As great as it was when they were with me,before they had to go on missions to protect people in the imaginary world.

This was reported by Nara, Tara, and Kara; they are reporters.

I was left out of the missions until I got my powers under control.

Around the imaginary world, Sciencia, Dumbra, and Kisa were famous.

We ran our own imaginary TV show about our lives on Earth and sometimes in the imaginary world.

Which brings me to a story about us at home, we created a sing and dance group called The Kanisha girls, which we switch to City girls.

We would sing and dance to songs from a very special movie and then it advanced to other shows and movies.

I also would play spies with them.

We had many enemies like Lina: a sorceress, Rina: a bully, and many others.

On Halloween, we went into one of Sciencia's inventions, which turned me into any monster I like, Sciencia became a werewolf, Dumbra became a witch, and Kisa became a zombie.

This transformation will happen every Halloween.

Soon, we stopped our missions, and do regular stuff together.

So, once we got into 7th grade, we went into a pet store.

I was looking for an imaginary pet, but I had no luck, and just as I was about to give up, I found myself in front of a dragon.

I was afraid that the dragon was about to attack me, but instead it turned into a coyote.

His name is Wolfie.

Wolfie is fast, he is a transformowolf, he can transform into any animal.

Wolfie really loves turning into a wolf.

He would sleep with me.

Wolfie had children and a wife, but they got divorced.

His children are all grown up npw.

Wolfie is now a person who has long silver hair, wearing regular clothes with wolf ears, wolf tail, and has claws.

Wolfie is lovable, funny, and loves gambling.

He is dating Ahikho.