.

Brysan took a step back. He did it, he did it. Then he felt it. At first all he heard was Agustin's terrified scream, then he felt something warm drip down his side.

He looked down and saw a blade glinting in the sunlight. Confused, he looked up to meet the eyes of Bloise.

"I'm sorry son."

Bloise pulled out the blade. But he felt no pain, somehow he felt numb and cold. Then his legs collapsed beneath him.