He is trapped… trapped by outside pressure, trapped by toxic control, and he is supposed to be happy.

I do not see happiness in his eyes when he is with her alone (in photos), I do not hear it in his voice when he speaks of "loving her"; I sense deception that he tries to make himself believe.

Finally, after several secret visits (she had forbidden him to see or speak to any of his friends; she says we are all users), he admitted the truth: he does not truly love her, but he feels sorry for her… but her story is riddled with lies. She claims her second husband was going to kill her, she had to flee. In truth, she was the abusive one… her husband had gotten sick of it and left her.

My friend is trapped… and is trying to escape. He wants to end this disaster of a relationship.

I pray… I summon… I call upon the Powers That Be to restore the balance that once was… to expose the evil for what it is… to unbind him from this mental chains. I want happiness for him.

He is trapped…

A/N: This is the first non-fanfic writing I have unleashed. It can be considered an indirect inspiration for the Twilight fanfic "Luna Raven", but the works are really two different things. "Luna Raven" is fantasy, sugar coated and altered to fit in the "Twilight Saga" universe, while this piece comes from harsh reality. That is all I can really say about it.

Stay true2U—Luna Raven 1908