Chart a course
Toward that infinite horizon
We have many worlds to claim
And only our lives to wait
Let us stride boldly
Clasped hand in hand
With us our banner,

Set the time back
When youth clad my feet
So many trails
And stories yet to tell
Even in those days
I traveled far and wide
Knew many faces
Found many names
Across the whole earth it seemed
There you were with me
As we raced to discover
All things
Charging forth, swords drawn
And above us
High our banner,

Into the book of living
I built kingdoms
And you prepared your foundations
Laying stones
For a season of strife
And though we faltered
And often fell
You were there
To offer a hand
And I to you
Raising each other
And charging the fight again
To face the eternal worlds before us
And claim them all
Forever faithful
With our banner,

A season took me far
From familiar paths and home
A quest I set myself upon
And found you there again
No depth
No height
Could separate us on this path
So boldly we faced the demons
The dark eyes that tore us
The sharp words that bite
The void of malice
And still we laughed
At our vicious foes
And proudly marched
Onto horizons anew
Searching for the next road
To claim on our journey
And ever we raise
Upon our banner,

Abysmal pits caught me
Nightmares consumed me
Below my reserves of strength
Alone I wandered
A vagabond in shadow
But a voice called
A name remembered
Your hand reached
As our journey faced westward
Toward the grandest of horizons
Alone it seemed
Yet on your shoulder I leaned
And when you collapsed
It was on mine you leaned
Stumbling forward
Broken and mangled
Undaunted from our journey
And on our path
We carried our banner,

Though time
And distance separate
As wounds tear open
The worlds crush us into dust
No matter how far
Your name is written
In the clay of my heart
And at long last
When we cross the final mystery
Into that sweet haven
Where all faces are remembered
In the garden of our joy
Will rest the final words
A simple banner,