Commanders Log:

The Raptor for once has been assigned a non combat duty. We have been sent to the planet Regellias IV to pick up a survey team who have been placed their in order to evaluate Regellias' candidacy for terra-forming. The team has basically lived on this world for six months and are eagerly awaiting extraction because even though the planet is fairly distant from it's primary star the rotation is very slow. But due to the planets unusual mass for a world with such a slow rotation atmosphere it is capable of sustaining life on the light side. However with six months of darkness I can hardly imagine why anyone would want to live there, however that's not my call.

"Commander we are so very grateful that you are here." Dr. Penn, an middle aged Catarian, said gratefully as various crew members of the Raptor worked on helping the surveyors pack up their equipment and temporary shelters.

"Believe me it's not problem." Harry said with a smile. "It's a welcome break from our usual assignments." He said looking across the vast valley the settlement overlooked. In the distance he could see the slow approach of darkness in the distance. "Plus starfleet has been pretty busy all over the Confederation, we were currently the only ship not doing anything and just the right size to handle the job."

"This ship, I take it, it isn't a science vessel." Dr. Penn said inquiringly. "I can't imagine a patch on your shoulder representing such a ship."

Harry laughed. "Hardly, it's a destroyer type escort vessel. But it's fast, so we'll get you home in no type."

Dr. Penn hmmed. "You don't seem to be the type of man fit to command such a ship." He paused reflectively. "I've dealt with some people like that before and none of them would have found the darkness approaching as fascinating as you have."

"I will admit it is intriguing." Harry smiled. "It's not something you seem every day."

"You truly are a man out of his element." Dr. Penn chuckled.

Suddenly their was a crash behind them and some shouting.

Harry turned to see that some of the crates had fallen down and had pinned one of his crew members to the ground. He quickly rushed over. "What happened!?" He asked also seeing Jakar arrive.

"I don't know sir the magnetic coupler failed and they fell on Arovan." Another crewman said.

"I … I think… my leg…. Is broke." The Altairian said pinned under the crate.

"Just hold on we'll get this off of you, Help will be on the way." Harry said as he hit his combadge and went to lift the crate. "Dr. Okan to transporter room we got a man down." He said as Jakar followed his lead. "On three."

Harry counted off and as they lifted, two more crewmembers drug Arovan out from under the crate as it rolled off of him and drug him to safety. His uniform was stained yellow from a some strange mineral that had been on the ground. Harry checked Arovan's leg, and it clearly was broke maybe worse, green Altairian blood was seeping into the ground. "How bad is it, sir." Arovan said with a choke in his voice.

"Dr. Okan is waiting for you on the Raptor." Harry said calmly. "It's not to bad," He said reassuringly even though it looked real bad. "He'll fix you up and you'll be climbing mountains on the holo deck again in no time ok?"
Arovan nodded, trying not to cry out from the pain.

"Commander, we have a lock ready for energizing." Ensign Jax said over the combadge.

"Roger that, energize." Harry said. Not soon after Ensign Arovan disappeared in a swirl of transporter energy.

"What the hell?" Sonya said as she looked at the readings.

"What is it?" Dr. Okan asked.

"Something wrong with the readings, I'm going to try to re-buffer the signal through the secondary filters. There has to be some contamination or something." The red braided hair dark furred echidna said quietly as her fingers danced over the controls. "I think that got it."

Ensign Arovan finally materialized on the pad.

Dr. Okan started to scan him. "His leg is broke in two places, is it safe to use the transporter."

"I got to run a decontamination cycle." Sonya said. "You'd better use a stretcher and make sure he sends that uniform to get decontaminated immediately."

"We'll take care of it, I'm more concerned about his leg at the moment." Dr. Okan snorted as two orderlies came in and helped the injured Altairian onto a stretcher.

"Is everything ok up there?" Harry asked. "We're ready to start beaming the first wave of containers up to you."

"Just a slight glitch in the transporter sir, I'll have it seen to in a moment or two." Sonya said opening up a wall panel and pulling out a couple of tools. "Nothing to worry about."

"Well don't keep us waiting for two long Ms. Jax." Harry said.

Suddenly Harry felt a pair of paws on his pant leg and something wet and warm flick at his hand.

"You little scamp get back here!" Michelle O'mara said running towards him. Harry looked down and saw some small furry little quadruped resembling a type of dog that resembled some sort of walking mop with it's long coat.

Harry looked down and saw that now the strange yellow mineral was now smeared all over his leg.

"Sorry commander." O'mara said. "He got away from me when he heard the commotion over here, is everything ok?"

Harry picked up the small animal who panted happily and held it at arms link. "Just a freak accident, Arovan got hurt but we sent him to the ship." He handed the animal back to O'mara. "You know that is a specimen to be taken back for study and observation, not your personal pet, Lieutenant."

He handed it back and it started to lick her face enthusiastically. "I know but he's so friendly, and cute." O'mara said apologetically. "I'll try to be more careful."

Dr. Penn came up and petted the creature on the head. "Well I don't mind, Skippy here is going to be very important to our planning terraforming of this world. As long as we are with your crew Mrs. O'mara can pay him a visit."

"Just don't let him run around the ship." Harry said.

"Commander, this is Jax." Sonya's voice came over the combadge. "If you want to beam up now I think it will be just fine."

"Very well," Harry said. "Doctor if you don't mind I've got a few errands I need to take care of back on my ship, I will see you on board when you get back."

Dr. Penn nodded understandingly. "Understood, again thanks for coming to get us."

Harry nodded as he brushed off the paw prints from his uniform as best he could.

"You are very welcome, Martinez to Raptor, energize."

"Goddess damn it all, there it goes again." Harry heard Sonya say as Harry reappeared on the transporter pad on the Raptor.

Harry felt a bit dizzy and disoriented as he finally became solid again.

"Are you ok sir?" Sonya asked with concern.

"I think so." Harry said still feeling a bit dizzy. "What happened."

"Some damn anomaly I'm having trouble tracking down in the transporter subsystems." Sonya said. "I thought I had it nailed down but, I'd suggest you go to sickbay and get checked out, just to be safe sir. " She shrugged. "At the moment now I'm not even sure I can trust this damn thing."

"I trust you will find it." Harry said.

"If I don't someone will." She growled. "Jax to Engineering, Chief can you send someone up here I've got some strange readings all over the board up here."

"Ok." Fara's voice replied. "I'll send someone up, it's not like we're doing anything else at the moment."

"Much appreciated." Sonya said scooping up her tool kit again off the floor and walking over to in front of the transporter and pulling up a floor grating. "I'm going to probably be under it so have them holler when they get up here."

"Roger that." Fara replied.

She lifted the grating on its hinge and propped it open and sat her tools down in the hole. She then sat on the floor and lowered herself down into the inner workings of the transporter and disappeared beneath it.

A few moments passed and suddenly the transporter came alive again and a form began to emerge among the swirling particulate matter. It then shut down once again and a duplicate Harry stood there on the pad He looked tense and glanced around warily around the room as if he was suspicious of it. He looked down and saw the open access way as he stepped down off the pad.

"Hello?" Sonya's voice called out from under the food. "Who's up there?"

Harry said nothing and quickly exited out the starboard exit of the room and disappeared down the corridor as Knackt arrived from the opposite door carrying a tool kit.

Sonya poked her head up. "Did you see someone in here fooling around?" She asked.

"Lady I ain't seen anything doing anything I just got here."

"I could of swore I heard someone moving around up here and the damn patern integrators firing." Sonya said.

"Well lad de dah that's just fine but I'm not here to fix imaginary problems toots." Knackt said irritated. "Where do I need to start?"

Title: "Enemy Me."

IDP 2009, 2010

FOTR Tribute Episode of "The Enemy Within" TOS Episode #80

Harry entered sickbay and again he felt dizzy. He wasn't sure why, but he knew it wasn't normal. Nurse Twila caught him as he stumbled. "Commander are you ok."

"I'm not sure…" He said. "I just got back from the surface and I haven't felt quite right sense."

"I'll get Dr. Okan as soon as I can." Twila said setting him down in a chair. "He's occupied at the moment with Mr. Arovan."

Harry nodded as she grabbed a medical tricorder and scanned him.

"Hmm nothing abnormal. Pulse, Heart rate, metabolism all normal." She said. "I'll have to do some deeper scans, sir."

"Whatever you need to do can I get a glass of water or aspirin or something?" Harry asked nicely.

Twila thought it over. "Yeah, I don't see why that would hurt, just sit tight."

Moments later she came back with a bit more complicated rig, resembling a strange sort of strange hat rack with a computer control panel attached to it, along with the water and the aspirin. "Now don't move and I'll get a deeper scan ok?"

Harry nodded after he popped the aspirin and waited for it to kick in.

"Will Ensign Arovan be ok?" He asked.

"Dr. Okan is confident he can mend the injury." Twila said as she set up the machine. "In fact he should be done with him in another ten minuets."

Harry smiled. "Any good news on this ship is a blessing."

Nurse Twila, nodded in agreement as she activated the scanner and a soft red light washed over him a few times and Twila looked at the readings. "Commander I am not finding anything wrong with you, the best I can tell is you might be suffering from some mild fatigue. Have you been staying up late with paperwork or anything else you could think of?"

"I'm just tired…" Harry said.

"Well, Sir. I don't know what else to suggest then maybe you go to your quarters and take a nap and let the aspirin do its work." The vixen said shrugging.

Harry entered his quarters feeling quite restricted and bound by his uniform. He quickly changed into a variant with an open jacket that felt way more comfortable and a bit brighter in color. He left the old one laying in the middle of the room. He was suddenly craving something to drink and the first thing that popped into his mind was maybe I nice cool drink of brandy. Not replicated, but something hard that would sting and give him a nice buzz, maybe something to eat as well.

He left his quarters, leaving them a bit messy and started to head for the nearest turbo-lift when he saw himself step out of it. He immediately back tracked past his quarters towards the public head down the hall head and dove inside it. He stayed close to the inside of the room enough that the doors stayed open and he could see down the hall.

He watched his double lean up against the wall and grimace again and saw Terri-Lu exit the bridge and start talking to him.

However he didn't pay attention to what she was saying, she was wearing the skirted variant of her uniform and his eyes played across her legs and graceful form as she talked to his other self.

The booze still at the forefront of his mind was subtly being overtaken by a far more carnal craving. That would have to wait, at least for the moment.

Terri handed the other Harry something and he stepped back into the head and let the door shut so he wouldn't be seen. After a moment or two he leaned back out and saw the hallway was clear again. He looked at the control panel to his quarters and saw it was now saying do not disturb and the doors were locked.

Not wanting to stick around much longer he made his way to an access way and climbed down deeper into the ship.

Harry stared in horror at the condition his quarters was in. He knew he was sometimes a bit messy but this was just u called for. A uniform on the floor, his drawers left open, the place just in general disorder. "Computer has anyone been in my quarters other than myself."

"Negative." The computer replied.

Maybe he did make the mess, with the damn headache, even through the pain killer, was making him still a bit disorientated.

He walked over to the wall panel and hit the com switch. "Martinez to bridge."

"Rivas here, sir."

"I'm not feeling too hot, do you think you can handle things for awhile Don."

"Not a problem, sir." Rivas said. "Is it anything we should be concerned about?"

"I'm just feel ill, sickbay told me to get some rest so that's what I'm going to do."

Rivas chuckled. "No, problem sir, I don't think there will be any problems in this sector of the galaxy."

"I hope so." Harry sighed closing the channel.

He grumbled and made his way to the bed where he plopped down on it and quickly drifted off to sleep.

Harry entered sickbay and saw Dr. Okan putting away his equipment and Ensign Arovan slowly getting sitting up on the table.

"Commander!" The Altairian said as he came in. "Doc Okan got me fixed up."

"Well not totally, it'll be a week or two before you can go play on the holodeck, but you can go back to duty tomorrow." Dr. Okan said. "After some rest."

"Whatever…" Harry said disinterestedly, he really didn't care.

"Sir?" Arovan said a bit confused with a hurt look on his face.

"Ensign get the hell out of my face or you'll be finding yourself another assignment." Harry snapped at him.

Arovan looked shocked and a bit hurt but merely nodded and got to his feet unsteadily.

"Just take it easy.." Dr. Okan said to him and helping him get to moving again. "That leg's going to be a little slow just keep walking on it."

"Yeah… ok." The Altairian said leaving sickbay.

"Harry, just what the hell was that about?" Dr. Okan said glaring at him. "It was an accident he did'…."

"Shut it." Harry growled at him. "Booze now. You have it I need it."

"Harry I can't give you that…" Dr. Okan said going into a rigid stance. "Twila already told me she gave you a good dose of aspirin the last thing…."

Harry rushed forward and grabbed Dr. Okan by the shirt collar and slammed him into the wall. "I don't care give it to me now or I will take it from you!" He growled drawing his fist back.

"Commander!" Nurse Twila said seeing this as she entered the room.

"Stay out of this." Harry snapped at her.

Twila looked confused. "Should I call security?"

"No…." Dr. Okan said to her his face a look of shock and confusion. "Ok fine let go of me." He finally said. "Let go of me damn it!"
Harry did so and Okan walked over to one of his cabinets and pulled out a blue glass bottle wrapped in rope. "Here now take it and get the hell out of my sickbay." He said thrusting it as hard as he could into Harry's outstretched hand.

Harry popped the cork out and took a long swig.

"And you can bet your ass this is the last time that's for damn sure." Okan glared at him.

Harry held it up and made and evil grin. "Then I'll be sure to enjoy it, later losers." He cackled making a dramatic bow and exiting through the door he came into.

"Doctor…" Twila said confused.

"I have no idea… I've never seen him act like that before…" Dr. Okan said bewildered.

"But he was fine a while ago…" She said.

"hmm… well we'd better have another look at those scans." Dr. Okan muttered.

An hour or two later.

Jax and Knackt had given the transporter on deck one and Sonya had went down to deck four to start the transport of the cargo up into the Raptor's cargo holds. So far things had gone smoothly. Several crates of the surveyors supplies were already lining the magnetic cargo racks and the small bay was quite busy with people setting things in place and moving them from bay to bay as the Raptors, limited but adequate storage space was slowly being gobbled up.

"Dr. Penn." Sonya said hitting a com switch. "We're ready to start transporting the biological samples if you wish."

"Understood, give us a moment and we'll get the first one loaded onto the pad." Dr. Penn acknowledged.

Fara entered the cargo bay and stepped up to the control console. "Is everything working ok?"
"So far." Sonya shrugged. "It hasn't hiccupped once yet."
"Well keep your fingers crossed." Fara said.

"What about that dirt that Arovan had on him?" Sonya asked.

"I had the lab boys look at it they said it's a type of mixture similar to rust." Fara said. "There were a few unknown elements in it but nothing that could be seen as toxic or harmful to the crew."
"Well whatever it is it's harmful to the transporter." Sonya gruffed. "I've been having them use air guns to blow the shit off before they send it up to prevent any further hiccups."

"The sample is ready." Dr. Penn's voice said.

"Ok how many?"

"Just one, it's sort of our pet." Dr. Penn chuckled. "This won't startle it will it."

"No more then it does you or I." Sonya said. "Energizing." She said activating the transporter.

The small little carry case began to appear and suddenly an alarm went off on the control panel.

"See there it goes again." Sonya said quickly adjusting the equipment setting. "Jax to surface I thought you told me you've been blowing that dust off what you send!"

"Well we have been what's wrong?" Dr. Penn asked.

Sonya shut off the switch and went to work readjusting the beams. "Fara can you give me a little help?" she said.

Fara nodded and started to assist her after a few seconds. "I think that got it." Fara said looking up at the pad. On the transporter pad, two carry cases materialized and became solid. From one several vicious yaps and snarls were heard and the other was quiet.

Sonya and Fara exchanged looks, walked over to the cases and peeked aside. From the quite one the small little creature was relaxed and wagged its tail in a friendly manner, the other snarled and slammed into the bars in a maddened rage.

"Jax to surface confirm how many samples you transported."

"Just one why? Is Skippy ok?" Dr. Penn asked.

"I would say yes but we have two of them up here…." Sonya said.

"Very funny we only sent one." Dr. Penn said chuckling.

"Oh crap." Sonya said.

Fara hit her combadge. "Phoenix to bridge, we've got a serous problem down here we've just had one hell of a transporter malfunction."

"What kind of malfunction?" Don asked.

"You'll have to come down here and see for yourself, I'd suggest we get the shuttles fired up and start using them."

"That's going to give us one hell of a delay." Rivas stated solemnly.

"Just tell them to stay away from some type of yellow dust if they can avoid it, whatever it is it's playing hell with our systems." Jax reported.

"What exactly is it doing?" Don asked.

"Sir, you wouldn't believe me unless you saw it for yourself." Sonya replied.

Don sighed, he had just gotten comfortable in the big chair. "Ok, I'll be down in a moment." He said getting up and heading for the exit.

"Sir." Terri said holding up a finger.


"Sir, you won't believe this but someone just spotted commander Martinez rather drunk and behaving strangely on deck three. They reported he even assaulted them."

"What?" Don said. "That doesn't sound right he called in sick about an hour ago he should be in bed."

"I think it's strange too, but they swear it was Comander Martinez." Terri said.

"What the hell, can't we even get a break on a normal day?" Don said. "I got to head down to the cargo bay I'll swing buy his quarters."

Terri nodded. "Should I alert security?"

"I think I can handle it, I can't imagine the commander attacking anyone." Don said shaking his head. "See if you can't locate the security camera footage of it."

"I'll try sir, the system is being a bit laggy lately it may be several minuets." Terri said apologetically.

"That's fine Lieutenant, if this ship wasn't having some sort of a problem it wouldn't be a full day." Rivas sighed. He started to leave and the door opened.

"Is the Commander here?" Okan growled.

"No but I was just going to see him, Doctor." Don said curious as to why Okan looked a bit flustered. "Is their a problem."

"Yeah he came to sickbay and strong armed me." Dr. Okan glared. "I don't know what is going on and I've been two damn busy with the current project to really get around to reporting it."

Don sighed and ran a hand through his own head fur. "Ok now this is really weird we just got a report he assaulted someone on deck three not to long ago. I was getting ready to go see what the problem is."

"Well where is he?" Dr. Okan groused.

"He's supposed to be in his quarters, I was heading there myself first on my way down to deck five."

"Fine, lead the way."

They headed up the corridor and Rivas hit the com switch. "Commander may I speak with you."

They heard a yawn on the speaker. "Sure, I just woke back up give me a second."

The lock light shut off and they stepped inside. Harry was sitting on his couch enjoying a sandwich. "Is something wrong Gentlemen?"

"Yeah you ought to have your damned head…" Okan started snarling at him.

"Doctor." Rivas cut him off. "Sir, Dr. Okan tells me you had an altercation today."

Harry gave them a quizzical look. "I went to sickbay, I had a headache, your nurse told me to get some rest…. And I've been here since then."

"Well where is my damn Pernian Brandy then?" Dr. Okan growled.

Harry rose a brow and set his food on the coffee table in front of him. "I haven't got had a drink since, oh I don't know… it's been a while."

"Don't lie to me you just came down to sickbay no more then a couple hours ago and flat out demanded I give it to you."

"We also have a report that you were drunk and assaulted one of the crew." Rivas said.

Harry laughed. "This is a joke…. I don't see what the point of this is but what are you two up to? I'm sober as a judge Doctor."

"Oh yeah we'll see about that." Okan said upholstering his tricoorder, popping out the scanner and giving Harry a scan. His brow crinkled. "I don't understand, your BAC is 0.. I don't understand."

"Computer has Commander Martinez been in this room since the last time he contacted the bridge."

The computer made a few beeps and then replied. "Affirmative."

"Has he been anywhere else on the ship?" Rivas asked.

Again a few strange beeps. "Negative."

"I don't understand this…" Okan said. "Arovan and Twila both saw him in sickbay."

"Well I assure you I have been sitting here enjoying my lunch and planning on returning to duty." Harry replied.
"I don't understand it." Okan muttered.

"Everything going ok with the extraction?" Harry asked.

"We've been having some transporter difficulties I was getting ready to head down to deck five to investigate, if they can't get it working I'll start sending shuttles down to the surface. If you wouldn't mind, I would like you to come with me, sir."

"Sure." Harry shrugged. "As long as it will keep me out of trouble, let's go."

"I'm going too.." Dr. Okan spoke up following them out of Harry's quarters


"The brandy had been good" Harry thought as he climbed back up to deck one his head abuzz with alcohol. He spotted Terri Lu's name on her quarters and headed towards them. He was wary of going near the bridge, to much to do their and it was boring there were so many other fun things to do on this ship. Of course he had wondered how come his little "rampage" hadn't brought security down on him he surmised he must be invisible or something, the ships sensors couldn't track him. He cackled as he opened the door to Terri's quarters and stepped inside. As he did he heard the door to his own open and saw Lt. Cmdr Rivas, his double and Dr. Okan step out into the hall.

After this little venture, he decided to make a decision to stay off this deck when he was done. It was just getting to risky being this close to the other Harry. Harry finished off the brandy with one last swig and pawed through Terri's few possessions she kept in her ship board quarters. There was a picture of her pet back on station and one with her and his navigator at what appeared to be an amusement park. He growled at that one and knocked it over. A few old style books were lined along the a small shelf in the room as well as a few other nick knacks. If he was going to get what he sought, he was just going to have to wait for her to get home. He took a seat on her bed and waited.

"I don't understand it, we had one to start with and ended up with two." Sonya said frustrated.

Harry was holding the docile of the two Skippy's in his arms. "This is just strange." He said petting it.

Dr Okan shook his head. "They are identical right down to the cellular level Harry. Complete copies however this one is as mellow as you can get and the other one, well he tried to bite me through the damn bars."

"One calm, and docile." Harry said. "The other …. Enraged, primal, vicious."

"I am not liking where this is going…" Don said groaning.

"It would explain my alleged behavior." Harry said calmly.

"What should we do with the crazed one sir?" Sonya asked.

"Don't hurt it.." Harry said. "Make sure it gets something to eat though."

"I ain't feeding that damn thing I like my hand where it is!" Sonya protested. "I'll shoot it with a stun blast first.."

Harry looked at her with a look of horror. "Ensign, that would be cruel."

"Commander…I think the strange mineral that small animal is covered in may have something to do with this." Fara suggested. "I'll have the lab techs look them both over and give you a full report."

"This creature, touched me before I beamed up, perhaps the same thing happened to me?" Harry asked. "One docile, calm friendly, the other a shade of itself, angry, frightened, primal."

"If that did happen sir, that thing could look just like you." Don said. "Most people have two sides to their personality, but .." Don shuddered. "It would be hard to tell you apart at least physically."

"We've also noticed that the sensors are having trouble locking onto to the nasty little one." Sonya said. "I know it's there but the computer is having trouble seeing it."

"The plot thickens." Fara said.

Harry nodded in agreement. "I'll stay with Lt. Cmdr Rivas until we figure out what exactly is going on." He said gently handing the animal to Fara. "Doctor I suggest you get Ms. O'mara up here on the double, use the shuttles as planned and figure out just what is going on here if you don't mind."

Okan nodded in agreement.

"Fara I know you don't have to be told what your job is."

"Find out what happened with the transporter."

"You got it." Harry smiled. "Your hair is starting to look very nice." He added to Fara.

Fara actually blushed at the unusual comment, her hair had grown out now to her jaw line in a well kept regulation crop of blond silky head fur. "Why thank you?" she said a bit puzzled. "I'll get right on it."

"Ok now I know there isn't something right." Okan said. "You've never been THAT nice to Fara."

Harry looked at him puzzled and shrugged. "If there is another copy of me on this ship, like that animal." He said motioning to the crate issuing forth snarls and growls. "That could be a problem."

"It's possible." Don replied. "However we should probably state it in a less alarming manner, we don't need to cause panic in the middle of the extraction operation."

"That's what I meant." Harry replied. "I'll take care of it. Let's go to the bridge."

"Queue Rejected?!" Terri said frustrated. She leaned forward and smacked the panel and the computer only squawked at her in protest. "You damn thing now what's your problem." She said lifting up the control panel and peering inside.

"Problem?" Land chuckled from the Helm. At the moment they were the only two on the bridge.

"Yeah, I don't know what is up with the computer lately; it hasn't been well since the damn Epsilon Three tests." Terri growled. She made a few adjustments to the hardware. "There that should do it." She queued up her data request a second time and the terminal made a "WAAAA" sound and promptly deactivated.

"That didn't sound to good." Jack said.

"You know what…." Terri said thumbing a call button to call the relief officer. "I'm taking a break that is just one time to many for me today.."

"What and just leave me here by myself? And aren't you supposed to be in the big chair right now."

"Jack, sweety." Terri glared. "I am not in the mood to be toyed with either…"

"Yes mam." He gulped turning to face the screen again.

Soon Lt. Korya arrived. "Can you handle things up here, I need to take a little break and I'll get the damn station back up and running when I return." Terri said.

"Sure." The Caterian female replied. "I think I can handle it, how soon till Commander Rivas gets back."

"It should be soon." Terri said getting up. "If you'll excuse me." She said exiting the bridge.

Not soon after Harry and Rivas arrived.
"Sir!" Korya said smartly as they arrived.

"Where is Lt. Lu?" Rivas asked.

"We're experiencing technical difficulties, she went on break." Korya said apologetically.

"That's fine." Harry added. "Take the tactical position until Jakar gets back from the surface." He said to Lt. Cmdr. Rivas.

Harry walked up to the captains chair and sat in it. "There was something I needed.. to check on… what was it.." he said a bit confused.

"The intruder, sir." Rivas said patiently.

"Yes.. that's right." Harry said scowling.

He hit the ship wide com and suddenly found himself at a loss of words. He flicked it off. "First of all…. We should probably.."

Rivas looked at him oddly.

"The shuttles… if there is an intruder…" Harry said looking like he was struggling a bit. "We want armed guards making sure…"

"Commander, I'll take care of it." Rivas said a bit concerned. "Are you feeling ok."

"I don't .. know." Harry said a look of frustration on his face. Just then an alarm sounded.

"Bridge Emergency Deck One Send OMpphfff" They heard a voice say the transmission ended with the sound of a crash followed by a few muffled blows.

"Yellow Alert! Security to Deck 1 immediately!" Harry said flipping the com switch and heading out the door with Rivas trailing behind him.

Fortunately Terri didn't have to far to go. She stepped into her quarters and noticed that the lights were still on, she must have forgotten to deactivate them when she left earlier in the day.

A shower would be nice, a nice hot shower, she could at least calm down and think that way. She unzipped her top and tossed the over shirt onto her bed. She started to remove the under shirt when suddenly she felt the hairs on the back of her neck stand up and she spun around.

"Commander what are you doing here?" She asked startled.

"I wanted… to talk to you about… that… report." Harry slurred leering at her.

"Well you could have said something." She said scolding.

"I wanted privacy… it's important." Harry grinned.

"Privacy?" Terri said. "What for?"

Harry stepped forward and grasped her arm. "We should spend more time together Terri." He said. "We should stop, pretending that it's just… a professional thing.."

"Um, not now…." She said picking up on the inflection. "I kinda have one steady guy at the moment.." Terri replied.

"So?" Harry said suddenly now having both of her arms and squeezing them tightly.

"Sir, stop it you are hurting me!" Terri winced. He shoved her suddenly against the wall nearly knocking the air out her briefly. "I said STOP!" She snarled slamming her head forward and nailing him right on the snout. Harry yelled in pain and blood gushed out of his nose, but quickly recovered tackling her and knocking her to the ground. They went down hard knocking over the small table and Terri nearly knocked herself silly on the edge of the table. They rolled for a bit he was tearing at her clothing and groping her viciously while pulling her clothes off, like an animal and she finally put a well placed knee into his groin and he groaned and sat up, then using an escape maneuver from she learned from Jakar she quickly spun her body and caught him upside the head with the heel of her her boot. That got him off of her, but as she got to her feet he was on her again with a solid impact of a fist to the side of her head then again and again. Terri was dazed and stunned and she lashed out with her claws on her fingers catching him right across the face while the room sparkled with stars as she tried to get back up. She couldn't get her left eye open and that side of her face just felt brutalized. She was hurt, pretty bad too, she couldn't fight with the world being all bleary and she headed for the door as Harry howled in bloodied frustration at the four deep gouges running across his face.

The door parted and she spotted ensign Arovan just passing the door.

"HELP!" She screamed at the top of her lungs as she felt Harry's fist grab her leg and jerk it from underneath her causing her to slam face first into the deck plating. "HELP ME PLEASE!" She groaned as Harry humped on top of her and punching her again causing her to loose consciousness.

The Altairian saw Harry and the state Terri was in immediately ran for a com switch beside the door far down the hall and started to call for security. Harry immediately stepped over his pray and jumped onto the and slammed his head forward into the deck plating Arovan. The Altairian groaned as he started to went down and Harry began to punch him repeatedly to green blood ran in a steady flow from his battered face and the Altairian stopped twitching.

Harry winced at his fist and saw that with its repeated use as a weapon the he had battered it pretty bad. He heard footsteps coming down the hall and growled as he got up and headed the opposite direction diving down an access ladder.

Harry and Lt. Cmndr Rivas quickly arrived at the scene.

"What happened here?" He asked.

"Don't know sir, we found them like this." The security crewman said checking Terri's pulse while the other checked on Arovan. "Ms. Lu is still alive."

The other security officer nodded affirmative for the other.

"Quickly." Harry said. "Try to find who did this I'll wait here until Dr. Okan arrives."

As they got up to try to locate the perpetrator Dr. Okan arrived via turbolift. "What in the blazes happened up here!" He said scanning Terri and Arovan.

"I don't know," Harry said. "We came as soon as we heard the alarm…"

"Damn it." Okan cursed. "They're both in bad shape.." He hit his combadge. "Twila get some people up here with gurneys I got two down up here, quickly."

'Yes Doctor."

"Let me guess you again." Okan snapped at him.

"Commander Martinez was with me on the bridge the whole time." Rivas spoke up. "We should probably alert the crew…"

"Why would anyone do this…." Harry said absent mindedly.

"What?" Harry snapped looking crestfallen.

"We have an intruder on board, we need to take care of that first." Rivas said.

Harry glared at him.. "You're right.." He walked over to the wall panel . "I'm sorry I don't know what's… wrong with me." He said warily.

"I'll handle it." Rivas said a bit annoyed and walking up to the wall panel. "I'll just."

Rivas walked up to him. "Commander I don't know what's wrong with you but if you, no offence, don't get your shit together and take command of this situation then you have no business being in command."

"I need to warn the crew, before…" Harry said sounding a bit upset watching Okan's team tend to Terri and Arovan and cart them away. "Anything else … terrible .."
"Sir, I understand but if you are going to continue to be like this then I will have to remove you from command. You are the captain of this ship and start acting like it."

Harry flinched as if he had been punched. "You're… right. I'll take care of it now. Thank you Don, and if you see me slipping again."

"Oh believe me, sir I will." Don replied.

What is wrong with me… Harry thought as he walked over to the wall com panel. If what happened to that animal happened to me, am I going to become docile and placid like the other one. What parts of my self are in this duplicate?

Harry had managed to make his way to deck three and found some unoccupied quarters. Fortunately everyone was at their stations with the alert being sounded the quarters were a "double-decker" that two people shared and were slightly messy due to the fact the occupants had to rush out.

He looked in the mirror and winced at the pain in his face and hand. His knuckled were split open and bloody, his nose was bleeding profusely and blood seeped from the deep scratches in the side of his face.

That bitch had put up a good fight, he hadn't planned on that. She really tore him up good. That annoying crewman had taken a bit of effort to bring down, Altairians were physically stronger but you beat on anything's head hard enough it will go down.

He grabbed a towel and tried to staunch the bleeding and dug out a med kit he found scattering its contents all over the room and tried to patch himself up.

"Attention all hands this is your captain.." Harry's voice said over the loud speaker and the image of the imposter appeared on video terminal in the quarters.

"There is an intruder on board who resembles me in every way. Please approach him with caution he has already assaulted members of this crew and should be considered dangerous. "

"Captain?" Hary growled. "I'm the captain not you!"

"All crew members are ordered to have hand phasers, set to stun force only. I repeat, stun force, this imposter must be captured alive and unharmed. I want security details posted at the shuttle bay to assist the survey team and our shuttle crews in helping them unload it. That is all."

"I AM THE CAPTAIN NOT YOU!" Harry screamed at the monitor knocking the computer off the table and breaking the shuttle. "I'm the Captain!" he said stomping the machine into pieces.

How dare that imposter take his place, he was going to take care of that soon enough. He was aware there was some mildly important nonsense going down on the surface of the planet and the raptor being small enough as it is the security teams would be stretched pretty thin even with the load of civilians they had picked up.

He would have to find a way to rectify this. He would have to think of someway to rectify that. He would just have to bide his time and wait for the right moment. He grabbed the dermal regenerator and worked on the wound on his face after stuffing some tissue in his nose, with some work he may pull this off.

Commanders log 8001.15

We are now absolutely certain there is an intruder onboard the ship. I have, ordered that it be kept as quiet as possible to not upset the survey team as we continue to ferry them up from the surface using the shuttles. Lt. Lu has been revived, although she has been fairly badly hurt by my duplicate, she is willing to talk to us.

Myself I am starting to loose focus, it's becoming hard to make decisions to concentrate on my duty as it were. I think that in this duplicate, as with the small animal from the planet below, some parts of myself are missing. Although this animal like duplicate seems to possesses every negative aspect of my personality with out anything to control it… I have issued an full silent alert and have the crew looking for him as we speak, it is of utmost importance that we find him..

In the meantime, Lt. O'mara is back from the surface and I am having her work with Ensign Jax in trying to figure out what exactly happened with the transporter. Due to recent events I am not surprised if this is similar to what happened to Tara on Algion Prime. However, this double of mine, appears to be hostile, violent and he's running amok on … my ship…

"That's all I know…." Terri said quietly. "I tore him up pretty good, he's going to need some medical attention."

Dr. Okan nodded. And just then Harry and Rivas entered the sickbay.

"Get the hell away from me.." Terri hissed at Harry scooting up on the bed.

"Lieutenant, at ease." Rivas said. "I'll explain."

"Explain hell I'm going to put your ass through the ringer. And then I'm going to get up and re injure you… all over… again…"

Terri suddenly became very sedate and relaxed.

"Doctor!" Harry snapped.

"Its only a mild sedative, commander.." Dr. Okan said disappointed. "I'm not happy with it but she was about to leap off the bed at you, sir."

"Is she going to understand us?"

"What's….. to…. Understand?" Terri giggled.

Okan shrugged. "More then likely but right now she probably feels like she's on cloud nine.."
"The lights in here are pretty doc." Terri burbled.

Harry walked up to her. "Terri, the man who attacked you was not me, it's a duplicate. There's been a transporter accident. It made a duplicate of myself, and he's on the ship, that's the one who attacked me."

"Oh?" Terri said. "That's ok then, you are a nice guy…"

"Mild?" Harry said looking at Okan.

Okan scanned her. "Well, yes but it's more potent with her physiology then I expected.. She'll be fine."

"The duplicate he looks just like me doesn't he, Terri?" Harry asked.

"Yup! Everything is just like you." She paused and then started to laugh. "Except."

"Except what?"

"He had your other uniform and I clawed him good here." She said smacking the side of Harry's face.

Harry winced and pulled back rubbing the side of his face. "Tell Security." He said to Rivas as Terri giggled some more and then suddenly rolled on her side and dosed off blissfully asleep.

"I saw him too." Arovan groaned sitting up from the adjacent bed. "If what you say is true, then he was here earlier."

"How much earlier?" Rivas asked.

"Shortly after I beamed up after the planet, sir." Arovan replied.

"Which would have been after I came up." Harry said. "I remember feeling dizzy."

"The transporter records did show and anomalous transport shortly after your arrival on ship." Rivas concluded.

"Ensign.." Harry said. "I suggest you stay here and help the doctor keep an eye on Mrs. Lu. I don't want either of you returning to duty until this situation is resolved."

Arovan nodded. "I can do that… What will you do when you find him."

"We will deal with him accordingly." Harry replied. "Doctor keep an eye on the door and if you see me approach without Lt. Cmdr Rivas, stun me."

"Oh believe me I will." Dr. Okan smirked.

Harry had gotten himself cleaned up as well as he could, he found some makeup to cover up the bruises and had to reset his nose. He had discarded his uniform and changed into one he replicated that matched his imposters. He poked his head out into the hall and heard some footsteps approaching and he stilled himself.

It was a security officer making his way on a standard patrol. He was a Cornerian canine with enlisted marks on his collar.

"Crewman." Harry said.

"Captain? What are you doing here?" He said. "Where's commander Rivas?"

"We think we found one of his hideouts in here." Harry said. "Commander Rivas is needing some assistance with the tricorder scans. If you would step in please."

"Sure." The security man said as he stepped inside the quarters with Harry following him. As soon as the door shut, and before the crewman could react Harry quickly knocked him out with a blow from behind to his head. With the canine unconscious he quickly bound him up with shreds of his old uniform and stole his phaser.

Now that he was armed he could now take care of business, he thought as he smirked locking the quarters. Now all he had to do was make his way to engineering without being seen.

"Captain." Michelle said running up to them as they existed sickbay.

"Yes?" Harry asked.

"I have some good news," Michelle said smoothing her feathers. "I've managed to isolate the anomaly in the transporter system, that you requested."

"Were you able to retrieve the transporter records from the archives… of the Phoenix?"

"Yes. I'm shocked we were able to recover an original copy of your pattern. I am actually running simulations now." Michelle said a bit flustered. "I am not quite sure what you are wanting me to accomplish here sir.."

"You saw the two animals?" Rivas asked.

Michelle nodded.

"We believe the same thing has happened to the Captain, however his doppelganger is on this ship somewhere, but he's eluding our searches at the moment." Rivas growled.

"Try to find a way to duplicate the accident, a way to recombine the two animals if you can." Harry replied. "Without hurting them."

Michelle whistled. "Wow, um ok…" She looked unsure. "I'll see what I can do, you aren't exactly giving me something easy here."

"Have you analyzed the strange dust Arovan was covered in?" Harry asked.

"Working on it, it has some strange crystalline properties and actually contain a minor trace of radiation, non-lethal of course but just enough to mess with the transporters subsystems." Michelle replied. "Nothing conclusive yet, the labs are still working on it."

"Talk to Dr. Penn when he gets on board, perhaps his people have some further research that you could use." Harry added. "I'm trusting you'll do your best." Harry told her.

"Phoenix to bridge and security!" Fara's voice said over his combadge. "We have an intruder in engineering!"

Don and Harry exchanged looks and quickly took off down the corridor.

It didn't take too long for them to arrive, Fara was standing outside of the main doors and her crew was scattered out throughout the corridor. Jakar and a few security officers arrived from the other side of the corridor.

"What happened?" Harry asked.

"Well, someone looking just like you ran in their and started demanding we turn the ship over to him." Fara growled. "He started waving a phaser about and took pot shots at us, that's when I evacuated engineering."

"Are you sure he's in there?" Rivas asked.

Fara nodded. "Yeah I had the computer seal the whole section off, and lock out all the consoles he's in their all right. Oh yeah, one other thing."

"That being?" Harry asked.

"He had a pretty nasty set of scars across his face." Fara said. "That's what tipped me off it looked like he just waved a derma plaster on his face to fix them."

"That would be our intruder." Rivas hmphed.

"Sir do you want us to go in there and capture him?" Jakar asked.

"No." Harry said. "I'll deal with this, Don you come in with me."

"Are you sure, Captain?" Jakar grunted.

"Stay out here and make sure he doesn't get past you." Harry said. "Come on." He said to Rivas as he entered his access code. The doors parted and they stepped inside.

Engineering was eerily quiet as they entered it. All the consoles were shut down and only the steady soft thrum of the warp core could be heard throughout the main control room. Rivas drew his phaser and gave the room a good once over as Harry walked into the core room. In their he could see a few phaser scours in the bulkheads from the intruder and carefully looked around the room. Don soon entered from the side corridor and signaled it was clear as he went to check the other side.

Harry then heard a sound behind him and he spun around and saw his double had climbed down from the upper deck and was approaching him looking a bit confused and weary.

"Give me my ship!" He snapped.

Harry slowly held up his hands. "I won't hurt you, put the weapon down."

"Give me my ship damnit!" His duplicate snarled. "I'm Harry Martinez you are not Harry Martinez!" He snapped thrusting the phaser at him.

"What are you going to do kill me?" Harry asked.

The double looked unsure and then angry again. "The Computer's won't let me on, give me control now!" He said.

"I refuse." Harry said calmly.

The other Harry looked again confused and unsure. "I'll kill you!" He said wry grin crossing his face.

"You can't kill me, I am you, we are a part of the same person." Harry said keeping his hands out to his sides.

"You are not me." The duplicate said starting to circle him, Harry turned with him as he did so.

"Yes I am, there was a transporter accident…" Harry said. "What do you remember from before?"

The other Harry furrowed his brow in thought. "Nothing, just darkness. Then I was free, to take my ship!" He smirked again.

"You were a part of me, there was an accident and you were separated." Harry said calmly.

"I don't like you." The duplicate growled. "I remember you, you won't let me have fun."

"Then get rid of me." Harry said flatly.

The duplicate thrust the phaser towards him and then hesitated again. If Harry didn't know better he looked down right terrified.

"You can't do it can you?"

"Shut up!" The duplicate snapped. "I'll kill you."

"You can't kill me because you need me." Harry said as they continued to circle. "We can go back to the way we were, you don't have to be afraid again."

Suddenly the duplicate looked nauseous and grasped his head in pain. Harry quickly made his move and struck the weapon, knocking it out of this duplicates hand. The duplicate yelped in surprise and went to lunge towards Harry when the whine of a phaser pierced the quiet of engineering and the duplicate fell into Harry's arms limp and unconscious.

"I hope I shot the right one." Don said a bit warily as he finished stepping back into the room. "He's only stunned."

Harry nodded. "Let's get him to sickbay."

Commanders Log: Supplemental

Science Officer O'mara, with the help of doctor Penn have thoroughly examined the strange yellow mineral and think they may have isolated the factor that caused the transporter accident. Ms. Phoenix has reported that they are reaching a solution to the problem and are preparing a test run on the transporter. In the meantime my duplicate is restrained in sickbay. This mirror image of myself is a dark reflection of my own personality. He seems afraid, angry and irrational. I am concerned that his health may not be the best. Dr. Okan is currently examining him and I am afraid the news will not be good.

A few hours later.

"It's the same as before, with your friend Lt. Commander Torress, except for a few minor readings he is the same as you Captain." Dr. Okan replied. "It's remarkable, that a transporter duplication in this magnitude can happen twice already. However I have some bad news."

"That being?" Harry asked.

"His metabolic rate is through the roof, his body is almost running in overdrive, blood pressure is through the roof, I'm having to keep him sedated because at this rate his body is probably going to give out in a matter of hours." Dr. Okan sighed.

"Are you saying he's going to die?" Harry asked.

Dr. Okan nodded. "Like I said, I'm not sure how long but it doesn't look good sir."

"Anything that you can do for him?" Harry asked.

"I'm doing all I can, Captain." Okan said sincerely. He scanned Harry with a device and then frowned at the readings. "This isn't good either…"


"Your readings are almost too low to be good, have you been feeling a bit poor lately?"

"Just, very tired… but it's been a long day."

Dr. Okan scowled. "This isn't good, I think at this rate, you are both dying Captain."

"What? Why?" Harry said surprised.

Dr. Okan shrugged. "I don't understand it myself, but you are showing a lot of the same signs but your metabolic rate has slowed way down, at the current rate of drop, you won't last much longer then he will." Okan scratched his head. "It's almost as if both halves can't survive without the other… I'm sorry sir."

Harry was quiet as he thought about it before he finally asked. "Can I see him?" Harry asked.

Dr. Okan nodded.

Harry went into the ward room and saw his duplicate restrained in the bed. He seemed calmer and he was tugging on the restraints looking displeased. His face had been properly treated and healed, the wound wasn't even noticeable now.

"What do you want?" It said.

"How are you feeling?" Harry asked.

The duplicate laughed at him and then winced. "I am hurting. Why do you care? Release me!"

"I can't do that." Harry replied. "Dr. Okan needs to keep you here, you are dying. We are dying."

"So?" The duplicate smirked. He then groaned again in pain and suddenly went quiet.

Dr. Okan came in and scanned him again. He shook his head and injected something into the duplicate. "He's not getting any better, if you are going to do something I suggest you hurry up."

"Captain Martinez." Michelle's voice said over the speaker. "I think we're ready to do a test run if you could come down to the transporter room. We might need Doctor Okan as well, we need to sedate the duplicate creature."

"Understood, we'll be down shortly." Harry saidd.

"Head on down there," Dr. Okan said. "I'll have to grab my kit and I'll be down after you."

They arrived in the transporter room where Fara, Jax and O'mara were waiting.

"Ah, Doctor, good you are here." Sonya said walking over to a top opening storage container where snarls and barks could be heard from inside of it. "I'll grab the little monster and you get in there and dope him up ok?"

Dr. Okan nodded. "What exactly are we attempting here."

"We're going to try to merge the two creatures back into one using the patterns from the buffer and the data the colonists provided us." O'mara replied. "I'm hoping it will work, but I'm not sure, I've never done anything like this before!"

"We need the wild one to be asleep when we put him on the pad, I'm afraid he'll eat the other one." Sonya said.

"It should work." Fara said. "I've gotten all the parts swapped out and we purged the buffers, hell I even swapped out the emitter collector from the deflector room."

"I've gone over all the calculations myself." Sonya said opening up the crate. "I grew up working on these damn things and as far as I can tell it should work. You ready doc?" She said slipping on a heavily insulated glove.

Dr. Okan nodded as he drew out a hypo-spray and slid in a cartridge. "Ready."

Sonya sat motionless for a few seconds with her hand poised and the lightning quick she shot her arm in and the creature yelped in fear as she got a hold of it. "Now!" she hissed at Doctor Okan over the cacophony of snarls and yips.

Dr. Okan quickly leaned in and a yelp followed the simultaneous release of a hypo. Soon the yelping quieted down. Sonya reached in and scooped up the duplicated creature and set it gently on the pad. It was conscious but looked very sedated. "Get the other one 'chelle." She said to O'mara.

Michelle walked over to the small pet carrier and picked up the other creature and pet it affectionately. It yipped and jumped up in her arms to lick her face. "I really don't like doing this, I don't want him to get hurt."

"I don't like it either.." Harry said. "but the situation is more dire then you know.."

Michelle looked at him quizzically and then placed the creature on the pad beside its duplicate.

Sonya then walked over the transporter control console. "Ready for transport." She announced.

Harry suddenly felt a bit weak and then leaned against the wall. "Energize…" He said quietly.

The transporter hummed to life and the two animals disappeared in a swirl of particulate matter.

"Initiating Pattern buffer re-sequencing." Fara announced making some adjustments.

"Reintegrating stored buffer image into pattern buffer." Sonya said making some adjustments. "Initiating Pattern re-sequencing protocols."

Michelle looked at her pad and made a few entries. "Adjust Buffer Theta 389c by five percent and adjust the flux modulator by twelve percent."
"Working on it." Fara said. "Got it." She replied after a few adjustments.

"Patterns seem to be integrated; I have only one object in the buffer now." Sonya said. "Here goes nothing, re-energizing." She said sliding down the controllers.

The transporter made a high pitched hum and the particles reappeared and slowly formed into the creature again and suddenly it became solid. Although, it wasn't moving.

"Transport complete." Sonya said quietly.

"Doctor.." Harry said and Dr. Okan walked over and scanned it.

"It's dead." Dr. Okan said closing the tricorder as it made the tell tail whining sound.

Michelle gasped and looked saddened. "What happened?" She asked walking up and scooping up the dead animal in her arms.

Dr. Okan looked at his tricorder. "From the rate of adrenaline in its body and the extensive damage to it's heart… I'd say it was frightened to death. The strain of being taken apart and then put back together was probably just too much for the poor thing."

"I'm sorry Michelle." Harry said. "I really am."

She nodded sullenly, forlornly stroking the dead animals coat.

"Except for that minor thing, it seems to be working." Fara said encouragingly. "There were no errors in the recombination sequence."

"I have to agree, it succeeded for the most part." Sonya sighed.

"So what are we going to do now, Harry." Dr. Okan asked.

"It was an animal…" Harry said. "It can't think, of course it was frightened." Harry said. "I can control my thoughts and my fears."

"Yes but what about your other self." Dr. Okan asked. "What if he freaks out during the process you'll end up just like that poor animal."

"He's me, he may be my darker parts, but he can think as well, obviously he evaded us quite well." Harry said suddenly feeling great fatigue. "I can talk to him, maybe he'll listen."

"And if he doesn't? What then, you'll die Harry." Dr. Okan said to him.

"It's the same possible outcome, either way." Harry grunted. "We're running out of time." He winced again and grasped at his head. "I've made my choice, let's get to sickbay."

"I'm going to try to whip up something that should keep him conscious but take some of the fight out of him." Dr. Okan said. "I just got to make a run to the lab. Are you going to be ok here by yourself, most of my staff is performing decontamination on the research team at the moment."

"Yes I'll be fine." Harry said. "I'll call if I need anything." He walked into the ward room where his double was.

The other Harry glared at him as he entered the room.

"Where have you been?" He asked.

"I may have a way to save us both, it's dangerous." Harry replied.

"Oh what is that?" The double asked.

"We can use the transporter and hopefully bring us back together."

"I don't want to go back." The double said. "You can't make me go back." He winced again and then screamed in agony.

"The pain is only going to get worse, we're both going to die, I don't want you to die, I need you like you need me."

The duplicate started laughing. "You are going to be really upset then." He cackled.

"Why?" Harry asked.

"I'm out of my restraints!" The other Harry said suddenly rolling up slipping free of his restraints and lunging at his double knocking him to the ground. They jostled for a bit the aggressive double slamming him every time he could and Harry doing his best to fend him off. Sadly the other Harry got the upper hand and subdued him. He

Quickly grabbed the unconscious Harry's duty jacket, pips, and swapped it with his own. Once this was done he quickly dove out the hall. He ran for a little bit but didn't get too far before he again felt dizzy and disoriented.

"Captain?" He heard a familiar voice say in front of him.

It was Terri, of all people why was she here?

But she thought he was the other one, he'd have to put on his best poker face.

"Are you ok?" She asked a bit warily.

"Yes, Lieutenant I'm fine, It's been a long day.." He said forcing a smile.

"What are you doing?" She asked slowly inching towards a com unit.

"I'm heading up to the transporter room, Ms. Phoenix tells me there may be a way to reverse the accident.." He said trying to sound sincere. "This little nightmare is almost over. I hope that this little incident hasn't hurt our friendship any."

Terri seemed to relax slightly, apparently she believed him. "We've got our new orders from Starfleet." She said handing him a pad. "At your leisure of course, they asked us what is the delay in our departure and I told them we were experiencing a technical problem."

"I appreciate that." The double responded. "You do a lot for me Terri, I need to take you out to dinner one of these nights to thank you.."

Terri smiled and blushed a little. "You don't have to Harry, but that would be nice, I could use a treat after today."

Harry nodded. "Well I need to get going." He said heading down the corridor and climbing up the ladder. He sighed once he was out of site, he was glad she bought his lie. He felt tired again and leaned against the bulkhead when he heard.

"Don't move." He heard Jakar's voice.

He looked up and saw Jakar in the corridor with a phaser aimed at him.

"Jakar, what's the big idea…" He started when suddenly he saw the other Harry and Dr. Okan exit the turbo-lift behind Jakar. He looked for an escape path and saw more security come around the other end of the hall.

"Please don't fight." Harry said looking rather ill.

"You won't take me I won't let you!" He snarled suddenly feeling equally as poor.

"Listen to me, damn it." Harry said pushing past Jakar. "We are going to die, you need to go back to where you belong, back as part of me."

"NO, never!" He said backing against the wall looking terrified.

"Look at you, Listen to yourself." Harry said sternly. "That fear you are feeling that uncertainty, you want to control it but you can't. I don't have that fear because I have the means of not letting it control me. Where as you don't!" He closed the distance between them.

"STAY BACK." The other Harry howled with a bit of a sob in his voice sounding like a frightened child.

"I told you we needed each other. I can make it stop. You just have to listen to me."

"I'll KILL YOU!" The duplicate said quickly lunging at him. Harry quickly stepped to the side and backhanded him full force across the face. The double howled in pain and began to sob uncontrollably. "I don't want to be scared, I don't want to die…" He cried over and over again.

"Stop it…" Harry said helping him up and embracing him. "Calm down, please just listen to me calm down."

"I don't want to die…" The duplicate snuffled and Harry quickly nodded to Dr. Okan who walked up with a Hypo and tranquilized his duplicate. He whipped out his tricorder and took a quick reading shaking his head. "It's now or never, Captain."

Harry nodded and motioned for Jakar to help carry his duplicate who was now quietly blubbering to himself.

They walked into the transporter room and Jakar helped Harry and his duplicate onto the transporter pad. "Are we ready?" Harry asked Sonya, Fara and O'mara.

"Ready, Sir." O'mara said activating her program again.

"Good luck, Harry." Fara said.

Harry nodded. "Energize."

Words could hardly describe what Harry felt as the transporter room dissolved from his sight. All of his duplicate thoughts, memories and feelings suddenly merged with him and he felt as if he was literally being tore apart and reassembled. He held his double tight until he couldn't feel a sensation anymore and then an incredible disorientation and pain overcame him. He felt as if he was experiencing it double fold and he kept thinking. Just stay calm. It was all he could do, he remembered the fate of the Animal who went through the same thing and he tried to control his fears, eventually his control became greater and greater over what seemed like a span of ages. Then after feeling like he was stretched infinitely and then snapped back to his original form, he felt himself re-materializing.

"Transport, Complete." He heard Sonya report.

"Captain?" Dr. Okan asked scanning him.

"I'm fine…" Harry said smirking slightly. "I feel like my old self again"
"Sir.. What happened in the stream, where is your double?"

"I don't know." Harry said gradually feeling stronger then he had been recently. "But he's back where he belongs." Harry said tapping his head.

Commander's Log Supplemental:

The Raptor is returning the survey team back to Starbase 200 as planned. To say that the day's events haven't been an enlightening glimpse into my own psyche would be lying. To see one's own urges and fears manifested outside the control of the mind allowed to run unrestrained has let me grow to understand a part of myself that as part of my mind is quieted and controlled by discipline and control. I find it ironic that both halves of myself could not live without the other, yet they were reluctant to destroy each other once they were separated. If anything I'm sure this incident will definitely be one for study in the future, for the fields psychology and transporter physics.

Harry finished his log and signed off on it handing it to Terri.

"So Captain, I have to ask you something.." Terri said.

"Yes, Lieutenant?" Harry asked.

"Well earlier, your double, whom I sure was just trying to cover his tail. Offered to take me out to dinner in appreciation for all I do for you." She said quietly. "Do you remember that."

"Vaguely." Harry said. "I remember something like that…"

Jack Land chuckled a little with his back to them.

"I was maybe thinking about something that may cost a few credits if you catch my drift." Terri said scribbling something down on the data padd. "I think that will about cover my usual services, plus well a bit extra from today."

She turned the padd around and Harry read the name and he made a slight whistle.

"Aya." He grunted. "That's quite the treat Lieutenant."

"I think it's only fair." Terri said. "..all things considered."

"You know what, for you anything." Harry said smiling.

"That's what I thought." Terri said taking the padd back. "Let's make it lunch, they have a really good soufflé' at lunch that they serve there I haven't had in ages."

Jack spun in his chair. "Hey that's not fair I don't nearly make what he does! I'd take you if I had half his credit haul every month!"

"Well, consider it a suggestion for the next time you screw up." Terri smirked sauntering back to her station. "You can always save up."

Harry twirled his finger to indicate Land to return to his station. "Steady as she goes, Mr. Land."

A small chuckle went around the bridge.

Everyone seemed relieved to have the Harry they knew back in one piece. Harry sighed and settled back into his command chair sipping his coffee and watching the screen as the stars streaked by.