Three days. Three days of the mundane routine of waking up, going to work and spending the evening watching movies, playing games, and cooking. On the morning of the third day, Noah and Monica were in the kitchen working on a light breakfast of cut fruits, cold meats, and cheese.

"They're supposed to be back today right?" Monica asked popping a strawberry into her mouth while she cut up some salami and ham placing it on the plates.

"Yeah, should be around noon I think." Noah said eating a slice of salami, "Excited?" he smiled cutting up some cheddar cheese.

"You kidding?" she smiled, "I will launch myself at both of them and bowl them over. I wasn't joking when I said that the other night." she chuckled stealing a piece of cheese and popped it into her mouth.

"I would never think of you joking about shomething sho sherious." he chuckled swiping a slice of apple from her plate and ate it then quickly leaned over to kiss her before she could complain.

"You're the worst." she smiled lightly shoving him as she finished filling their plates with the cold cuts.

"You love it." he smiled adding the cheese he was cutting to the plates and grabbed his own and headed to the living room to sit down and enjoy morning cartoons with Monica.

They set their plates down on their small coffee table and pulled down the large throw pillows onto the ground and wrapped up together under Monica's large quilt. Noah relaxed back against the couch and flipped through the channels while Monica settled between his legs and wrapped the quilt around them and pulled the coffee table closer to cover their legs so they could reach the table with ease.

Noah smiled settling on a generic fantasy adventure cartoon and wrapped one arm around Monica's waist and pulled his plate starting to eat the cold cuts resting his chin on top of her head as she pulled her plate into her lap.

Together they wasted their morning in warm bliss just watching cartoons and when they grew bored of that moved to their favorite trash TV of Berry Summer and Raury. They finished their breakfast and instead laughed and made bets on the people of the shows.

"There'sh no way he'sh the father." Noah smiled watching the white trash couple on Raury get into a near fistfight over the parenthood of the toddler sitting on the show's TV screen. "I mean she can shay that the baby hash hish eyesh but no."

"Oh it's totally him there's no question look at the noses." Monica said, "He's totally the father and I'm willing to bet a week of dishes that he's the father.."

"A week you shay?" he grinned his sharp teeth glinting in the morning light, "I'll take you up on that bet then." he chuckled, holding his hand out for her to shake.

"Hope you like dish duty." Monica grinned shaking his hand and settled back in as the show went to commercial break. "Aw, what? The show just started and already it's on commercial break?" she pouted crossing her arms as Noah chuckled hugging her closer.

"Calm down, Shurtr." he chuckled kissing her cheek, "A fight probably happened and they have to get everything back under control." he smiled nuzzling her neck.

"Ugh fine." she sighed relaxing back and just watched the commercials while Noah rubbed her shoulders chuckled.

They quickly fell back into a calm relaxed state watching the commercials so were much more subdued when the show came back on. Monica grinned leaning forward a bit as Raury pulled out the paternity test and read off the results.

"You… are the father!" Raury said to a roar of the crowd as the mother jumped up and started cursing the man out.

Monica jumped up shouting and cheering, "I told you he was the father!" she laughed jumping around the coffee table, "Noses don't lie!"

Noah groaned smiling and leaned his head back gracefully taking his defeat. Both were so engrossed in their little bet neither heard the front door open or the two men entering.

"What the fuck is going on?" a gruff voice asked followed by a light thud of him dropping his bag on the ground.

"Looks like fun." another voice chimed in setting their own bag down and looked over the other man's shoulder.

Monica and Noah both froze looking at each other before looking over at the source of the two new voices. Standing in the archway to the living room was a stocky dark-skinned man wearing a paint-splattered hoodie and behind him was a lithe tan-skinned man with a bandana face mask covering his mouth.

"Brashe yourshelf." Noah quickly said much to the confusion of the new arrivals. Before either could process quite what Noah meant by that Monica was running and launching herself at the stocky man.

"Oh fuck!" he shouted as she wrapped her legs around his waist the force of her jump knocking him back. The lithe man tried to jump out of the way somehow sticking to the wall like a gecko but unfortunately for him, Monica grabbed hold of his leg and pulled him down with them.

"Night! Bane! You fuckers!" Monica shouted hugging them both tightly once they ended up sprawled out on the floor with Monica on top of them hugging the life out of them. "Don't you ever leave us for a week again, do you have any idea how much we missed you?" she glared but the heat was lost to her pout.

"I think I can guess." Bane, the stocky man, groaned rubbing his head.

"I tried to warn you." Noah chuckled getting up and walked over to them and picked Monica up and setting her aside. He leaned down grabbing a hand from each and helped them back to their feet before giving Bane a fist bump and leaned down kissing Night on the cheek.

"What did we miss and what was going on?" Night asked hugging Noah, "Why was Monica dancing around all happy?"

"Because I won our bet on the paternity test on Raury," Monica said putting her hands on her hips in triumph. "Now I don't have to do the dishes for a week."

"Why do you even like that trash TV?" Bane asked rubbing his back. "And why did you have to tackle us down?" he grumbled glaring at her.

"Night's been gone for a week someone has to be the extra hoe in the house." She shrugged, "besides I missed you both a lot." she pouted hugging Bane and kissed him, "Is it a crime to miss my boyfriends?"

"Gay" Bane chuckled gently shoving her.

"I'm the straightest one here," she said gently punching his arm. "At least I'm not doing that," she said pointing to Night and Noah who were kissing deeply behind her. "That's gay."

"Leave me alone!" Night grumbled, "You always pick on me."

"Because you make it so easy." Bane chuckled wrapping an arm around Monica's shoulders.

"Ignore them." Noah chuckled hugging Night and kissed his cheek. "Let'sh all just watch trash TV and make fun of shome white trash people," he said ushering Night to the couch.

"Come on we can make bets on who the fathers are." Monica smiled up at Bane wiggling her eyebrows trying to convince him to join in.

"Ugh fine." he chuckled following them to the couch as Monica whooped in victory and ran to join him on the couch cuddling up to him as Noah spread the quilt out over them.

"Glad you boys are finally home." she sighed relaxing against Bane.

"Misshed you guysh." Noah nodded relaxing back with Noah as their show came back in to introduce a new trash family for the world to see.