Hi I'm Tess, short for "Theresa Darwin" I'm fond of the environment and my parents work at an ice cream shop. I'm skilled at Sewing and drawing and even can make clothes for herself. I'm in charge of clothes and makeup.

Theresa "Tess" Darwin


Likes: Clothes, Makeup, being glamorous, Music, nature, dancing, friendship, caring people

Dislikes: Breakouts, lazy people, pollution, wasting money.

Ethnicity: Native- American

Family: Chayton-Father(Sodajerk), Jaci-Mother(Sodajerk), Winona(Age 12), Nidawi(Age 10), and Tallulah(Age 4), younger sisters

Pet: Cherokee-Cat(Female)

Favorite subject: Music and art

Least favorite: History

Dream career: Fashion designer/Model

Favorite musicians: Britney Spears, Spice Girls, and Beyonce

Favorite Music type: Girl group and Rnb