Orchestra Falls is best known for it's music dept. A lot of the businesses are local.

Beethoven High Gas station- Gasonme

Burger joint- Mary's Burger joint

Elementary school- Mozart elementary

Old disco joint- Colby's Disco

New Bakery-Kurowasi Bakery

Music repair shop- Trujillo's music repair shop

CD Shop- The Record Player music shop

Bed and Breakfast- Bed and Breakfast Blues

Middle/High school- Beethoven High Ice cream shop- Swirl it to me

Italian restaurant- Gonzalo's

Wedding gown shop- Juliet's Bridal Wear

Bookshop- The Bookworm

Grocery Store-Humungous Mary

Bowling Alley- Penny Lanes

Produce Market- 8 note produce

Dance studio- Wilkinson's Dance Studio

Arts and Crafts Shop- Moore Art Supplies Please

Bank Local History Musuem Health Clinic

Greenburg Hotel

French Cafe- Jacques and Pierre's

Indian food- Mumbai Someday

Rocking Cafe- Pop Rock Cafe

Hair Salon- Salon De Leon

Printing Shop-Printapalooza

Petshop- Songbird Pet Shop Post Office

Fire Dept Police Dept City Hall T

oy Shop- Aldrin Toy Shop

Photography Studio- Film Flam

Movie Studio-O. F Cinemas

Theater Props-Tempest Theater

Props Filming store- Duck Tape

Mexican Restaurant- La Samba

Laundromat- O.F Laundromat

Suit store- The Suit Is Not Enough

Diner-Heartbreak Diner

Coffee-Sally Latte

Souviner-OF Souviner

Shop Tech Store- Chikorama TS

Pizza-Desanto's Pizza.

Magic- Alec's Wand.

Repair Shop-Hammer's

Karate Dojo- Wang's Dojo

Candy-Of Confectionary

Flower Shop- Roses are Red

Makeup store- Beau T Ful's

Photography Store- Photo Op Shop

Juice store- Juicy Life

Shoe Store-High Heel House

Music Store-Svetlana's

Donut Shop- Coco with Sprinkles

Texas BBQ- Rodeo Rib Buffet

Spanish restaurant- The Flamenco Dancer

Egg Nog-Delia's Egg Nog truck.

Drive in Theater-Luau Drive In

Greek Restaurant-Parthenon's

Costume Store- Masquerade Shop

Fisn N Chips Shop- Liverpool Lounge

Thrift Store- Thrift It

Sports- 3 Strikes

Moving-Yellow Moving Company

Cemetery Tea Shop- Jasmine Jam

Party store- Party Time

Noodle Shop- Tempura Noodles

French Restaurant- Antionette's

Shades Store- Shades Down

Panini Shop- Panini Rabbit

Cheese Market- Pabo's and Marco's Cheese Shop

Handbag Store- Baggin Out

Latin Bookstore- PiƱata Pages

Sushi Bar- Mochizuki's Grill

Craft Store- C. A Niel's

Kurowasi Cupcake Corner

Orchestra Fall's Balloon Tour