Have you heard of imaginary friends, if you said yes, good because I'm about to tell you about mine.

Remember, their imaginary, so if their backstories make no sense, that's probably why.

The first story with an alien warrior princess named Dumbra.

She was born on Pluto, her family handles lots of wars and had annual fights with each other, so they never lose their touch.

Dumbra's mother is known as the queen of Pluto, her sister is a regular human.

Each person in her family has their own weapon.

Dumbra didn't get her weapon until she was three, so she would be left with her sister.

On her third birthday, Dumbra lying in her room seeing a flying ax above her head in a bubble, she smiled happily and grabs the ax.

Dumbra joined her family in combat.

Up until she had to go to school.

Yes, school, you see all imaginary friends go to school, so they can learn how to be an imaginary friend.

No, there is no special school, just one that teaches all kinds of people.

No matter how big, small, or odd.

Given Dumbra's family reputation, she had to change her own deadly personality and become a jock.

But, secretly she is really smart because of a potion from her favorite show: Evil Lab.

It's a blood red liquid, which gives intelligence to the person who drinks it.

But, only the teachers know, that was until she got detention with two other girls around her age.

After detention, Dumbra made friends with the other girls.

The other girls is Sciencia and Kisa, I'll tell you more about them later.

Anyway, Sciencia, Dumbra, and Kisa start hanging out an unlikely team.

Together, they would watch 'Evil Lab', which would bring them lots of laughs.

One day, after watching 'Evil Lab', Sciencia asks Dumbra to make her smart.

Dumbra agrees.

Dumbra and Sciencia gathered coffee beans, water, and sugar.

The potion also required Dumbra to put her blood in it, since she was the first one to drink the original potion.

Once they mix the blood in the potion, it turns pink.

Sciencia drinks the potion, which made her above average in her intelligence.

Now, that Sciencia has drank the potion, Dumbra is just a normal girl.

But, that doesn't stop her from buying things from 'Evil Lab'.

Dumbra buys a potion that turns any object evil.

The day, she made the potion, her sister made her sandwich, but the potion got the knife her sister was using.

The knife touches the other knives, which pins Dumbra to the wall.

The knives give off a strange aura that changes her.

Dumbra's hair turn wild, her outfit into a red dress.

She goes on a rampage on the town and is stopped by Sciencia and Kisa.

So for now on, she cannot go near knives.

Ironically, Kisa and Sciencia made the same potion Dumbra had made.

A few weeks after that,Dumbra, Kisa, and Sciencia travel into a cave, where they are told about a prophecy of the Earth.

At first, they ignore it, when they get called by the guardians.

By the way, the guardians are magic protectors of Pluto and they keep everything in order along with making the rules

The guardians tell Dumbra, Kisa, and Sciencia that they have their parents and in order to get them back, they have to fulfill the prophecy from the cave.

So, Dumbra sticks with her friends until they are sent to the spaceship.

The spaceship is in a high faculty lab.

As they were getting ready, the guardians specify that once they get on Earth, they must find a person called The Creator, which is me.

Also before they left, one of the guardians tells Dumbrathat the creator: me is her human sister.

Dumbra is shocked, but didn't get time to react because she got thrown into the spaceship.

As they enter the Earth's gravity, turning into a fireball, it lands in my school's playground.

I was nine, and I was swinging on the swing set all alone.

Only I saw the spaceship, since it's you know imaginary.

So, without giving it a second thought, I ran to the crashed spaceship, and that's when I saw Dumbra: a girl with long black hair, wearing an armored dress and boots, holding her ax, looking injured.

I put out my hand offering to help, but she insisted she is fine.

Dumbra slowly tried to get up, but fell into my arms.

I helped Dumbra to her feet, and she says "I'm Dumbra, what is your name, Earthling?"

"I'm Kanisha", I said, with a smile.

"Well, Kanisha, can you help me?" Dumbra asks me, as she tries to lift the spaceship up.

As she lifts spaceship, Dumbra tells me to help Sciencia,, and Kisa under the rubbage.

After a few minutes, Sciencia, and Kisa regain consciousness.

Sciencia looks at me and says "I'm Sciencia, it's a pleasure to meet you, Creator".

"Creator? You must be mistaken, my name is Kanisha ", I said.

Sciencia explains that her, Dumbra, and Kisa are on a mission to protect me and my powers.

I laughed, and says "Powers? I don't have any powers ".

"In the real world, no. But, you have the power to create things like us in our world", said Sciencia.

That's when I came to the realization, who Sciencia, Dumbra, and Kisa.

I hugged them, making them confused.

I treated them like my new BFFs, inviting them to play, watch TV, and even read with me.

They would join in, but wouldn't show much emotion.

Soon, I started to get them to warm up to me.

So much, that they used me for is experiments, as a model, and support .

Kisa would have me try on her outfits, that she made.

Sciencia would use me for her experiments to advance on her knowledge of Earth and Earthlings.

Last, Dumbra practice her fighting skills with me, but nothing too deadly.

Out of everybody, I felt closest to Dumbra, she even asked me 2hat do sisters do together, and because of that we would have days called Sisters Dst.

During sister day, I showed Dumbra cooking shows, which she asks would it be okay if she could try cooking.

"Of course ", I said.

So, we enjoyed ourselves, but we weren't completely connected.

It wasn't until she saw me dancing to my favorite movie, that she finally let her guard.

Dumbra is an overprotective sister to me.

She protects me whenever enemies from her world comes and when she feels that something bad will happen.

We kept growing closer as we went to middle school, high school, and beyond.

Once she reached high school with me, she realized her feelings towards Sciencia.

So, now their dating, a cute couple I say. story.