Chapter 6

It was nice for Brenna and Shannon to spend some off-season quality time together at the remote lake.

They ate pancakes at the local pancake house the next morning and when they returned to the house, Shannon met the rest of the spring break contingent – although he had met Beth previously during visits to the Smith residence house where Brenna lived.

The other Smithies were Sherry, Amanda, Wanda, and Paula. Along with Brenna, Amanda, Wanda and Paula were referred to as 'The Four A's' – not just because they were smart but because their names ended in A.

All five women were attractive, confident, and friendl, although Sherry was confused when she first met Brenna's boyfriend.

"I thought you were a girl," She admitted, puzzled by his name (Shannon) and this led to a long discussion regarding sexual identity and sexual orientation, especially at an all-women's school like Smith.

Amanda was bi-sexual, Paula was lesbian, and Wanda 'pretended to be gay' during a rebellious time in high school – the group agreed that a majority heterosexual rate among them was pretty good for being Smithies!

Shannon and Brenna took walks around the lake and rides around the area. The snow melted fairly quickly (at least from the surfaces) but it remained New England cold for March which limited Brenna's interest in getting out of the house much.

Beth was the chef of the group and she prepared the evening meals. Sherry was a neat freak so she made sure the house remained clean. But all the house guests were friendly, hospitable, warm, and welcoming and Shannon felt like he belonged.

Brenna coaxed Shannon into joining her in the outside hot tub one crisp afternoon. The tub was encased in plastic and Brenna insisted that they enjoy the bubbles naked even though it was cold outside.

"What if somebody else comes out here?" Shannon worried.

"So what?" Brenna shrugged as they hurriedly disrobed beneath the plastic and got in the hot water. "We're all friends here."

The couple was enjoying the heated tub when Beth appeared in a white robe, carrying a bottle of champagne and some wine glasses. "Mind if I join you?" She asked.

"Of course not," Brenna smiled and Shannon realized that the reserved and semi anti-social Brenna really had budded in recent times.

Beth dropped her robe and she slipped naked into the large hot tub. It was a new experience for Shannon and, a few minutes later, Sherry joined the group and it wasn't long before Amanda, Wanda, and Paula were also naked in the tub – Shannon trying to figure out how this could possibly have happened to him – although he wasn't complaining!

"It's because you have a name that allows you to pass as a girl," Brenna joked.

"I don't mind being an honorary girl today," Shannon said lightly.

Later, when they were all out of the tub, dried and dressed, Brenna and Shannon sat together on the bed in their shared bedroom. Brenna lifted her hands up for Shannon to see her fingers.

"Have you noticed how nice my fingernails look lately?" She asked with prideful interest.

"I have," Shannon acknowledged. "Congratulations."

"You make me feel good," she let him know. "I think I'm all chewed out!"