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Agustin's letter.

Hello, and welcome. You may know me, but just in case you don't, allow me to introduce myself, I am Agustin Alois Abner Dedrick Desmond Black. I was born in the year of 9012 in Paris, and yes I was indeed a prince. But enough about that, let us leave the past buried where it lay shall we?

I am here to thank you. If it was not for you I would have not had the strength to tell our tale. My soul would agree. I am told that there are still some things that you wish to know. I am more than happy to fill in the blanks. For those who are wondering, Brysan and I are quite happy, we now live in Paris. Our daughter lived with us for a time, but then had decided to move on, Zep and her little brother Kai and Abhaya long with her. There is no telling that girl no if you know what is good for you. Shirina had decided to stay close to Sedna. I understand, she is Sedna's mother, and our daughter had made the decision to know her biological mother. To be honest, I'm kind of relieved that Shirina had decided to stay close to our daughter.

Amberly and Ernestine are still very much in love, Amberly had came along with us to Paris, where Bry goes, so does Amberly, and wherever Amberly goes, Ernestine is not far behind. Aden and Leosa soon joined us in Paris shortly after Amberly and Ernestine. We are a family after all.

My soul had opened his private eye agency in Paris. Things are well. We all are happy.

Though, for at time I may have lost hope, but I was always had a light in the darkness that kept me going. If it wasn't for Brysan and the rest of my family I would have given up, but because of them I didn't. Every single one of them gave me the courage to continue on. There are quite a few members of our family that should be here, and we think about them every single day, but no worries, Bry and i will make sure that the story and those who had the heavy sacrifice will not be forgotten, we will make sure of it.

So, remember the simple request from someone who knows best, destiny is in your hands no one else's, we shape our own destinies, we may not be in control over our beginnings, but we decide what happens in the middle in the end.