My vitality has withered as I believed in You
conversing and singing, accepting it as true
Yet hours after minutes, day after night
I sobbed so much, I misplaced my sight
My chest heaved so violently, I gasped for breath
I consumed malice to evade the pain's depth
A multitude of moments, I've virtually died
Numerous instances, You were absent at my side
Countless occasions I coveted embrace
You discarded me in a melancholy place
Worshiping You accomplished no good
The burdens accumulated more than they should
Uncomplicated for others, my reality constantly hard
I was permanently alone, eternally in shards
NOTHING did I execute to rationalize this ache
I contributed to others, not once did I take
I don't aspire to suffer anymore
I don't intend to keep arriving at Mortality's door
How could You let me be mutilated when I was so young
Why did You allow him to revel in this fun
If you exist why did You let me live
Expect me to continue and him to forgive
I beckoned for bandages to obscure the scars prevalent
Indulging in fantasy as a substitute for the malevolent
I don't need to earn Your love, You have NONE
Hope is all I haveā€¦ with faith I'm done