A male ninja named Lightningstroke was at first a lost boy that never had a home and would steal rich people's foods.

One day, Lightningstroke ended up in a garden running from the police, this garden seemed to be going on forever.

Lightningstroke is found by a ninja and is thrown into a warehouse.

In that warehouse, he sees a bunch of ninjas.

"He's such a cutie!" Squealed a red ninja.

"What's your name, kid?" asked a brown ninja.

"I don't have one", replied Lightningstroke.

"Interesting, yet your being chased by the police", said the blue ninja.

"I had to get some food, but I…" said Lightningstroke.

"You had to steal, huh, kid?" The blue ninja figured out.

"Yup, my orphanage threw me out and my relatives don't want me", said Lightningstroke. "But, who needs them".

"Such a cold look for such a young boy", said The brown ninja.

"Can we keep him?" asked The red ninja.

"He's not a dog", replied the blue ninja.

"Can I stay?" asked Lightningstroke, kinda excited.

"That depends, you ready to face some dangerous people, kid?" asked the black ninja.

"If it gives me a home yes", answered Lightningstroke.

"Welcome to the family", said The red ninja, hugging Lightningstroke.

From that day on, Lightningstroke he was with the ninjas, training, fighting, and was finally given his own ninja name.

But, as each year passes Lightningstroke had a wonderful adventure with his family, he was extremely grateful that he was apart of this family, but at the same time he felt he wanted to do something more with his life.

Those feelings get tested when Lightningstroke and the ninjas travel to the rainforest in Brazil, there they find a temple, which leads to a utopia.

But, it was a trap, everybody gets captured by people in cloaks, each cloaked person was about to get killed, then they get near a lake.

The ninjas and Lightningstroke took their opportunity to escape as the cloaked people were distracted, they notice the lake is a gateway to another world.

Everybody doesn't make it, so they had to split up, individually they found their own lakes and each place lead somewhere different except Lightningstroke and the blue ninja.

They both land in a cave filled with fire and red aura.

"Where are we?" asked Lightningstroke.

"I have a feeling, let's just hope I'm wrong", replied The blue ninja.

As they were walking deeper into the cave, they notice a giant shadow, which belongs to three groups: people with fangs and bat wings named Vampires, people with horns named Devils, and people with white wings named Angels.

"Yup, we're in the underworld", said The blue ninja. "Let's go".

The blue ninja leads Lightningstroke to a door, when a bunch of thorns try to cut them open, but they still make it to the door.

In-between that a bizarre creature goes through the door after The blue ninja and Lightningstroke.

This caught the attention of the Angels, Devils and Vampires, so they try to get the door open, but a magical barrier stops them.

Lightningstroke and the blue ninja notice they are now in a temple surrounded by paintings of ancient relics, and they also heard the sound of a harp, piano, and a guitar.

Before they could react the creature comes after the blue ninja, so Lightningstroke gets out his sword and stops the creature.

The creature remains silent and doesn't move, then all of the sudden a bunch of chains appeared attaching itself to The blue ninja, Lightningstroke, and the creature.

Then, the chains gave off a red aura, this red aura stops anybody from moving.

While the red aura paralyzed them, they heard footsteps, that's when they saw a person with long brown hair, blue eyes, wearing a kimono.

This person smiles at them, and says "So, you found the door, do you want a slow and painless death, or a quick and painful death".

"Huh?" asked Lightningstroke and The blue ninja.

"Oh, you don't know the rules, you see to get out of this temple, one of you must die, and you also get to choose the way you die", said the person.

"We only came to escape that battle", said the blue ninja, calmly.

"I know, many of the others said the same thing", said the person.

The person looks at the creature, who's beside Lightningstroke.

"Well, we meet again, escapee", said the person.

The creature looks at the person, and says "Reese, I see you are still guarding".

"Jordan, I see you are still healthy, would you mind showing me your face again?" smiled Reese.

The creature/Jordan reveals long red hair, red eyes, wearing glasses, a red jumpsuit with red shoes; has fangs, bat ears, and angel wings.

Lightningstroke's eyes glow as he look at Jordan, Jordan looks at Lightningstroke, and says "Human, there is another way to escape".

"Why tell me?" asked Lightningstroke, suspicious.

Jordan points at a glowing door, and says "I've been here before with my father and I was able to escape, but you have to go through a bunch of death traps".

"But, most people choose my first choice because the death traps are almost impossible to get through", said Reese.

Reese shows them that behind the door is a lava pit, flying swords, dragons that are chewing on human bones, giants, and electric blasts coming from all directions.

"Oh no!" gasped Lightningstroke.